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  • Heyy~ Can you spare me some akorns? :pepeflushed:

  • Who are the other four guys in your dp?

    • The other 4 guys in my dp besides BTS are the members of Coldplay 🙂

      The picture is from their collab together called My Universe, which I love~ 🌌❤️

      I made that my dp a while ago tho when the song first came out and haven't bothered changing it since cuz BTS are my bias group and MU is one of their best songs. The lyrics & MV are so meaningful.

      Maybe I should change it, tho~ 🤔 cuz it's been a minute since that song came out lol and SNSD have come back since

    • ohh yeah i thought i recognized the lead vocalist Chris Martin so i assumed it was them

      are you excited for Pink Venom btw? :excited-bee:

    • yessssssss! tho, I was kinda let down by the teasers, but I'm sure that's just cuz they're teasers and the actual song & MV are gonna be amazing lol :excited-bee:💕

  • hi

    • hi. nice to see you back at the guild and another kdrama fan. :mvbee:

    • hii, yess I go to a lot of guilds :smirks2: yay, a kdrama fan, how did you got into kdramas? :whatb:

    • my sister's Korean (now ex-)boyfriend got me into them by recommending me my first one, Bridal Mask, 10 years ago, since he knew I loved kpop. Since then I always watched the new dramas of my favorite idols, got introduced to a few famous actors that way, started watching their dramas too, and the rest is history. I have spent 43 days of my life watching kdramas according to MyDramaList lol here is my list of ones I've watched if you're interested:

      hbu, how did you get into kdramas? it's a very addicting world it sucks you in lol.

    • Nice, I also have an MDL account, it says I spent 83 days watching kdramas. yeah, it is very addicting lol. For me, I watched 2 kdramas in 2018 but didn't know it was a kdrama lol (both dramas have the same male lead) and then on 2020, Cha Eun Woo had a new drama called True Beauty and I saw some edits and watched it, waiting every week for new episodes, rest is history lol

      here's mine:

    • Wow, awesome! You got double me lol :smirks2: The Kdrama Veteran lol

      I have somehow never seen True Beauty tho I've heard of it everywhere ofc (although maybe I should now lol), but my mom has and Cha Eun Woo is indeed a True Babe, and everybody knows it! *nosebleed :pepelove2:i

  • Thank you for following :pepelove2:

  • hey <3

    • hey <3

      I've seen you around here before, you seem nice & sweet. ^^

    • Oh thank you <3 you too.

      I saw that nobody had the honor to post on your profile wall so I thought I should be the first one ^^

    • haha thanks for taking my profile comment virginity ^^<3

    • :pepe-hehe: so will always remember me as your first :pepe-hehe:

    • ofc ^^ so this is like a Korean drama then :pepe-hehe: are we destined to meet 10 years in the future now