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    I don't think the bigger fandom=more popularity equivalence is accurate? If that was true, then Seventeen and nct would be way more popular than twice (they sell 3x their numbers per album) yet everyone knows that's false

    And I'd argue international popularity is still debatable since enhypen has bigger numbers in Japan but aespa presence in China is already bigger, and while enhypen charted on bb200 (aespa can't since they don't have a physical album) next level outcharted their songs on the Billboard digital charts. So it's a tie imo, both groups need to grow more and prove themselves to have a clear winner

    Right now, nct and seventeen are more popular than twice though but that's another topic I rather not open because the discussion will last for 100 more pages lol

    Enhypen doesn't promote in USA, they don't even have a label (I don't know if aespa has) yet they're doing very well by charting on some if the biggest bb charts - but when I say international, I don't mean just USA and Japan. Enhypen charted on multiple charts in Europe that not only 4th gen groups but also other kpop groups besides bts never got to chart. That's also a sign of bigger international popularity and interest

    Some of the arguments in that thread contain weird/wrong info so I came to clarify, you can keep fighting all you want after that

    1. People brought up a screenshot of enhypen ad on youtube. That's not an official ad by hybe, it was an ad made by a fan that lasted for a few days after funds were gathered. As you probably know, such ads don't reach big audience unlike an ad by a company

    2. Instagram engagement? Enhypen doesn't post on Instagram, it's their staff that handles the acc. It's normal that their engagement there will be smaller because of how the group doesn't even use that social media meaning the bigger part of the fandom will use that social media where their idols are active - in enhypen's case that's twitter and weverse

    3. The "fandom consists of company stans only" argument. Firstly, why do you even bring that up when the topic of the thread had nothing to do with that? Every group from a big company has company stans stanning then including enhypen and aespa. Majority though aren't company stans at all. I'm part of that fandom and i am the one who engages with it daily so I'm pretty sure I know better than people who have never been part of it.

    Anyways, back to the topic. Aespa is more popular in Korea, that's for sure. Enhypen is more popular internationally. Enhypen are also the ones with bigger fandom (which alone proves that they're the more popular group because the more people know them - the more people will stan them, it's simple logic). Polls won't prove anything because people will simply vote for their faves, they're being biased - and knowing that there are four engenes on that forum, we all know what the result will be. Make the same poll on twitter and we shall see

    I'm really curious about what went wrong. It feels like that was a last minute decision because of how the group kept saying to anticipate their comeback and hybe made them part of their museum and everything. There must be something that went down unexpectedly.

    However I don't agree when people say hybe purposely disbanded them so their new girl groups wouldn't have competition. I'm sorry but gfriend wasn't going to be a competition to any new hybe girl group, the hype they would get just for being related to bighit/bts would be bigger than what gf got at their peak

    Why are you all acting like hybe is scared of debuting groups when they have 1718 planned groups set to debut the upcoming two years?

    - belift new girl group 2022 (through i-land)

    - plus girl group 2021/2022 (source x bighit)

    - bighit japan new boy group 2021/2022

    - bighit music new boy group 2022

    - bighit japan new girl group 2022/2023 (my speculation about the year, all they said is they're preparing a jpn gg)

    - hybe x usa label new boy group 2022

    That's total of six new groups debuting under hybe in the upcoming two years. Not even counting that rumored pledis boy group and the groups that might debut from the other acquired companies (such as the rumored source gg consisting of izone members)

    Okay that's a bit weird situation. Year ago it was announced that in 2021 a girl group under source x bighit will debut. Auditions called PLUS were held for that group years ago, it was announced the line up is finalized and the girls are preparing for debut. It was mentioned Min Heejin will handle that group so we speculated she will have her own sub label under hybe created by bighit x source.

    Suddenly, this year hybe stopped calling the group bighit x source, they started calling it only as source's group. Maybe that new group with izone + produce members will be a separate one from the PLUS will be under source and no new faces, only ex izone and produce members. Maybe that's why hybe suddenly started saying their new gg will be under source instead of calling it a collaboration group. If that's the case, we will have one new gg under source and one new gg under source x bighit.

    The worst scenario would be if there is only one girl group where they'll put the izone,produce members with new girls. Their group dynamics would be so weird, there will be a big difference in experience, the well known girls will overshadow the others, it will be a mess. So I really hope hybe is smarter than this and if the rumors are true then the new gg will consist only of izone x produce members.

    What an odd situation

    Seems like a hobby of yours to call people ignorant.

    Because it's true you're ignorant and I have to deal with seeing that bullshit everywhere

    They are one in the same you idiot, they were both brought about by racism and hatred what part of that dif you not understand. I just pointed out the hypocrisy of the situation when people tell us Koreans to feel a certain way about that but try to bar us from having an opinion on something like this. So te eat your own words you don't have an opinion because you can't talk over Asians. Good day 😑

    Open the schools

    No it's not that much different at all, the flag was and is a symbol of the dark time murder,rape and countless atrocities were committed with its use similar to how bad Nazis were and how the swastika is outlawed. Many of the atrocities committed during those times were in Many cases far worse than most people can imagine. So yea a symbol of hatred, death and extermination hmm guess you're right they aren't the same one lasted for hundreds of years in the usa and one lasted for 40 bloody years in Asia and especially here in Korea. 😑

    Why are you comparing two completely different things, both of which occured due to different reasons, both of which affected a different group of people? You sound like you're really ignorant by comparing those two things and acting like we are allowed to speak over black people by bringing another issue. Let's stop that conversation because people might feel uncomfortable reading it.

    Ok if non black people can't have an opinion on the subject especially if it was done out of pure innocence and ignorance of not knowing, the. That same logic applies to Korea so when you hear Koreans go off on people about the rising sun flag or the criticism of adding Chinese members in kpop, then that means you should be quiet and not say anything because you aren't Korean and don't understand the history etc to know why there's such resentment. But wait that doesn't happen so many people put their 2cent in on subjects here. You can't have your cake and eat it too

    That's different. You're comparing two different issues related to two different subjects. Racism is different from the rising sun you've just mentioned, don't be ignorant

    You, as a non black person, have no right saying that this girl is innocent/isn't a racist/deserves to be forgiven. She said a racial slur that's offensive to black people. It's hatred towards them because of the skin of their color, don't make me explain to you why racism is wrong for fuck sake? Black people are the only ones who can accept her apology,who can decide on behalf of each individual whether she "innocently" fucked up or did it without care. You and I both have no right speaking over black people

    I don't understand why so many of you are non black people who claim that this girl isn't racist, that she deserves forgiveness and that she isn't horrible for making a mistake. If you're not black you have no right speaking over black people. That has never been a problem to us non black people because we've never experienced what they do so we should stop putting our nose in their business and tell them how to act and feel.

    All I can say is that Yaning was definitely rude to Yujin. Mnet can edit her reactions, face expressions and etc but can't put words into her mouth. She wasn't being playful at all, she was unnecessarily rude. Not to mention her performance sucked so it came nowhere near as good as she made it out to be lmao.

    People have the right to be pissed off. Death threats of course will never be acceptable. But you can't be pissed off at people expressing their dislike towards her. The internet is a place where everyone has the right to say whatever they want and share their opinion so you can't be mad at people for that