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    It is more diverse of you think in terms of Southeast vs East Asian looks.

    There are SGO members who would fit into the lineups of AKB or SNH and others who look more like the girls for BNK or JKT.

    Most girls in BNK or JKT could easily fit into AKB or SNH lineup tbh. They all follow the same East Asian (particularly leaning towards Japanese aesthetics) beauty standards of fair skin, big eyes, etc.

    In this regard, I'd say JKT & MNL seem more truly diverse, since they have the biggest mix of EA & SEA looks, whereas SGO & BNK tend to lean more East Asian.

    If only their faves were liked in China, they'd be screaming on top of their lungs "OMG QUEENS OF CHINA"

    They talk as if Chinese fans & Southeast Asian fans are somehow lesser than those from developed countries, despite the fact they they contribute more money than those so-called developed countries. It's racism & jealousy, pure & simple.

    When i saw this thread, i didn't think i will see accusations of Lisa supporting genenocide.


    It's usually people from...that fandom that used to be really loud on here until they all left after the group became irrelevant.

    It's kinda funny though, suddenly they're against fashion and the idol industry when it comes to Blackpink, but will rejoice and celebrate whenever it's one of their faves. This is pretty disgusting behavior to me tbh - because it's performative righteousness and trivialises real issues for the sake of f*cking K-Pop.

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    How can you forget (G)I-DLE?

    They have the second highest first-day sales in K-Pop Girl Group HISTORY with I Trust.
    Right now they're outselling established groups like Mamamoo & Red Velvet.

    SEA has a lot of ethnically Chinese people and they support Chinese idols. Singapore majority is Chinese. Malaysia and Indonesia have a lot of Chinese people too. It is not the only reason but it is definitely helping. There is a lot of support for Dita (secret number) from SEA fans.

    I wouldn't say there's a lot of support for Dita from SEA fans. I'd say there's a lot of support from Indonesian fans.

    I don't think Thai, Vietnamese, Filipinos, etc. would support Dita just because she's Indonesian. If they support her, it's because they like Dita herself as a person, not because she's from Indonesia. Same with Lisa and any other SEA idols. Their nationality helps them become popular in their own countries, but outside that, it's pretty much irrelevant.

    Thai here. Lisa being Thai only helps Blackpink's Lisa's popularity in Thailand. If Lisa helps Blackpink become popular in other SEA countries, it's purely because of Lisa herself and almost nothing to do with her being Thai.

    There's no sense of pan-SEA identity whatsoever. Indonesian people relate to Thais and Vietnamese as much Japanese people relate to Koreans (and arguably even less because Southeast Asian cultures are more different from one another than East Asian cultures.)

    It's like saying Japanese people will support WayV because there's East Asian members in it, which we know that's absolutely not the case.

    Ironically, a lot of Thai blinks thinks it's OK to hate only on her because she's Thai and not the other 3 members because they're foreign. She's literally a punching bag on Thai social media for literally breathing. Like the girl is just living her life and Thai K-Pop fans wrack their brains on which hate hashtag they should trend for Lisa each day.

    I get it. But "je t'aime" is neither a name nor a noun, it's a full sentence (subject + verb + complement) in another language. It litterally means "I love you" in French. It doesn't make sense for it to be a person's name.

    If it is, well, to each their own I guess.

    Yes, I told you, it can be totally random.

    I've met people called "Happy Ending", "Arigatou", "In Touch", "Good Luck" and it's nothing unusual in Thailand.

    It doesn't make sense in France, sure, but it makes sense in Thailand (or at least it won't stick out.)
    For the vast majority of Thai people, it'll just be a 2-syllable word 'Jetaime' that they'll have no idea what it means.

    What is it then? :/

    Thai people are given 2 names at birth.

    One that is used for official documents, and one that is used for everyday life.

    Most people won't know your official names. It's common that even relatives won't know or remember your official name.

    The 'nickname' is the one that will be used for 90% of your life, from your family, friends, to teachers, bosses, and co-workers. All Thais, not just performers, have this nickname.

    In that sense, Minnie, Bambam and Je T'Aime aren't names made up for the stage, but given at birth and used till death.

    It can be as 'normal' as 'Sara', 'Tom', 'Peter', or as 'unusual' as 'Spam', 'Inbox', 'Forever' or 'Je T'Aime'.

    Oftentimes, the nickname is completely unrelated to the official name, and can be longer than the official names (i.e. it's not just a shorter name.)

    Chuang had the better song, but their kindergarten school lyrics ruined everything. So We Rock I guess?

    Seriously, Chuang's song sounded cringey both in English and Chinese. Koki Kimura did a terrible job - I have no idea how much artistic licence they gave her to change from the Chinese version, but yeah, if she had to literally translate it then I feel sorry for her that she had to attach her name to something like that.

    I think China is already doing this by bringing more and more foreigners into their media industry.

    You can see that with Youth with You, with them bringing in Lisa to attract international interest, and Chuang, which brought Japanese & Thai trainees in probably for the same reason.

    Then you would see my statement as an accusations against her being guilty , which is why probably im getting attacked.

    Funny enough when this first hit, I stated this shouldn't matter because this happened a while ago and it was seen as a statement of her being innocent and I was attacked there too.

    You're not being attacked because you're making accusations that she's guilty.

    You're being attacked because you make dumbass statements with zero logic and it's annoying af.

    She's responding to what allegations are true. If she denies all of them, then THAT's a lie. It's not black and white you know. You don't have to be guilty of EVERYTHING or innocent of EVERYTHING. Sheesh, seems like differentiating really simple nuances like this is too much brainwork for some people.

    1. Some people think before they speak. Cube didn't know Soojin growing up. They needed to form an investigation and contact people for testimonies. That takes time. I'd much rather they take they time to make sure whatever they put out is accurate, rather than blurt out some rushed PR effort.

    2. OK and? So just take everything lying down regardless of whether it's false or not?

    3. She's been consistent on her stance the entire time (unlike the sisters.) Why is she supposed to admit to the big stuff if it's false? Like...I'm sorry, are you insane?

    Seriously, you and Jasida have a hate boner for Soojin that borders on obsession. You know it, everyone here knows it, and it's really ugly. I swear, it's a disease. Get help.