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  • It's been 3 years since I started experimenting on mayonnaise (since I'm a mayo lover :S )

    I thought it was just a simple emultion of fat with vinegar thanks to the egg yolk... But I was quite wrong.

    It took me time to finally have the good ingredients to make a mayo with a similar taste of the brand I like...

    The first time I used extra virgin olive oil because why not? It's a great cooking oil that enhance the flavors of a dish... But it's a NO for a mayo. It tasted rancid, bitter, and quite oily?

    Then I tested with grape seed oil (the refined one)... I tasted way better but it had that oily taste/mouth feeling that was not that great on it's own...

    Then I tested with other virgin oils, that was a really bad idea. I just always assumed that virgin oils are better not only to the health but also in taste, but that never worked.

    Then I decided to use cheap refined bad quality canolla oil... It tasted sooo great, for the first time I was close to the mayo I liked. It had just a little after taste that I don't like but still great.

    Nowadays I used a blend of canola/sunflower oil so it taste quite neutral.

    But it wasn't the end of these research, I always used red wine vinegar, which is quite strong and add a non essential flavor, so I had to change it.

    Balsamic vinegar <X

    White balsamic <X

    Xeres vinegar, better but have a non pleasing aftertaste.

    White vinegar chemical taste, but quite neutral.

    And finally apple cider vinegar :love:

    Lemon juice, great for mayonnaise used with fish.

    It has a sweet and gentle taste that goes will with the dijon mustard.

    So in conclusion for my perfect mayonnaise (% of the total amount calculated with the yolk weight):

    Egg yolk 7% (extra fresh- less than 4 days)

    Dijon mustard 7%

    Apple cider vinegar 5.5%

    Lemon juice 2%

    Salt 0.5%

    Pepper 1%

    Oils 77% (Canola (refined) 50%, Sunflower (refined) 40%, Extra virgin avocado oil 10%)

    The ingredients are in order of incorporation.

    That's it for my classic mayonnaise :wellr:

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