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  • Hi, I'm attempting to create a lil' miracle. would you be interested in joining a Momoland Guild to help me make my akp dream come true? No dp border, no frills, just membership? I'd be covering for all the requirements of it. Let me know, thanksy :borahae:

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    • I do like Momoland's music.

      I'm not Momoland stan material, Thanks for asking.

    • no problem! Thanks for your reply! We pulled it off in the end! :-) You're welcome to join our conversation anytime in the merryland guild :borahae:

  • u have a gwsn badge :eyes:

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    • Girls in the Park Rock!

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  • Akorns please :akorns::blade-chase:

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  • ARGH - Cherry Bullet is slipping into obscurity. As the AOA replacement is mostly why I stan for CherryBullet. Do like how they have the same ere of maturity.

    Third 4NIA4 rail - https://gettr.com/user/i234567890 :pepe-use-head:

  • Hello! Hope all is well with you. Stay healthy..

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  • hey! congratulations! DM me your email so i can give you the amazon code~

    • Hello 2yr

      Thanks for Contest very interesting recipes.

      Have more Old World(Europe) recipes I think I have gotten right. In my family I'm known for Soups.

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    • sent!~ enjoy


  • you're too kind :lover3:

  • thanks for the akorns :claps:

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  • 4Minute and EXID fan.

    Current Multi-Stan

    Dreamcatcher, Cherry Bullet, GWSN, ITZY and Elris.

    • who's your DC bias? :danceb:

    • Gahyeon is cool, she is serious, funny and sincere.

      All of them are my bias.