A Hundred Year Legacy

  • I. Synopsis

    Min Chae-won is the eldest granddaughter of a family living in an outskirts of Seoul who have been running a noodle factory for three generations. Married for three years to Chul-gyu, whose rich family owns the major corporation Golden Dragon Food, Chae-won has had a difficult life because her mother-in-law fiercely opposed the match and would not accept her.

    When her husband cheats on her, she detaches herself from her in-laws and decides to divorce him. Her mother-in-law has her falsely committed to a mental institution as revenge for the divorce. She returns to the noodle factory and struggles to modernize and expand it. Chae-won later meets Lee Se-yoon, the son of a wealthy household, who is infamous for his disparaging treatment of all those around him. They both nurse wounds from their past romantic relationships.

    II. Trailer

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    III. Cast

    Actor Role
    Eugene Min Chae-won
    Lee Jung-jin Lee Se-yoon
    Choi Won-young Kim Chul-gyu
    Yoon A-jung Kim Joo-ri

    IV. Staff

    Director Joo Sung Woo
    Screenwriter Goo Hyun Sook

    V. Awards

    Year Award Category Recipient
    2013 Korea Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor Lee Jung-jin
    2013 MBC Drama Awards Drama of the Year A Hundred Year Legacy
    2013 MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award,
    Actor in a Drama Serial
    Lee Jung-jin
    2013 MBC Drama Awards Golden Acting Award, Actor Jung Bo-seok
    2013 MBC Drama Awards Writer of the Year Gu Hyun-sook
    2013 MBC Drama Awards Lifetime Achievement Award Park Won-sook
    2014 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Bronze Remi Award
    for Dramatic TV Series
    A Hundred Year Legacy