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    My favorite groups are BP and BTS. My point isn't that they are bad - and BTS especially has pretty much no equal when it comes to lyrics.

    But someone claiming that every kpop music is bad except for these two groups makes me think that they didn't actually listen to a lot of other groups on the first places. There is PLENTY of good groups out there if you take the time to find out about them.

    It is still their opinion.

    And your comment can be easily misunderstood. You should have worded your point like the last paragraph but you had to come for BTS popularity, that is like implying they are overrated according to you

    women can be strong no doubt

    but to be stronger THAN MEN, they need to be gifted with unusually good height, chest and arm muscle ( lol good luck with that ), muscles that are different in composition ( yes that differs greatly too and is a huge reason behind weak looking men being stronger than most women ), different bone density and still they might lose to a guy of the same height and weight purely because of the lack of the testosterone which gives men an immense boost in aggression in a fight to death scenario

    people love talking in exceptions ( oh this woman did THAT ) but there is not time for experiments on the battlefield

    That is true. Scientifically speaking men are physically well built more than women and not even about the biceps, Blood cells and haemoglobin levels are higher in men than women. SO are the organs like the heart and the lungs which are larger in capacity compared to women. So naturally men have a headstart when it comes to requiring energy for vigorous activity.

    Because women are precious. In fact in so many organisations and even under emergencies, women and children are always given priority to rescue or save. And that is obviously because women give rise to the next generation. Also Korea faces low birth rate presently so I doubt they are gonna force enlistment on their female population.

    And just as some users mentioned here it is also a matter of pride I guess. Already men don't like their women fighting their battles for them. They think it is cowardice

    Yeah, Bangtan has been popping up on the US TV for quite a while already. That Rookie TV series which were mentione already actually brought up Yoongi in one of the previous seasons, I just couldn't find it.

    This too

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    This. Basically at this point they don't even have to go on late show to be talked about or mentioned there just like any regular thing in the US.


    I mean if you are getting namedropped in a marvel movie which is like one of the mainstreamed movie franchise people watch out for like Star Wars, you have definitely entered pop culture now

    Sad it almost happened

    :wellr: Everyone has their own tastes. There are plenty of goof kpop groups besides BTS and BP, but I understand that these groups are probably the first ones you stumbled upon.

    I have listened to a lot of groups now and i still stand by my grounds and understand why BTS is popular. Their music is that good. That last sentence in your comment was unnecessary.

    i doubt you should be taking comments on the main page seriously

    They are just BTS haters or trolls

    And also JK is a talented vocalist. His vocals are more stylistic but he is incredibly talented.

    I wish they could believe in their kr singles like this too :)

    This could be a big step for BTS honestly. I wanna be optimistic and go like if BTS after releasing hits on radio and stemming their popularity in the US music industry, i can see some radio stations begin to tolerate them. Because afaik CR doesn't push KR because they believe the xenophobic radio stations will ball it or bts is not that mainstream compared to other acts with well known song.

    I wanna repeat, this is just my optimistic opinion lol

    Seriously, report to the mods about problems you all have with the way users talk rather than crying incessantly. It gets boring. Stop trying to police people, you aren't the moderator.

    I don't even get what you are talking about here at bold.

    P.S. 13 year olds who think they can join the forum and make personal attacks on user, just like your pal has been doing with me repeatedly on this thread, should also be able to take the heat when it comes on them. Don't cry about being kids when you all feel you are grown up enough to be doing grown up talks with adults. Additionally, a 13 year old is not some pure, innocent toddler. I know more than enough what 13 year olds can do as I see it firsthand on this forum and this thread, so no I have no sympathy with "kids" who for all we know could even be lying about their age.

    I honestly don't advise kids to be on this server. I don't think if I were 13, I would have been able to carefully articulate my points or defend myself well if I were put on spot. This site is also not as safe as it looks when we look on things that happened recently earlier this year.

    Not a site I will advise a 13 year old to lurk, that's my honest opinion.