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    • Hooray nyaz is back :pepelove1:

    • i'm not, sadly :pleading: I just took the time to drop by and say hi to those i miss a lot, like you :finger-heart: I won't comeback for good until the spring, after i've become somebody in life! lmaooo (college)

      I hope you're doin' great! Nice to see you're still around :borahae: We need Momoland to comeback in November for their anni! Take good care of yourself oppa! :*

    • Awww, thanks. your such a sweetheart. Yeah sometimes Reallife has to come first. I wish you great success with you college exam.

      We will hold the line here till you are back.

      Praying for Momoland Comeback 🙏

  • lmao have you watched this?

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    • hehehe, yes of course. i allready ordered 2 copies of the album. lmao.

      i didnt like the guys voice much at first. but its growing on me.

      such a chill song.

    • just my broke ass wishing I was rich and buy different versions of albums..

      lol the guy is kinda funny.. maybe if I listen to it more, it might grow on me

    • There is only one version. but i allways buy 2 copies in case 1 gets wasted.

      im not rich either. but i work and if i see brave girls i buy first and think later.^^

      20 years listen to music and never spend a cent. but now i spend like 1000 euro on brave girls allready.^^

      Are you from europe? i could send you albums then. but i dont have enhypen or other artists. :woow:

      the guy is jeong jungha a comedian. from those comedians he is even one of the better singers. lol.

      he is part of hangout with yoo you know everybody and their mom knows yoo jae suk. and he have some other shows like this mukbang he invited yuna and eunji a while ago.

    • ahh, so you like to be careful, huh? ohh, when I get a job, I'm gonna buy my needs and if I get them all, I'll buy albums and merch hehe..

      Sadly, I am not from Europe.. I am from Asia.. Are you from Europe then? Which country?

      ohh, lol..

    • haha, im not really careful. its just because i can afford it. :p

      generally i like taking risks. not knowing what tommorow brings keeps live exciting.

      i somehow allways worked as far as i can remember. so my apartment and car is paid of. and i can spend a few hundred bucks per month on my hobbies (which basicly means brave girls).

      Im from germany.

      Oh nice. which country? i had been to korea two times. hope i can go there again next year.

  • hii

    • Hello, Welcome at my Wall.😘

      How did i earn this honour?

    • Hru? I saw you on the Merryland Guild.

    • Ah, that makes sense. 😅

      I wonder how the guild will keep going If nyaz is not active anymore. 🙈

    • Ikr, we will miss her so much, she left before when the guild wasn't created yet so I am hoping she might come back again when she has the time.

      What should I call u?

    • You can call me neigl.

      Oh she left before? That are good news. Than she really may come back. She is one of the best unsers here. :pepe-excited:

  • Wow! I'm honoured to be the 1st one to post in your wall! :pepelove1: once again, thanks for joining our Merryland guild today! :merongk:

    Love 1