• I. Introduction

    Kim Yoo-jin (born March 3, 1981), known professionally as Eugene, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known as a former member of the girl group S.E.S., which went on to become one of South Korea's best-selling artists. Following the group's disbandment in 2002, she subsequently left SM Entertainment and released two solo studio albums.

    As an actress, Eugene has participated in various television dramas and movies, making her acting debut in KBS2 Loving You (2002). Her other notable roles include in Save the Last Dance for Me (2004), Wonderful Life (2005), Bread, Love and Dreams (2010), All About My Mom (2015) and The Penthouse: War in Life (2020–present).

    II. Career

    Eugene made her debut with S.E.S. in 1997. S.E.S enjoyed tremendous success, becoming the top-selling K-pop girl group, until TWICE broke their record in 2019. The group broke up at the end of 2002 after Bada and Eugene parted ways from SM Entertainment, while Shoo stayed with SM Entertainment until 2006.

    On May 28, 2016, Eugene with S.E.S. members Bada and Shoo attended a charity event, Green Heart Bazaar. In October 2016, Eugene along with Bada and Shoo re-formed S.E.S. to celebrate their 20th anniversary since the debut of the group. They started their project of the 20th anniversary debut with released digital single "Love[Story]", a remake of their 1999 single "Love", through S.M. Entertainment's digital project SM Station on November 28 and its music video released on December 29.

    In early December 2016, they aired their ten episode reality show "Remember, I'm Your S.E.S.", which broadcast through mobile app Oksusu. To accompany their 20th anniversary debut, they held a concert "Remember, the Day", on December 30 and 31 at Sejong University's Daeyang Hall in Seoul.

    On January 2, the special album of their 20th anniversary debut Remember was released. The album consists of double lead singles. "Remember" was digitally released on January 1 and "Paradise" was released along with the album on January 2. They held a fanmeet as their last project of 20th anniversary debut called "I Will Be There, Waiting For You" on March 1, 2017.

    III. Solo career

    After S.E.S. broke up in late 2002, Kim starred in four Korean dramas: Loving You, Save The Last Dance for Me, Wonderful Life, and Love Truly. She also appeared in commercials and advertisements, and released two solo albums. My True Style, her first album, sold nearly 65,000 records and had one hit ballad, "The Best". Her second album 810303 sold a disappointing 19,000 copies. Although sales were low, the single "Windy" was successful.

    Eugene made her theater debut in the musical adaptation of the film Innocent Steps, and her film debut in Unstoppable Marriage. After taking on the lead roles in the dramas One Mom and Three Dads, and Creating Destiny, Eugene then starred in the television series King of Baking, Kim Takgu, which was a huge hit and earned "national drama" status.

    In 2007 Eugene took over from Lee Hyori as one of the co-hosts of the variety show Happy Together Friends, until the show was overhauled for a third season. After the success of her previous program Eugene's Makeup Diary, cable style network O'live again chose her as the host of new show Get It Beauty which began airing in July 2010.

    Eugene has authored two books: Eugene's Beauty Secrets and Eugene's Get It Beauty. She is also the co-president of the clothing brand byMOMO.

    In 2012 she became the host of season 3 of MBC's revamped flagship amateur singing competition show The Great Birth. Her next leading role was in the 2013 weekend family drama A Hundred Year Legacy, which reached ratings of over 30 percent. She then starred in two more family dramas, Can We Fall in Love, Again? and All About My Mom.

    In 2020, she appeared in TV series The Penthouse: War in Life aired on SBS TV from October 26.

    III. Filmography

    IIII. Movies

    [2007] Unstoppable Marriage

    [2008] Heartbreak Library

    [2008] Romantic Island

    [2009] Yoga

    IIIII. Dramas

    [2002] Loving You

    [2004] Save the Last Dance for Me

    [2005] Wonderful Life

    [2006] I Really Really Like You

    [2008] One Mom and Three Dads

    [2008] Creating Destiny

    [2010] King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

    IIIIII. Musicals

    [2007] Innocent Steps


    [2008] Happy Together Friends

    [2009] Living Beauty - Eugene's Makeup Diary

    [2010] Get It Beauty

    IIIIV. Music Video

    [2003] Tension - Wandering with the Moon (Taiwan)

    [2006] Bada - Find the Way

    IV. Discography

    IVI. Albums

    [2003.05.30] My True Style...

    [2004.08.18] 810303

    IVII. Collaborations/Others

    [2004.12.10] Christmas With PFull (#6 Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer)

    [2006.05.02] I Really Really Like You OST (#1 Johahae (Eugene, Mr Burn), #3 Kaendicheoreom, #11 Jeongseonarirang (Eugene, Lee Yon Ki))

    [2006.08.23] H-Eugene - Only One Way (#5 Hipppong (feat.Eugene, MC Mong, Hoony Hoon, Park Nam Hoon: SuperSta, Park Jang Geun: SuperSta))

    [2006.09.11] OJ - OJ Issue (#13 Handarina.. (feat.Eugene))

    [2006.09.15] Kan Mi Youn - Refreshing (3 Geu Aen Neoege Banhaji Anhasseo (feat. Yachaepa - SOY, Shoo, Eugene, Lena, Sim Jae Hee, Supersta Park Jang Geun))

    [2008.12.11] Romantic Island Christmas Story (#1 Romantic Christmas (Lee Seon Gyun,Eugene))

    [2008.12.16] Romantic Island OST (#3 Plastic Syndrome, #10 Chueogyeohaeng)

    [2009.08.05] An Jae Wook - Sarange Salda (#5 Make Me Smile (feat.Eugene))

    [2009.08.06] Bada - Barareaul Badaboda (#13 Nayo... (with Eugene))

    [2010.01.08] Shoo - Devote One's Love (#4 With Me (Song For Shoo With Bada, Eugene))

    [2010.08.05] Kim Jim Woo - Love Latte (#1 Love Latte (Duet with Eugene))