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    FYI that really goes to the Root of the Federal Voting legislation "For the People". It is Unconstitutional.

    Constitution authorizes the State the Job of overseeing Federal Elections.

    Consider the only Federal Office people will vote on is for the President and Vice President team. All other Election matters concerns the State.

    I think it is a purely Political stunt to attempt to Federalize Elections. Dems get to look like the good guy as the protectors of Voters. Historically Democrats consistently fought against improving Voters Rights. This is going to be a small footnote in History of their continuity of being against Voting Rights.

    2020 Elections was hastily modified because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. After the elections States began refining their Election process. It may be because they recognized they neglected the process and the 2020 election showed problems.

    The Dems are villianizing States who are improving their election process. Sensationalizing and falsely characterizing the changes as voter suppression. Those Republicans are taking your Vote away. Along with that small footnote in history it will include Republicans consistently support and passed Voter Rights. Many Years of Democrat majority in Government blocked Voter Rights from passing.

    The last person to have any credibility for Protecting voter Rights are Democrats. As they trash the first ones(GOP) with credibility for protecting voters rights. A term 'Projecting' is those who (Dems) blame others(innocent) with crimes they themselves have/are committed. Biden's "Jim Crow!" remark is exactly what Democrats practiced and tried to keep intact.

    Noticed in other Forums loss of members was from lack of obsession with the common interest. Forums are like Gardens with new and old growth. Everything is stuck in place, so enjoy your spot. XD

    After a Vision exam submitted the prescription to an Online Eye Glasses shop. For $40USD for a satisfactory pair of prescription Glasses.

    Yes Glasses can get costly, with multiple pairs(Dress Glasses, Work Glasses, Casual Glasses, Sunglasses) each time.

    Wow, congrats everyone and thanks 2yr for this contest. It was fun to participate and honor to compete with AKP Chefs and Bakers.

    This round sure upped the game in presentation. Meals looked delicious and beautiful.

    Thanks for 2nd place win, I tried to make a healthy meal. I really need to make better notes. XD

    A real experience in international Cuisine. Appreciate the expertise AKP Chefs are sharing.

    Already have some new recipes to post up.

    It is not wrong a Country protects itself. Immigration control is protection. Denmark population of near 6 million and growing from immigration. There is no rule to diversify to become an immigrant Nation. Few Nations are truly immigrant Nations by choice. They should protect their uniqueness the World. No guilt or labeling by others should persuade their decision.

    The Refugee migration is being exploited by Economic migration. Under the guise of being a refugee, their just moving between Countries. Bypassing the host Country's normal immigration processes.

    Good idea to remove long term nuclear waste from the Earth. Practicality of handling millions of tons reactive material current technology. Richard Branson's method of getting into Space could be feasible.

    There is still energy in the waste. My want to be able to retrieve the waste later.

    Their activism against Nuclear Power has made the Idea of constructing new Plants impossible. Nuclear plant Technology is not safe enough because of Radiation long half life times. The idea of something so dangerous will be around for 25,000 years is too much to allow.

    The Nuclear Waste accidents and 25,000 years is hard facts.

    Waste is being stored temporarily at decommissioned Nuclear Plants.

    Recall how Japan is trying to figure best way to dispose of tons of radiated water. Can't just allow it to evaporate. It creates a mess that can last thousands of years.

    It was explained a Nuclear Plant has finite operational time. They wear out or become obsolete.

    Japan, Germany and UK are phasing out Nuclear plants. Heard it is by public pressure there isn't new Plants planned to replace them.

    If it is anything like the US environmentalists are making future Plants out of the question.

    Ironic in this age of Climate Change environmentalism. Nuclear Plants are the most practical solution to replace fossil fuel plants. Nuclear temporary bridging the gap so Renewable Energy systems can catch up.

    Some of Arizona's hotness has made it way to central California. Few days of 100+F temps at 41C 105F fortunately 10% Humidity.

    A lady from Death Valley was interviewed about the heat spell. She said its okay up to 120F 49C but after that its rough to be outside. So I'm not complaining.

    It is normal to get 100+F temps here and oddly one gets used to it. It is also a low humidity high temps. Sweating really cools one down.

    As a Hyunjoo Fan cause she is so damn cute. Notice in April MVs she is not given any individual air time. Everyone else get their close up and center stage camera time.

    Later in UNI.T she has fully involved stage performance in Vocal and Visuals.

    Behind the scene videos Hyunjoo is solidly sure of herself and cheerfully interacted with the group.

    Can say with some certainty the Company manipulated the group dynamic that put more focus on the other five members.

    The bullying between members was a symptom of Company favoritism is my guess.

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    Doja Cat next

    Life cycle of the Kpop seven year contract, no surprises. The company must have limited resources to handle a few groups at a time.

    Elkie is already out of the group.