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    they bought their way to the top. this "pay to be a celebrity" model is so messed up don't you think? I heard its even like that in thailand. Which is why many of the celebs are chinese or european. Yet in Vietnam i always see lower class citizens being given chances to be in entertainment.

    lol what a pile of garbage. maybe the reason you see Vietnam's lower class citizens being given a chance is because you're Viet so you have more exposure to Vietnamese media. Thai media is full of people from all backgrounds. Most foreign idols of all nationalities come from rich backgrounds, not just Thais.


    Tais/Mon-Khmer are a majority (or at least a mixture of the two). The Indian population in Thailand is NON-EXISTENT. Malays (only 2-4 million) are more of a minority than the chinese. Chinese/Mixed are bigger minority and are only in the bangkok area.

    Your response is already classified nonsense the moment you said Chinese are some sort of minority here that's 'only in the Bangkok area'. Thai Chinese have been a part of this country's core history from the very beginning. Try living outside the internet and travel in Thailand from North to South. You'll see that Thai Chinese are as common as seeing Italian Americans in New York. If there's no Thai Chinese, there's no Thailand as it exists today. Stop trying to invalidate our existence.

    Tais whom you claim are the majority also came from China originally, just a few centuries ago. Go to Northern/Northeastern Thailand and you'll see people with features you claim are 'not original Southeast Asians' despite having zero Chinese blood.

    This is Yorch's family. He's clearly from a normal middle class background and turn off the sound & his parents can literally be from anywhere in Southeast Asia. They speak in the local Northern Tai dialect.

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    You don't want to see 'real Southeast Asians'. You just want to see people that fits into your stereotypical views of what 'Southeast Asians' look like. So when a Thai person somehow don't look like your idea of brown skinned, double eyelid Southeast Asian, somehow we're not real.


    Ten may be a "thai" national but the chinese will feel more represented by him.
    I only called Ten chinese because he said so himself. He has no southeast asian blood.

    what makes you think you're actually more qualified to speak on behalf of Thai people the Thai people ourselves? Go ask a Chinese NCTzen if they feel 'RePreSenTed by TeN'. Most of them would say "Isn't he Thai?" Ask a Thai person (or better yet Ten's family) himself if he's Thai or Chinese.

    You know the thing about Thailand? We assimilate all people. We live, grow up with, intermarry our countrymen of all ethnicities. We don't differentiate people like "Oh, you're Thai Chinese, oh you're original Southeast Asian Thai" lol what nonsense is that??? We're ALL Thais first and foremost. The reason you don't see pure Thais is because there's very few such people. Many Thai idols/celebrities are mixed because the vast majority of us ARE mixed (mainly with other Asian ethnicities)


    i'm not dragging them down. I want the best for the ethnic tai people. I love Thailand :-)

    lol literally nobody asked for it. Instead of wanting 'the best for Tai people' - go deal with your own issues and stop your obsession with Thai idols. You literally comment on every thread about Thai idols, it's seriously creepy. :S

    Big Hit - Yorch's Korean is actually good so don't get a stroke when he actually debuts. James has identified himself as Thai-Chinese, but I guess you know him better than himself lol

    SM - Ten is Thai, as much as I or any other Thai. Try telling Thai-Chinese in Thailand that they're Chinese and see how well that goes you racist.

    JYP - Nichkhun is still working at JYP. 2PM is still active. Bambam leaving JYP doesn't invalidate that he was a member of one of JYP's biggest groups and still having a successful solo career.

    YG - Lisa is as Thai as any, and from what we've seen she's about to be joined by another Thai trainee for YGNGG soon.

    So yeah, you can leave now felicia.

    maybe it's a bit too complicated for your IQ to comprehend, but there's no such thing as 'real Thai'. There's Thais of all heritage, from Tai, Chinese, Indian, Malays, Mon-Khmer, etc. It's been that way for centuries. All of them identify as Thai first - they were born, grew up in Thailand, speak Thai as their mother (and often only) language, have Thai nationality. If Ten or other Thai Chinese don't count as Thai then basically half the country and most of Bangkok are no longer Thai according to your logic

    Also what does the 'average Thai' relating to Thai K-Pop idols have to do with anything? No shit they're rich, it's expensive to become a K-Pop trainee - this is true for almost all foreign trainees. Even Korean trainees mostly come from upper middle class background nowadays. Yorch, Bambam, Natty all came from normal middle-class backgrounds. And looking at their predebut life, we can relate with them just fine, no need to try and speak on our behalf. I know you have a history to pick with Thai idols but dragging them down isn't going to make your situation any better. Good luck with your issue and go touch some grass

    stop exaggerating and humble yourself. He'd qualify more as a chinese/hongkong idol.

    JYP does not cast Thais anymore since Bambam left. So YG is the only one left with Lisa.

    Are you illiterate? I'm clearly talking about Yorch, not James.

    "Yg Is ThE OnLy OnE Left"

    BIG 4

    Big Hit - Yorch, James (half-Thai)

    SM - Ten, Lucas (half-Thai)

    JYP - Nichkhun, Bambam (former)

    YG - Lisa

    Also let's throw Cube in there - Minnie, Sorn (former)

    Also let's see some evidence that JYP doesn't cast Thais because you're seething with delulu lol

    Closing their office doesn't equate to not casting - they just had another audition in Bangkok last year you clown

    Thais dont use Spotify? So she's absolutely killing it even without her home fanbase? Damn, this makes Lisa's Spotify numbers even more impressive.

    Some do but it's not very popular here (because there's more Thai songs on Joox & most Thais listen to Thai songs)
    The top 5 cities contributing to her Spotify streams aren't Thai cities (you can check on her profile in Spotify)


    There's a Thai translator being heard very clearly in the background.

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    James is pretty fluent in Korean, and from what I heard, his Thai isn't that fluent so it's unlikely the translator was for him.

    Looks like we might have Thai idols in all of the Big 4.

    The law for suing against defamation of royalty (i.e. lese majeste) can be filed by anyone against anyone.

    My garbage man can file lese majeste against me, I can file it against my neighbor if I f feel like it. The police is obligated to investigate all lese majeste accusation. So it gets weaponized by people since literally anyone can use it to destroy other peoples' lives. No need to have any connection to royalty at all. That's what's so f-cked up about it.

    i think the reason people say Chinese idols are 'better' (I've definitely heard this before in Asian communities, but I'm not surprised if you're only browsing in English-speaking K-Pop communities and didn't get this impression) because China has a massive population, so the people who rise to the top are supposed to be the very best of a huge talent pool, hence their visuals and talent should statistically be higher than those coming from a smaller talent pool.

    Similar to the Olympics - if you get a the top 5 percent of 1.4 billion people, and the top 5% of 50 million people, it'd be normal to assume that the top 5% of the first group would be 'better'. I know people definitely praised Chinese idols as being more technically skilled and have godlike visuals before. Not because the average Chinese person is better looking, but because they just have way more people to choose from.

    For anyone who thinks Thai people are overreacting - imagine if one day Kim Jong Un's right hand man's daughter debuted as an idol (after receiving money plundered from the people to fund her lifestyle, training, education, etc.), have photographed evidence of her attending North Korean military parade and government meetings, are you still going to be like "Yay queen! She's her own person - she doesn't deserve to be held accountable for her family's actions!"

    Thailand does not have "coming out" culture. No celeb ever said "Hey! I'm gay" and such action could be deemed as attention seeking. Coming out here is more of not hiding and, for her parent to know meant she had never hidden.

    This is obviously a lie. Woody, one of the biggest celebrities - the Ellen Degeneres of Thailand, even did a TED talk on it.

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    Plenty of Thai celebs talk about it on TV shows.

    So she shouldn't follow her dreams because of the actions of her father/family...Sins of the father...

    And i doubt her family was solely responsible for destroying the whole of Thailand.

    Not just her family. She herself have also attended the protests to bring down a democratically elected government and plunged the country into an authoritarian military-ruled dictatorship today. Millions of people have suffered through the 7 years of mismanagement, people have died - from poverty, mismanagement of vaccines, unemployment. Millions of kids who had dreams of a better future were directly affected by the actions of her family. Her father was one of the leaders of the movement that paved the way for military rule. It's like saying "Joseph Goebbels wasn't responsible for the Holocaust" - yeah no shit, but he was a key player and had he not committed suicide, he would've been tried as a war criminal. You don't take it seriously because you never had to live through it.

    You should be ashame of yourself that your "dream & future" means everybody having the opposite worldview should die.

    You should first stop being dumb and educate yourself that Thailand is now under authoritarian "democratic" administration and not dictatorship.

    You're disgusting. You know it's not a democratic administration in any real sense of the word. You know the law and the constitution have been amended to systemically enable the military to hold on the power at the expense of the people. You know this and the fact that you support this just says everything there is about you as a person.

    So thai fans want her to do what?

    Disown her deceased father?

    Not debut maybe? Think about it - her family destroyed the country, stole away millions of peoples' dreams & future, while she gets to live happily and pursue her dreams. While she gets to go to Korea and become an idol, kids born the same year as her have spent the last 100 days in prison for asking for human rights that her family has a direct role in taking away from them. This is bigger than K-Pop.

    Same in Thailand. Thai BL actors are much more globally relevant & popular than Thai mainstream actors, yet the Thai GP still view them as bottom of the celebrity barrel despite the fact that they have a much more passionate/free-spending fanbase. I do think the fact that their fanbase is mainly young female does have something to do with it.

    People bashed Blackpink for being IG models because being big on Instagram is somehow supposed to be 'lesser' than being a traditional idol, yet it's the reason Blackpink are now global superstars who can walk around proudly in Hollywood while their faves couldn't.

    It's pretty obvious that being popular on Instagram brought them clout, which brought them brand deals with top luxury brands, which brought them even more clout - it's a self-perpetuating cycle.

    Now that Tiktok is the next big thing, being big on Tiktok is literally the best thing that can happen. Their faves are desperate to get Tiktok famous but no one's tuning in.