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    - This vaccine is supposed to "prevent" you from dying -

    Simple and true . Are you saying most of the unvaccinated rather live with natural selection and death toll ?

    I have heard and seen this from time to time where I am at in Asia, that Canadians tend to stick together abroad and are fussy about every dollar spent like when going to bars here for a get together they would order and drink one beer each,then go out to drink another 5 in supermarket nearby and get back in the same bar for another beer... a pint of beer is like $4 in average bars here tho...

    Sorry Canadian friends here, I dont mean to generalize or start the fire but enough rumor has it.

    He was always pro vaccine. His characteristic pride in pushing for the vaccine development would not allow him not to be. He has recently recommending Vaccinations during rallies and interviews. Note the Freedom remark that causes a disturbance among the Vaccine Mandators. Trump always knew Feds can't mandate these type of things.

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    Do you reckon vaccine passport type of measures like the French did , somewhere in California put out the similar ,is mandating vaccination?

    In the US vaccine was available to most vulnerable(seniors) by March 2021 at Deaths were 500,000. Less than 170,000 deaths difference may be debated as preventable because vaccine availability.

    Before vaccination availability. A significant lethal surge was during the Fall2020 and Winter2021 Months.

    What killed most was being indoors, no vaccine and vulnerable(seniors). Its true social distancing, masking and lockdowns were in effect. Some became apathetic or indifferent to these precautions. Government strong arming compliance setup an anti-authority complex that may be stronger in the US than other Countries.

    Wondering what if Trump oppar jumps out at this time in media and does pro vaccination talkings...I think he is able to tweak where he stood on this before and make influence but would he..

    US friends figure you know what that number is about.

    Did that come off freedom of virus battle options, or you guys are literally going for herd immunity establishment and ready to pay the price can't get away with?

    Vaccination restrictions/passports make no sense because vaccinated people still spread the virus. This is just the elites trying to pit people against each other. Divide and conquer. There shouldn't even be a "vaccinated vs the unvaccinated" narrative to begin with. But the american media (paid by the elites and working for the establishment) pushed propaganda to support it and of course people who can't read between the lines fall for it.

    American healthcare is a "business first, healthcare second" system. They benefit from having multiple vaccine doses being given out. Yall really think these establishments and institutions are looking out for the American people when all they really want is money. They don't have me fooled.

    The only difference between CCP run state media and america's is in america's is not transparent in its whiteknighting for the establishment, where as at least we know where the CCP run media stands.

    CCP media is creative in different ways than its US counterparts.

    We don't report them to the police. We will post it on fb and make it viral and shame the hell out of you and the whole country will know you are a lil bitch.

    Many of you guys do help make a big fuss spreading pics of illegal parking cars and their license plates?

    Can you look up in Singapore the owner of any car by license plate with mug shots and other data feeding?

    You're not allowed to take pictures of strangers without their express permission here in Germany. So as JiminieKookie pointed out, the act of taking the pictures would be a criminal offence as well.

    What if someone reported to police with picture like parked car on a red line that is outright illegal but you were not in the pic,the ones took such photos got some petty cash from police dept..could this happen in Germany..or would it?