Chi Mat Ba Ram is not performing as I expected

  • Don’t get me wrong the song is doing really great, not because it didn’t reach Rollin’ level of success is a flop because is far from that, but with the hype they got with that song plus We Ride that also entered in the top 10 on Melon, I was expecting Chi Mat Ba Ram to even get PAKs. Most people were expecting that to be honest because the expectations of their release among GP was huge and the teaser was hyped up.

    Currently Chi May Ba Ram now is only one spot above Rollin’ on Melon 24 hits and at the current rate it might be out of the top 15 even top 20 in few weeks. Personally I liked the song but probably GP didn’t that much compare with the other songs that are above, the charts are heavy right now so many songs are doing amazing so it’s hard to be in the top 10.

  • Well, their sales improved a lot and it's impossible to expect groups to get paks every release tbh when even top groups with more gp recognition in their entire career are also struggling to reach top 10 on melon, let alone paks.

    I think they are doing great in the sense that they are accomplishing amazing things and well, hits are unexpected so they still have chances for it.

  • tbh the charts are way too competitive right now....

    Even akmu+IU together cant get a #1 right now... they may but its taking way too much time than it usually would for them

    2 BTS songs that are doing great on billboard charts are also holding up great, Aespa having a viral hit, MSG doing amazing...

    I cant even say its doing bad cause its still holding and going up and down in the range of 9-12 from a few days

    but yeah it is surely not as big as rollin as well... its still doing way too good though

  • It did pretty much how I expected.

    Massive increase in album sales

    Decent charting on Gaon and on all streaming platforms

    A few music show wins

    People who thought they'd surpass Rollin' are crazy. That is like the peak of all peaks. I think they're doing pretty well despite the competition. I mean there's AKMU, Taeyeon, Aespa, Oh My Girl, Heize, MSG, 2 NCT Dream songs, and 2 BTS songs. The fact that they're competing among that stiff competition is amazing and I'm so proud of them.

  • If anything it overperformed by any reasonable expectations for a nugu group blowing up with a viral hit lol. Brave girls are already lucky they didn’t become another case like momoland, mostly thanks to the producer behind them. Anything better than than is just icing in the cake so by that standard i’m happy for the girls cmbr even did as well as it did. Plus this is a matter of personal taste, but I didn’t find cmbr to be as special and memorable as rollin and we ride, so it also doesn’t surprise me that cmbr couldn’t get the same longevity as brave girls’ prior title tracks

  • They are still doing well though. It got a couple of roof hits on genie and peaked at #2 on Melon, the hype was there but the song isn’t that good. Moreover, the charts are too competitive atm. I am curious to see how their August comeback will do.

  • It's understandably hard to top Rollin peaks

    But tbh, Brave Bros literally setting Brave Girls up in here, remember how he hyped that this new song saying numerous times to "look forward of it"

    Of course, fans + non fans became hyped and hugely anticipated this new song .

  • Well a lot of people were bigging them up and talking mad jive, but it's just a fluke hit. A viral hit like that can either push a group to long term stardom or as we are likely seeing make them a massive trend.

    We all love trends, we all jump on them and everyone talks about what's hot.....for a while, but rather rapidly that enormous 'in your face' element of that trend gets worn out quick.

    It's too early to know, i mean it's only been 1 comeback, it could still go either way for Brave Girls and they can have a bunch of top 10 hits to come....or it could all go downhill fast.

  • People on this forum were sure they would be #1 everywhere but now singing a different tune lolz. Most were sure it would be destroying nl and butter.

    Given their 24hr charting it didn't live up to the expectations. It's doing half of we ride. But true that most groups with huge viral hits do not achieve what brave girls have been. They are public's favorite these days. So many cfs.

    🌊 .·:*¨〜E∿U∿N∿S∿E∿O〜¨*:·. 🌊

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  • Okay what was uncalled for is the Chi Mat Ba Ram slander in this thread :pepenomad:

    Literally song of the summer and song of the year. My only complaint is the dance could have been more memorable.

  • I think CMBR performance is good. Of course it can allways go better. but it could also have gone worse by a lot.

    Other people allready mentioned the achievements and why they didnt reach more.

    I guess for the girls the comeback was a success since its their first comeback were they got that much attention.

    For a fandom that was 3 month ago quasi non existent, its also a big achievement, since all the members wishes, for example win a music show, could be fullfilled.

    Personally i am very happy because i like CMBR as much as rollin. So of course im a little bit offended by the GP, that they didnt make CMBR beat all of rollins records.

  • They are still doing well though. It got a couple of roof hits on genie and peaked at #2 on Melon, the hype was there but the song isn’t that good. Moreover, the charts are too competitive atm. I am curious to see how their August comeback will do.

    August comeback?

    Is know?

    투모로우바이투게더 방탄

  • for me they did amazing they had more than 60k sales on Hanteo in the first week, that's what's most important

    now I think they might grow even more because Yujeong will be in the panel of judges in MBC's boy group survival show "Extreme Debut: Wild Idol"


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