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    I am mad tho

    it seems like two girls were left behind by company

    and it's always sad

    if you take a look at other groups like Cherry Bullet, Momoland, or even CUBE's own CLC you can clearly see that usually girl group members either leave early just because company decided they should, or they leave after multiple years because they ain't paid, or company put them on long hiatus

    ive said for a long time Lightsum is a bloated group. They have a strong core, but its clear the 2 members that got booted were the least popular and the visual holes of the group. It was about damn time.

    It is sad to see how people have no music taste these days. Comebacks are all about streaming even if the song is making your ears bleed. Random lyrics and music are combined and people are dying to buy album in bulks so their fav group stays relevant🙄

    As always if you are from a big entertainment company, you'll be relevant even if you make shi* music.

    Mimiirose - Rose and Choi-Yoojung - P.E.L.

    not at you telling people to grow up while coming on here claiming you're some choreographer acting like some bitch ass, asshat. The original choreographers who came up with that move that ISN'T like any other (not the shopping cart or any other bullshit you wanna spew out your tiny asshole) came out and said WE MADE THIS, THIS PART WAS MADE BY SO AND SO AND THE REST OF THE SAY MY NAME CHOREOGRAPHY WAS DONE BY BOTH OF US, THIS IS WRONG BUT STOP THE HATE. Should tell you right there it isn't a fucking reach. You claim it's not a copy go write that to Anze. You say people are backing up Vata, well everyones backing up Ateez, Josh and Anze, your point is invalid. It's not a fandom "whining" it's the fucking artist who called them out Professionally and their original choreographers speaking up. I don't give a rats ass if you came up with the Barney dance, this isn't about YOU. Don't even try to insult people trying to say we are living in our momma's basements I assure you, we are not YOU. Please go sit down and stay out of the conversation that doesn't involve you. I hope to god you remain irrelevant in the music industry. You don't deserve shit with that disrespectful ass.

    cry more little kid

    This kind of reply deserves this kind of reply

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    right obviously you had nothing else to say, because u know im right on my points. Quite literally people have never been in the dance industry or have any dance experience should not be talking because they have no idea what they are saying. there's a reason CYJ, whose been a choreographer in kpop for decades is backing up Vata, and then we have these keyboard warriors in their parents basement who dont know a single thing about dance spewing nonsense

    both the suju and shinee key moves you posted are just stylized versions of foundation hip hop moves. the shinee for example is quite literally just a jack done with slightly different rhythm. i'm a choreographer myself although obvously not a famous one, and i choreographed something this month that has 1 second that looks similar to the shinee move but was I plagiarising Shinee? No, i just choreogaphed what felt natural to my body when i heard the music. Grow up.

    It is the same beat...are you blind?? lol I'm so damn tired of everyone acting like Ateez has no right to be upset. This wouldn't even be a huge deal had WOOYOUNG not called him out, but he did. That's enough right there to draw the attention of the fandom. To have the original choreographer come out and say shit too. It's like stop babying him. His statement is shoddy and he's a shady person.

    This is laughable now. The gif shows you everything exactly. It doesn't matter how he started it or how he ended it, that portion was obviously stolen from say my name...We aren't reaching when the original people have to come out and make a statement on it. AKP Atiny's aren't even sitting here making 100 threads on it either. As Icy said if this was another popular BG the whole forum would be in an uproar.

    Bitching about what's said on twitter doesn't really work here...Twitter is a cesspool as well as other social platforms, and those people don't speak for all of us.

    again you are clueless, the original choreographer of that specific move is Josh Smith (according to Anze himself), and guess what? Josh has not said a single thing. Grow up

    lol bitching and whining when the evidence is right there


    His statement was not taking accountablity for what he's obviously done it's indirectly shading and bashing Wooyoung, the choreographers and anyone else involved. It's not rocket science, that move is EXACTLY the same move in SMN. Absolutely no way he just came up with that out of the blue. Does he deserve hate and death threats? no, but that wasn't even a professional owning up to what he's done. Don't sit here and make him a victim when he isn't one. He is literally friends with Ateez, he knows their music.

    He has no talk about hurting your friends there. Atiny simply calling him out for what he is...

    you clearly have 0 knowledge of dance. every dance move is inspired by something else. dance choreography is simply taking the same vocabulary of moves and putting them together in different order.

    They finally found the second half of their MV footage :wink:

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    i love the song but why is the video shot so badly. like its so badly shot