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    I listen to my yearly K-POP playlist (ex. KPOP 2024) everyday while I'm in the shower or before I go to bed, on my mini portable speaker so I can still hear it over the sound of the water. If my faves happen to release new songs this year, I'll listen to them there! Otherwise I might search up their older stuff to listen to occasionally 😅 But I'm trying to listen to and remember more good stuff lately from past years too!

    My current playlist has over 1k views on YT Music, which is the most I've ever had! :nervousk:

    Here it is in case anyone else's interested:

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    I recommend not listening to the individual claiming you can top a giant music streaming platform with 2,500 free accounts.

    You both have a point~ :p

    I guess I'll believe you guys instead that indeed, in general NJ had a very successful debut digitally.

    But id still dk y NJ didn't sell as many physicals as Kepler

    We thought NJs would sell well but it was a massive sham with digitals. With 2000-2500 free accounts you can game one chart and in turn games other charts. They selling Kep1er level.

    Who are doing well or will in the future in Japan? Lsf, Ive, likely Illit, and most likely BabyMonster.

    I don't know who to believe out of the 2 of you bc idk anything pretty much about Japanese sales anymore since it's been at least 15 yrs since I've been into Jpop. :sweat:

    The only thing I can say for certain is that NJ has the most successful Japanese debut IN KOREA ON MELON TOP 100. Thanks to their Korean language-heavy song.

    I did check Oricon and it says Supernatural is #30.

    Magnetic is a bop, deserves to chart high. But Idk how high NJ's past most popular Korean hits charted in Japan either? Apparently even many Japanese K-pop fans prefer the OG Korean versions of songs, even when sometimes there are Japanese versions since they sound better in the language they were originally written in. Not sure about the Japanese public. But it's possible they do too. Maybe that has something to do w/Magnetic's charting vs Supernatural?

    It's an embarrassingly late/early hour here so I'll resume discussion when my brain functions again later today after I finally get some sleep lol.

    Anyone else, feel free to weigh in on in the discussion and I'll take that into account too.



    Isn't this potentially bad news for the future of Kpop as a whole in Japan, tho?

    If not NewJeans, who WILL become the next big Kpop group to represent 4th generation in Japan? 😳

    Aespa's new Japanese debut charted a little better on Oricon and Japan Hot 100 than NJ, (#2 and #6 vs. #4 and #7), but they only sold similarly to NJ too right (61.92k)?

    I guess we can always hope ILLIT will hit it big w/their cute concept? Tho they're technically 5th gen and idk if they have strong enough brand power in Asia left after the MHJ vs HYBE scandal in Korea, either?

    The Koreans voted IU over BTS

    showing how much they appreciated BTS' achievements

    All the sacrifices BTS did for Korea were in vain.

    It has nothing to do w/their personal feelings towards BTS, for whom they are extremely grateful and consider a national treasure and made an national cultural ambassadors and even dedicated an entire street in Busan entirely to, or to BTS's sacrifices, since everyone in Korea knows what BTS has accomplished for Korea's status on an global scale, and everything to do w/BTS being Westernized as fuck since inception, lol.

    It's because IU naturally appeals more to Koreans' cultural tastes than BTS both conceptually and musically- a pure beautiful innocent virginal (for most of her career) girl who makes beautiful ballads mostly entirely in Korean for most of her career, as opposed to Westernized hip hop gangster bad boys at debut from a then-tiny company nobody ever heard of before to eventually Westernized radio boys who's biggest song both in Korea and on a global scale is entirely in English.

    And there's nothing wrong with that. Both Eastern and Western tastes are valid and simply a matter of personal preference mostly based on where you happen to be born, raised, or lived in the world.

    IU simply dedicated her entire career to appealing to Koreans, and BTS did pretty much the opposite, with the exception of I NEED U & Spring Day, which are more beautiful and ballad-like songs- which btw happen to all be their most impactful songs in Korea other than Dynamite, which mostly happened to be such a huge song on a global scale that even Korea couldn't ignore it since they're also part of the world, and because BTS brought so much honor and international recognition to Korea that they all felt super proud to the point that it became the #1 song in Korea and every Korean knows their name.

    It's just that IU is more innately "Korean" in values, while BTS has always been about rebelling against Korean society, values, and standards.

    Even you would probably like IU more than BTS if you were Korean, since you obviously already do now, and obviously aren't Korean in heritage either. And personally I think there's nothing wrong with that either. Different strokes for different folks, after all.

    Koreans don't care about K-Pop anymore because K-Pop no longer cares about Koreans (at least the ones in Korea, anyway). Why WOULD they care more about K-Pop than K-sports, which also continues to bring them glory on the international scale, while actually still caring about THEM, too?

    IMO, this is definitely very unfortunate for K-Pop, but definitely also very self-inflicted. Say "F U, I don't care about you anymore" to the Koreans, by trying to take the "'K' out of 'K-Pop'", and they will say "F U, I don't care about you anymore" back, too...

    Just like anyone else would. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    If anything, this is showing that K-Pop needs to start caring more about what Koreans like and want too again, at least a little bit, such as by not making title tracks in English only, or noise music only for the most part that usually appeals only to international fans, if they don't want to stunt their growth across the world, too.

    P.S. Although K-Pop idols themselves view it as a lifetime achievement or huge honor to perform in the biggest stadiums in Korea (even BTS many years ago for their Love Yourself World Tour), who internationally has, until now that it's been suddenly taken away, even really cared about how many tickets K-Pop can sell in Korea, at least for years now, unless that's the only country the artist can tour in? Even the MAMA Awards care the least about Korea now and gave them by far the worst and cheapest show last time they were hosted in their home country. Most international fans only are really only impressed by those who can tour in the US and Tokyo Dome now. And even Tokyo Dome isn't seen as big of an achievement anymore, since so many Kpop groups have done it by this point. If we want Korea to like K-Pop again, we international fans and the Kpop industry need to stop constantly saying "F U" to Koreans, too, especially since we Kpop fans apparently care SOOOO much about how racist they are to other people, yet almost never condemn it amongst ourselves whenever Kpop fans are racist to the Korean, Chinese, SEA, or Japanese people, as if they don't count as people, too!

    Because they were never being as genuine about that messaging as everyone liked to think, and they're not very good at keeping up the facade either. I doubt any of them are observing this comeback & thinking, "Oops, we forgot to pretend to be Kpop's resident feminists this time!" They don't care. They also know South Korea is a country that would cancel them for actually taking the whole feminism thing as seriously as their international fans perceive them to. Koreans have witch hunted other idols for exploring the topic.

    That’s true about SK canceling them if they took the feminism thing really seriously (aka, all the members actually announced in an interview they are feminists or something lol), and it seems like you’re right about them not being genuine about feminism either. But as a (casual) (G)I-DLE fan and feminist who became a fan of them because of their girl power concept since debut, I’m super disappointed that they so casually ran in the entire completely opposite direction without a single thought, and worst of all, that not as many people as there should be seem to be calling them out for this.

    In my opinion, this should be a huge controversy for (G)I-DLE! At least internationally, if not in Korea! Of course, there would be huge backlash from the fans who are either misogynists or don’t really care at all about feminism whatsoever, and just like using it to their convenience when it’s to uplift their favorite idols, and then throw it aside when it’s inconvenient to stanning them, but as someone who ACTUALLY cares about it I will probably stop being a fan of them starting now because of the blatant and unabashed sexism of their lead single. We should not be glorifying, celebrating, or worst of all, actively *inviting* sexual harassment in 2024!

    Then again, I still stanned Girls Generation-TTS after their lead single Holler in 2014 which has similar themes of asking men to “holler” at them, and even bought their album in spite of hating Holler because they were so beautiful, talented and successful still, which in my opinion still embodied the ideals of feminism at its core (in addition to their Holler album b-sides being simply amazing if you ignore Holler).

    So maybe at the end of the day, I’m just as bad as the fans who may excuse the catcalling theme in this song too simply because they love (G)I-DLE, just as much as l loved Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo….? :pepe-peek:

    Wahh, how will I look at myself in the mirror from now on…. :peperain:

    *escorts self out :pepe-clown-gear:

    They've made, like, one feminist song. ^^ The rest of their more recent output has just been them positioning themselves as the latest sexy concept girl group while framing it in some girl power nonsense.

    Okay, but even if I go along with/humor you and frame their newest songs as “sexy concept framed as girl power nonsense”, why would they suddenly diverge so much from the “girl power” concept which was extremely successful for them to something so sexist, for the sake of one “sexy summer song”?? Doesn’t make any sense to me marketing-wise when most of their fanbase and public attention came from the girl power concept/songs~?? :S

    Blop/flop, but does anyone else realize how NOT-feminist the whole concept/lyrics of this song/video is compared to (G)I-DLE’s other stuff?? The whole thing is about wanting guys to honk at you in their cars (usually a way to sexually harass females)

    Fromis_9 : Super talented live performers according to one SNSD cover I watched, cute & pretty, but tbh I only know like 2-3 songs by them and I don’t really know the members

    (G)-Idle : Soyeon ofc. Yuqi 2nd. Everyone’s very good tho except for Shuhua. Useless filler member.

    Izone : I only know members from other groups tbh, Chaewon or Wonyoung

    Itzy : Yeji

    aespa : Karina

    StayC : Yoon or J, Sieun has good vocals too & also cute/pretty

    IVE : Yujin cuz she’s both a super visual and ace in terms of talent

    Newjeans : Minji has one of the best face cards in Kpop, Hyein and Danielle seem to have good vocals but I feel “icky” about Hyein’s debut age

    Le Sserafim : Chaewon/Yunjin, Sakura was my fave for a long time

    Illit : Wonhee cuz she was the most adorable in Magnetic and the only one that stood out to me in lives

    Kiss of Life : Idk Belle cuz she was on K-Star Next Door and killed the vocals? Natty is talented too just like everyone else in the group but imo overrated

    Babymonster : Chiquita, she’s got swag for days, the 5th Gen Lisa

    NMIXX : Lily cuz she’s the only member I know cuz K-Star Next Door vocal battle vs KIOF, but her vocals are TOP-tier! Easily the best singer of 4th gen.

    Kep1er : Yujin duh ofc cuz she’s from one of my bias groups CLC before they disbanded…besides her I guess Chaehyun cuz she’s the center and best vocal.

    Idg y everyone seems to think Xiaoting is a goddess incarnate, to me her visuals are mad overrated (tho I feel bad for saying/thinking so cuz she’s Chinese like me so I should be proud right), imo Bahiyyih is way prettier.

    KpopVeteranARMY I know what you're gonna vote for already ^^

    Of course














    It’s ok, I took a long time to reply to your first post for the same reason too, lol! Plus, mine *was* a REALLY long post so it’s understandable it took a while to respond sincerely to, too~ :sweat:

    That’s so cool about the drill genre thing, wow I never knew that. UGH! is actually my least favorite BTS song, but I have a new appreciation for it now for its artistry thanks to your comment. :woow: BTS are so real about their artistry and that’s one of the things that sets on a different level apart from most of the rest of Kpop, similar to their 2nd gen predecessors Big Bang, who are also rap legends and were acknowledged as “above” other idol rappers & idols in general during their time. I think that’s a huge reason while people tend to put BTS at the top in these kinds of rankings about rap in Kpop, even though their rapping technique is certainly nothing to sneeze at, either.

    Hmm, but while I *DID* post that huge long Tumblr post about BTS’s rapping & songwriting skills both being huge valuable contributions to BTS and non-comparable, at the end of the day tho, I still like to make competitive list rankings for the fun of it in Kpop to inspire critical thinking and discussion about in the community, and I still think that I’m right that RM > Suga > J-Hope in terms of authenticity and rap-writing. So, sorry, but I’m keeping my ranking the way it is! 😂

    You’re welcome! I agree, it’s fun having a real in-depth insightful discussion about rap in K-pop with someone~ :send-love-bunny: (I have a few KPOP friends IRL, but I converted both of them and neither of them are as into Kpop nor as knowledgeable about it enough to talk about this stuff w/me~ :sweat: )

    Yes, and to know BAP are possibly making a comeback, so excited. Zelo has really grown into an amazing rapper and lyricist.

    YAAAS, I heard about B.A.P’s possible comeback and I’m SOOO excited too! My Inner BABY is finally going to come back out kicking and screaming again after kicking in my stomach for months waiting to be reborn again ever since I found all their Instagrams earlier this year and saw them constantly posting selfies & whatnot together still!

    Still somehow never dared to hope for a real comeback tho bc they’ve been disbanded since 2019 and all went to different agencies and all since then. As one of the OG B.A.P stans who was a fan since their legendary monster rookie debut w/Warrior and a stan since Power both in 2012, but fell off after they left and sued TS in 2014, then last really paid attention to them while they were still active after they settled & returned to TS Entertainment then came back in Young, Wild, & Free in 2015, their last MV I watched right when it was first released was Skydive in 2016 which was amazing but literally 9 minutes long so no one watched it, and the last comeback I was aware of was HONEYMOON but thought it was lame compared to their other stuff after I checked up on them years later, then was super sad but honestly not super surprised when they disbanded in 2019…..

    this is beyond all my wildest BABY dreams come true to see them come back from the dead as a group 5 years later~! ;( (And more like 10 years since I last really stanned them, lol.) *BRB ugly sobbing

    Kpop has changed so much since they debuted 12 years ago, but they are still one of the very best rapping groups for sure that helped made rapping talent a big thing in Kpop after Big Bang totally paved the way for them, w/help from Block B who first really hit it big w/NalinA a month shortly after B.A.P’s debut w/Warrior that even made B.A.P major rivals w/EXO back in the day who were inspired by their meaningful lyrics about society to debut with their OWN song w/meaningful lyrics about society MAMA and even copy their concept about being aliens from another planet (both groups dropped this concept eventually tho), and totally changed the game for Kpop idols writing their own meaningful lyrics about society in Kpop for good!

    Btw omg, Baby Zelo has grown all up and write his own raps now?! Post some songs that he’s written juseyo~! :love: That boy has always had legendary rapping speed and was famous for his “LTE rap” back in the day when B.A.P first debuted, and if his rap-writing game has gotten good too, he’ll be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the Kpop rap game if(/when) B.A.P finally come back for sure!

    Thanks for typing all that out and breaking it down, gave me a much better idea of the full Big Picture of both NJ & Aespa’s digitals in their totality.

    I agree, I can definitely relate to wanting to poke Yama in the eye sometimes as well XD

    I agree that NewJeans has more name brand power in Korea and their ability to dominate with more than 1 song at a time (How Sweet & Bubblegum were #2 and #3 while Supernova was #1 but Armageddon was #9) shows they still have greater brand power in Korea overall but Aespa basically got lucky with Supernova becoming super popular and with Korea wanting to stick it to HYBE since tbh I still think it was a mid song, even tho it’s definitely grown on me...(I love most of their other discography tho barring their latest album which had a lot of skips tb completely honest w/y’all)

    Tbh I think I misunderstood Yama’s posts w/the Tweets since I didn’t understand that the Circle Digital Charts were including ALL their songs in total in that number and not just their most current one. So maybe NewJeans doesn’t have as much edge over Aespa as I thought, since it seems like they’ve fallen in all their metrics?

    Both NJ & Aespa have fallen in album sales a lot from their most popular albums in their most recent comeback but I guess Aespa’s did raise SLIIIGHTLY above Drama so I guess at least they didn’t decrease from the very last one? I still say neither of them are doing as great as in the past overall w/fans since either their fandoms have shrunk so much or their fandoms just hated their latest release, but it seems like Aespa definitely has the trendiness edge for now, but maybe NewJeans overall still have a greater name brand power and will rise back with their next Korean comeback if given a song as good as their previous ones.

    Overall all the top 5 girl groups these days are not doing as well as expected so I’m kinda worried about the new generation and future of Kpop overall~ :sweat:

    Edit: Realized this post kinda made me sound like a hater….don’t worry, I’m still getting 2 copies of Aespa’s new album for my birthday :P I just really didn’t like Aespa’s new release as much as I thought I would, and according to their physical sales, most of their other fans didn’t, either.

    Thanks sm Professor Disevidence! :love: Got to go study Kpop digitals for my Kpop dissertation now, brb~ :pepe-use-head::pepe-notes:

    So if NewJeans dominated on both Melon ULs AND Circle Digital Chart, does that mean that NewJeans really *IS* dominating over Aespa digitally on all the Korean charts against what everyone thought, or is Yama just full of cuckoo? :sweat:

    I’m too scared to watch, I don’t want a dark WOOAH, woo-WAHHHHHH~ ;(


    (even tho I’m normally a girl crush stan when I’m not a huge ARMY and got into Kpop originally because of 2NE1, the OG KPop Girl Crushes)


    Oh well, at least it’ll be entertaining to watch to see how they try to pull off the girl crush concept~

    (So far they’re succeeding! even tho that bloody hammer at the end scared me :pepe-cross: * eventually caved & watched it, lol~)