Do you love your job?

  • this thread makes me like 2% less terrified for the future

    most of the adults ive talked to say they hate waking up in the morning :pepe-sad:

    Aw it's all about routine and getting used to. Before I bought a car I used to wake up at 5am and commute for one hour and a half to get to my job. Now that I work from home I gained 3 whole hours but I still wake up at 5am everyday like clockwork, even in the weekends. I'm just too used to it. So I can't really relate to people who complain about waking up in the morning for work when it's something they do everyday and are supposed to be used to.

    That being said, don't be too afraid, once you start making your own money and enjoying the benefits of your hardwork you'll naturally feel better about your job and all the tiresome things that come with it :peperich:

  • I just work minimum wage to pay for school/living expenses... so no. Once I graduate and actually start my career, I guess I'll see. I have been considering if I can do a part-time office job in the meantime though because I hate this one and I could probably get paid more

    Good luck

  • I really don't ... I am.not making bank either lolz I wouldn't be able to live alone with the money I get

    I dont absolutely despise it though . But i am.not made for some parts of it and I just feel like a slave even if I had a quiet day and i only worked the seven and a half hours I supposed to . I really hate any kind of stress and that can happen easily at my job . And this week has been so stressful I had stress related insomnia .


    I dont feel like I am ever gonna have a job i love.

  • oh man u sound like a code bootcamp graduate. not that there's anything wrong with that. its just all the ones ive interviewed who come from code camps have this same happy go lucky attitude when they talk about things like "APIs" lol

  • yes life in my profession is pretty easy. flexible work hours, wake up whenever i want mostly. work requires alot of "problem solving" and "algorithms" (add some more buzzwords) huehuehuehue and no 2 days are the same so its not mundane. ez buggati

  • Yes. I feel sorry for people who don't like theirs. Makes life super hard. If I had advice to impart to most kids going off to uni it's to pick something you're passionate about.

    No always realistic. Something youre passionate about in most cases does not correlate with money.

    I say pick something that will enable you to afford what you are passionate about.

    Pick a career that will pay well and you will not hate and use that money to live the life you want and you will enjoy. IMO its a more realistic approach.

    Im a government lawyer and some days I just want to bang my head through a wall. However, I get a shit ton of paid time vacations, great pay and pension. I use that time off and extra savings to travel (something I enjoy very much) and I will be doing the same when I get old using my pension.

    You hate me? Well, remember it's mind over matter. I do not mind and you do not matter.


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  • I am not working full time now but I do love the work I do. I work with a professor and team of graduate students doing research in computer architecture, CPUs, and GPUs. Working in this field requires a lot of dedication and living like a broke student for many years (looking at 7 more years to do my Master's and PHD). I do hope I keep enjoying the work.

  • Yes and no.

    So yeah I love the security and the job content, but I dont love the kind of lack of progression I see in it. Its pretty much got a fairly low ceiling in terms of moving up.

    Its a creative job which is great but not what I wanted to do fully. Dont get me wrong Im just happy to have a job in the field I trained for and doing something I like, but I wish I had more production control rather than essentially being a bit of an engine room lackey.

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