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    I have seen so many new groups with "fresh, different" concept but all of them are nugus that won't compete at all for the leaders title so it's not really about who has the most diverse discography that will end up leading. And as others said, there's nothing unique about those songs because kpop groups have been doing them for years - instead you could say they are just bringing a little forgotten genre back but that has nothing to do with leaders and all

    Why are some of you mentioning some groups that are easily overshadowed by the new gen groups.. Nothing against the them but I think op meant groups who are clearly dominating over 4th gen groups at least, famous and well known groups that keep growing despite the new generation (op correct me if I'm wrong). So the only 3rd gen ACTIVE groups are bts, bp, twice, svt and nct

    well, they are JYP Entertainment...

    Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, ITZY, NiziU

    no matter how you look at it this company always creates amazing girl groups

    It's still blindly trusting a company and like I said, it's stupid to me and I can't understand that. The concepts of all those groups are different,what if those who buy now end up disliking the concept, the members, simply falls out of kpop by then, there are so many ifs and it's a risk to take

    that's not always the case :)

    sometimes you barely know a thing about a group

    you might know members stage names, and group name but is it really important?

    of course there are also other cases like Purple K!SS when you know members for about one and a half year before they made official debut, with even releasing pre-debut MV's.

    Yes, it's still strange if you don't know anything about the group except their name but still, at least you have a little something to hold onto while in that case there's really nothing. It's up to people where to spend their money, personally I wouldn't trust blindly a company so much, no matter how many of their acts I like

    You know there are people within us hwre who pre-order album just after seeing very first concept photo of new rookie group...

    Without knowing who's who, and skills and even the sound. Isn't it the same thing here?

    No group releases a concept photo of debut album without first announcing the group, the name and revealing the members. People at least know the basic information and have some pre-debut content showcasing their talent so no it's not really the same

    They do exist, it's just you don't know them yet. But they train together for years... for sure they were really preparing for this debut very hard.

    It's obvious that there are members and that there is a group, what I mean is that group haven't even been represented to the fans therefore it's unknown and inexistent lol. You don't know all the members, you don't know anything about the group so it's weird

    It's going to be interesting. Stray kids have grown so much after kingdom, that's also their first comeback that year so the hype, anticipation and excitement is high. Txt on the other hand will also do very well, it's just unpredictable how much they'll sell and how prepared moas are because their comeback was very recently and that's also a repackage album. No matter what, I'm happy we'll get to listen to some incredible songs that august

    I just recently heard that Fever song. I really liked it! That's the extent of my enhyphen knowledge lol

    Ohhh if you liked Fever then I think you would also like Flicker (enhypen version, not the i-land one)! Also probably Mixed up even though the vibe isn't exactly the same but I still feel like you would like it due to some reason 🤔

    I casually stan txt (listen to their music, watch some of their content) and my ults are enhypen. I listen to a few other groups but I don't stan them. But lately I've been only paying attention to enhypen after I got less time on my hands and I'm not really updated with txt so I feel like I'm no longer a multi lmao :/

    Thank you for sharing your opinion too, it was interesting to read it, especially since I didn't know the boyz are big in korea!

    About the youtube views, I think the fact txt and enhypen have always 4+ mins mvs plays a big role - not everyone watches till the end and fandoms have a hard time streaming those lol 😂

    Honestly, I am happy for txt and enhypen as I love them both and as someone who ults en but also stans txt it's quite amusing and funny to see them beat each other's sales records all the time 😄

    A few months ago I would have answered txt and itzy without hesitation. Lately though things have changed a lot.

    For girl groups, aespa took over. I don't even stan them, I'm not biased at all. Those girls did what other 4th gen groups have been trying to do for years in the span of a few months. I feel like they will be a huge group not only for 4th gen but overall too. They've got it all - youtube views, spotify, digitals, international and domestic popularity, I'm pretty sure they'll do well physically too.

    For boy groups it's a bit harder to name one specific group. It's all between enhypen, txt and stray kids. Domestic popularity - txt, Japan popularity - enhypen, international popularity - all of them have got it, it's hard to say which group has the most int popularity. Digitals in kr- txt (waiting for stray kids comeback tho, it has to be huge after kingdom) Physical sales - enhypen. Youtube/spotify - small gap between the artists. So yeah, enhypen, txt and straykids are all leading in different categories and none of them has taken over completely to the point they surpass the rest with a big gap in every category. In a few years we'll know the answer of the question who's the leader for bgs, for now it's couple of groups leading together