hybe won’t debut their new girl group this year

  • it’s too late considering how aespa and stayc have locked in on the rookie awards and i bet they want a rookie grand slam for their gg

    personally, i feel like they’re moving a little too carefully with this project meaning they’re waiting for all the big kpop companies to put out their girl groups before debuting theirs. when you think about it, bighit said in one of their corporate briefings that the gg has recorded their debut album and is gearing towards their debut back in AUGUST OF LAST YEAR (i think???). it’s been over a year and they’ve pushed their debut from last year to q1 of this year then to q2 and now there’s rumors it’ll be early next year????? they really need to step up their game because frankly, they’ve been teasing this project for two years now and i’m starting to lose interest

    another thing is that min heejin is in charge of this new gg and we all know she was sm’s creative director for a long time before waiting iver to bh. i feel like she’s keeping sight of aespa because in a weird way this is her vs. sm: infinity war version. she needs to establish and prove herself in a place that isn’t sm and everyone’s eyes are on her. rn aespa is killing it everywhere, and idk what if they’re threatened by their success??? it just feels weird to keep pushing a groups debut when the final lineup has been decided since like over a year (sakura won’t join!!!!! and if she does i’ll throw a tantrum bc there’s no way i want a suzy/missA situation) anyway i just hope they give the new gg catchy songs. i feel like those bighit storylines and deep meaningful songs won’t work on a gg... they need to play by the rules this time and give them a kpop style great expensive debut mv and one catch ass song

  • i guess soumu having trouble now could be one of the reason?

    oh that makes sense too. i completely forgot how gfriend disbanding abruptly has put source and hybe in a bad spotlight with knetz. the last thing they should do now is shove a gg in ones face... but regardless, the competition is getting too far ahead, hybe needs to put out something great to get a buzz going in this over saturated market

  • Knowing Min Hee Jin, I feel like her girl group conceptually would be like f(x) and RV which isn’t bad but people might say the girl group is too ‘SM’ or that they don’t have that bighit/hybe color. It’s gonna be interesting too see if there’s a twist to this girlgroup she’s going to put out.

  • I'm super interested in what type of concept and sound the gg will have (perhaps an SM influence because of Min Hee Jin). Also the lore has become a staple with most Hybe groups, I wonder how that will translate to a gg (maybe kind of like Loona's lore?)

  • I don't think its that they didn't say they had recorded their debut album, but that they were working hard for their debut. They probably meant training. There was never a set date, but If anything they can still debut them in q4. I think the soumu/gfriend situation is the most probable cause for postponement (if there was one) the situation is pretty suspicious. There is also the rumor that most of their employees left the company and the phones weren't working, so i doubt they can debut a new group with no staff.

  • Tbh, I'm still waiting to see if the July debut rumours are true. Especially now since Source Music is going through a rebrand.

    And if Sakura ends up signing with Hybe, then I really doubt she will be added to the line-up (or at least I really hope she won't be in the line-up). It will be pure madness to add an idol with an established fandom and reputation to an already finalized line-up, that will just throw the future fandom topsy-turvy. And it also disturb the team balance if that was the case, and I really hope Hybe will prioritize teamwork as they do for the rest of their groups.

    Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind


  • Next year they will compete with mnet gg so they will face competition anyways. Whenever they debut it will have hype bc it's 1) BTS sister gg however u wanna see it, 2) bh first gf since glam who debut like 9 years or so ago

    The only area they could do badly is digitals but we don't know how a gg by bh even perform digitally bc they have none

    I doubt bh is looking at anybody bc they didn't look at nobody when txt debut with X1 ( who die bc mnet ironically) and bh must be moving in their own bc the hype will be there anyways, a parallel to this is what 2ne1 was to bb when they debut bc yg took years to debut a new gg from a company that just had one big bg

    Also txt is a example of how bh hype follow their groups, people didn't wanted a bg from them they wanted a gg and even then they got massive hype, imagine when they get the gg they been asking for. Also txt make the best music from the 4th gen and a gg finally getting good music in that gen would be nice

  • Well to be fair, next year the hybegg will have competition still - possible debut of yg gg, that planet survival show group, the iland gg (which would mean it would be hybe vs hybe if iland x hybengg debut in the same year). As people said, I think source's situation is what caused the postponement but I really hope they'll debut that year. If they debut late November or December, they'll not be eligible for some award shows while they will be for the late ones where aespa can't get nominated because they did last year so they'd swap trophies still

  • I’m sorry what gg is this? Min Hee Jin’s? Or source music’s? I’m sorry it’s so convoluted since hybe planned so many ggs

    it’s a joint group between source and bighit but min heejin is overlooking the creative aspect of the group (concept etc.)

    but in the future min heejin will get her own sub label under hybe (like belift, pledis) and debut gg’s from there. this one is still associated with bighit so that’s why there’s a lot more hype. think of it as txt and bts’ half sister

  • it’s a joint group between source and bighit but min heejin is overlooking the creative aspect of the group (concept etc.)

    but in the future min heejin will get her own sub label under hybe (like belift, pledis) and debut gg’s from there. this one is still associated with bighit so that’s why there’s a lot more hype. think of it as txt and bts’ half sister

    if it’s from source music im not gonna support it after they did my gfriend girlies dirty 🤧 ig i gotta wait for min heejin’s own gg

  • I think Aespa's debut got shifted back too? I think that is normal for the new hybe gg too. Also before Gfriend disbandment there were some vague rumours about the new gg like this whole thread-

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    Also I agree that it doesn't make sense for Sakura to join the new gg. Honestly she is one of the few female idols that has a huge fandom willing to buy a lot of albums and can be profitable going solo.

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