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  • Hey. How are you doing? I like your threads a lot.

    • Thanks , I am good. You?

    • I'm alright! Had a decent day of exploring a bit, finding food and drinks. Also finally got around to watching Squid Game. Just tried to enjoy my weekend.

  • I like your food threads

  • you're cool 2x

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  • Freddieee I really need akorns so I was wondering if you would donate some since you wouldn’t be using them anyways

    Thank youuuuu! <3

  • Hi there, would you like a chance to win 1000 akorns?
  • Always pleasure. hope you are doing good with job and life. DM me~

  • Hello my friend!

    Apology, had a very busy couple of weeks, hard at work. Are you doing okay? I've been hearing that China is sniffing your bottom wanting an in or to take over? Pray hope Biden and his administration can fend them off.
    I need to spend some time learning this new not like it. I truly miss our conversations and postings..Cheers for now!!

  • Hi, Freddie.

    Can you give me akorns, please?

    Thanks! <3

    • how?

    • You go to my profile and there should be 2 blue buttons a magnifying glass and and person, click the person and then click transfer. Thanks.

    • Did you figure it out?

    • Done transferring 50 , did you get them

    • Yes, thank you!!