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    ATLAS came from Workpoint thus, the brother to 4EVE. Almost all of its members were 4Nologue's trainees. In other words, it was 4nologue's leftover group.

    4Nologue's sole artist is Trinity and, it has 7 female trainees at the moment. Workpoint also has some female trainees.

    Whether they are nice to your ears or not, the songs were meticulously arranged, mixed and mastered. The production quality certainly was high.

    I'm no music expert so, I resort on an analysis by a professional musician.

    Off topic, to my surprise, music students loved Zimzalabim and praised it was a profound creation.

    Nothing is wrong with being royalist. Those who curse and insult those royalist, their parents included, are ones who should reflect. To sanction ones for being royalist means the suppression of liberty.

    If Thailand truly is run under dictatorship and its peoples are deprived of free speech, you won't see those cries over the absent of free speech and I must have not been able to vote for mayor last year.

    2010, lmao, wow, they tried for 11 years with nothing to show for it.

    Hmm? JYPTh lived up to its purpose. Just like Thai branch of S.M (S.M True), JYPTh was established to facilitate JYP to export JYP's artists to and to capitalize from its artists in Thailand and SEA in a broader scope.

    Here are some info from the former vice director of Thai office.

    JYP was more flexible than other big K-pop labels. Subordinates and clients could negotiate with higher-ups/JYP's rep about the project/contract condition to some extent.

    JYP focused only on its core business, music, did not expanded its businesses broadly like S.M, HYBE or YG.

    One of JYP's forte was that its idols had friendly and approachable images. Thus, to pass JYP's audition, aside from outstanding skill and charisma, the applicant must look friendly and had beautiful smile.

    A task of JYPTh was to research local market. It had to inform JYP Korea what singers and songs were popular in Thailand and what was the fee rate of local artists.

    JYPTh was one of only 3 foreign offices of JYP, Thailand, China and Japan.

    I wonder if it will be a new JYP office in another country of SEA.

    Not debut maybe? Think about it - her family destroyed the country, stole away millions of peoples' dreams & future, while she gets to live happily and pursue her dreams. While she gets to go to Korea and become an idol, kids born the same year as her have spent the last 100 days in prison for asking for human rights that her family has a direct role in taking away from them. This is bigger than K-Pop.

    You should be ashame of yourself that your "dream & future" means everybody having the opposite worldview should die.

    her father is one of the leader of the mob(yellow shirt) that protested against an elected government until the military use them to excuse the coup(For Thai people they said LOL), that's why Thailand still under military rule until today, a dictatorship you can say.

    nobody can stop her dream but you can't stop people to be bitter about her too.

    There are already negative articles and posts about her. Maybe naming your dictatorship-supporting father as your idol wasn't the smartest thing to do.

    You should first stop being dumb and educate yourself that Thailand is now under authoritarian "democratic" administration and not dictatorship.

    you wrote in op that she's gay, one would think she is openly lesbian which clearly isn't the case. according to you the girl never came out publicly and here you are, labeling her as something because why not. leave her alone.

    Thailand does not have "coming out" culture. No celeb ever said "Hey! I'm gay" and such action could be deemed as attention seeking. Coming out here is more of not hiding and, for her parent to know meant she had never hidden.

    Ok. This is going to sound stupid but, gay as in, a happy person or gay as in she likes women...

    And if its the latter, how do you know this..

    Her parents were kind of celebs/entertainers so, they got interviewed on various random topics. Since Sitala looked tomboyish, her mother was asked about her sexual orientation and the answer was something like her daughter was uncommon but she did not care.

    I don't think she herself will ever say anything before she quit k-pop career.

    She has a very pretty name

    It is a very cool name. Sitala means "cold" or "calm".


    Sitala is a member of a soon-to-debut girl group, H1-Key, from Grandline Ent., housing few famous hiphop artist. Sitala is a friend of Sorn and Minnie. Her late father was a famous director. She is religious and gay.

    One of members is Rina (Seunghyun), who appeared in Produce 48 as WM's trainee.

    This group will fight the tallest girl group title with IVE for sure.

    I read that they lost and were "eliminated" against the nonstop team who had terrible vocals.

    This is unfair... What's the point of giving a great performance if people will only look if you are cute enough for their taste???

    Non Stop team was in a different grade (Non Strop - grade 2, River - grade 4), how could they be against each other when it was the fixed quota for each grade?

    K-pop fans were shocked that K-pop was visual oriented, surprised not surprised.

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    It was a big (albeit new) label but, it did not have enough money for good makeup or costume design.


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    Last Idol Thailand is the authorized Thai franchisee of Last Idol from Japan. Original Last Idol also debuted with Bandwagon

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    But what do we do when hospitals are full? Leave patients to die in the parking lot?

    Let the weakest die. Sadly, this is what has to be done. When the number hit its peak in my country (roughly 100 death daily), hospital staffers were reminded that those with incurable cancer, those who could not leave their bed without assistance, those of dementia etc. might be let go. This is universal protocol, save those who can survive long and healthily first.

    Which narrative? That we're all paranoid?

    It is believed that the situation in my country must have been 2x worse if it was no massive paranoia.

    Overly cautious is better than under in the case of disease control.

    My colleagues and I tried to make an appointment for our booster jab (since we can't work from home) for example and we all got turned away. There are no open slots until March or April next year - at which point we'll all be 4-5 months overdue for the booster.

    There's 76k new cases per day now and it's being reported that hospitals are near collapse. But over here the pandemic was handled badly from day one so this latest failure really doesn't come as a surprise anymore.

    Existing vaccines may not be effective against the new variant. May it be better to wait and see if we should wait for new versions of vaccines before getting the booster jab.

    is this a thing in other countries aswell? If we have taken both dozes we are good right?

    Cuz I moved to a city :|

    It is suspicious if the new variant is immuned to all existing vaccines.

    yet she can still pull this out, where we don't see korean artist do the same (on her age range )

    btw I don't listen to non idol ost a lot , my playlist is more ost than kpop songs

    what is your source? most of them make money because they have investment, why they're not invited to popular music show end of the year show or they don't have special anniversary appearance ..etc the most popular show that I follow and I find older artists are duet song festival tv chosun shows , immortal song and sometimes yoo hee yeol's sketchbook

    more of this

    You just presented that Ayumi had enough aged fans to buy concert tickets, not that she got many young fans.

    What an utter stupidity. A one does not have to be on TV show to make money. Some washed out singers in my country could make 10x above average wage via performance gigs.

    50’s are not senile and there is plenty of people who still has carriers at that age. Please do remember this comment for a long time so you can be embarrassed of your own stupidity when you gonna be the same age and “senile”.

    This is real stupidity. Celine Dion does not sound like how she was a decade ago. Rarely any singer in her 50's sounds like how she sounded in her 30's. No drummer can still play like how he did in his 30's when he is in 50's.

    Besides, those in 50's surely feel more tiring when the transportation takes long thus, it is harder for them to travel to and fro around the country.

    Rolling Stones are selling out stadiums and have more stamina than western artists at 25. And they are 78.

    How many time a year Rolling Stones can play full scale concert?

    You were very absurd saying ones in 70's had better stamina than those in 20's.

    If you check music in different countries you will see artists that people labeled "legend" or "popular" some of these artists still release music and tour ..etc and some are not active yet they still gain fans

    some even international fans

    Nope. In almost every countries in the world, senior singers/bands barely gain any new fan. Not like you can easily find an Ayumi Hamasaki loving Japanese teenager or a youth in The Eagle's concert.

    Before the pandemic, many popular Korean artists in their 40's still made much money thus, they must have many activities we didn't know about. Those in 50's are senile and cannot be so active. Most talented singers cannot sing so well anymore in this age.

    You have heard many K-drama ost by non-idol yet, you asked this question. Your cognition is rather selective.

    You may try Thai style dish (pad kee mao)


    cooking oil

    some meat (chicken, pork, seafood or whatever)


    some sliced chili

    chopped garlic

    cooked pasta

    some cut snap peas/cut baby corns (optional)


    ground pepper


    fish sauce

    oyster sauce


    stir fry garlic in oil until it smells

    add carrot and keep stir frying

    add meat and stir fry

    add pea/corn and stir fry

    sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce and pepper to taste

    add pasta and chili and stir fry briefly

    add basil and stir fry briefly


    I listened to K-pop analyses by classical musicians. I did not know K-pop was that deep and I thought the lyric was negligible as it was non-sensical. In S.M's music especially, the music and the lyric went hand in hand.

    For examples;

    Psycho by Red Velvet was a song about toxic relationship that going nowhere and, The first bar used same notes to the last bar (but in different order). This reflected the relationship was a circle, going back to the start. The last line of the lyric was "I'm ok" but the chord of the music in the top line clashed with the chord of the music in the bottom line meaning it was not truly "ok". The music overall was pretty chaotic and all over the place adhering to the lyric of messy relationship.

    Next Level by Aespa was a song about the adventure of real women into digital world to free their virtual selves trapped in Kwangya. This was a refreshing type of lyric. Usually, the lyric talked about real life experiences/feeling. Tale-telling type of lyric was very rare and distinguished. The lyric talked about different worlds and the music (the key/rhythm) changed whenever the lyric talking about a different world.

    I know trot is huge in korea I follow few account on twitter and junus , but we don't see a lot from other music genres unlike in west or japan (you can even hear different music genres in different anime , even from solo artist)

    Do you listen to drama OST.? Most of them aren't sung by idols so....

    Now let's look at japan FNS artist list

    Different ages artist/idols and music genre , not only that but even in Music Station you can see idols group of all ages (maybe not always but sometimes they appear as special guest for anniversary..etc) so I just wonder why we don't see that in korean end of the year show or music show

    1. you seem to have selected memory. I always hear some senior solo singers at Korean year end music festival (gayo). And, if you watched every single episode of a variety show for family, you would see some singers you had never known of.

    2. You're oblivious about K-music industry. They seem to be different channels for different types of music.

    The people that keep saying that honestly only see what they want to anyways lol You try to introduce them to bands, indie soloists, trot singers (they’re older so…), and non idol khip hop rappers they’re not even interested in them. And who tf with logic thinks that the Korean music industry is 90% idols? What type of nonsense is that? It’s part of the Korean entertainment’s fault anyways because all they market to be exported are idols because I guess it sells and is “more exciting” hence the younger demographics of who’s consuming it outside of Korea.

    Like, no idol group but BTS top digital charts in last year. How the hell that happen if the Korean does not listen to non-idol?

    Actually, K govt has long supported different types of music but, K-pop happens to be the only one hitting inter audiences. I heard "Tiger's Coming" multiple times. I believe it was the attempt to push this song to foreign audiences but obviously failed.

    Before COVID hit hard, each year, it was the festival for a certain type of music (rock, world music, indie pop etc.) and those in music industry from around the world were invited to the festival. Rock music was anything but widely popular but, they were few rock music festivals in Korea each year.

    Not at all. Westerners, Muslims, Indians, Latinxs, etc. have much different values from Korean and even Chinese people in those countries. there's too much restriction and odd social rules for them to not run into huge problems. imagine a kpop company telling an American youth at the peak of their hormonal stage that they can't date

    many strictly religious american teenagers can so as many harshly trained american teenage athletes.

    K-pop should, but Southeast Asians and South Asians are perfectly capable of creating their own lucrative entertainment industries.

    We are not.

    I saw more opportunity .

    Like nmb kennin. My girl miru is on my top 12 during pd48 .

    And murase sae can be a visual too . She got trending during pd48.

    2 PERMANENT groups been formed through 2 previous seasons Produce Japan. If there is yet again another season, I assume the group formed will yet again be a permanent group. So, kennin is not doable.

    I assume Yoshimoto still is busy figuring out how to make NMB48 works again that it may not be interested in another girl group as that may mean the death of NMB48. NMB48 already is a big legion of girls, more girls may be not manageable to Yoshimoto.

    If there is another season, I predict it be girls' one. Yoshimoto was running out of contestants in the second season. Few comments said a grotesque being would have debuted had it been any more debut spot, debuted contestants were only finely looking ones in the show.

    I guess Miru has been too old to re-debut and Sae has quit showbiz to work on clothing business. J-idol industry does not any less obsess with youthfulness to K one. Rarely any female J-pop idol debuts post teenage and it is not uncommon there to debut at 12-13 years old.