Love Truly

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    Yeo Bong-soon (Eugene) (Aileen Yeo), grew up in the provinces, but is given a chance to become a chef at the presidential residence, the Blue House. At first, she seems out of touch with the real world and people find her naïve. However, her sweetness, thoughtfulness, and diligence made it easier for the people around her to like her and eventually accept her for who she is.

    Nam Bong-ki (Lee Min-ki) (Benjie Nam), is a seemingly lazy and self-centered presidential guard, who initially dislikes Bong Soon for her outdated looks and provincial mentality, gradually starts to fall for her. Bong-ki is shallow and arrogant, but being near Bong-soon changes his perspective: he becomes more generous, willing to help, and understanding. When Bong-ki develops feeling for Bong-soon, the story turns into a love triangle, - Bong-soon having already given her heart to a man she saved on a mountain next to her house, the handsome and intelligent doctor Jang Joon-won.

    Jang Joon-won (Ryu Jin) (Francis Jang), is the President's son but none of his friends or colleagues know about it, which allows him to keep his privacy. He is a well-loved doctor but he carries a secret that is known only to a select few. After his encounters with Bong-soon he becomes enamored by her. But how long can Joon-won keep his feelings in check, especially since his secret prevents him from falling in love with her?