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    I honestly hope that the US, it's ideas and way, stay far away from SK. I love the unique culture here and how deep the roots grow, I don't want to US to mess it up. I do enjoy other cultures and that's all well and fine to have mixing cultures if it happens naturally but in SK it doesn't really happen that naturally so I wouldn't push it. They are probably better off with their 'conservative' ideas that the US's

    US is the country most people migrate to

    The main complaint from Koreans is the unbearable conservative society they live in, hence why US seems better to them, although they know it’s not perfect either

    Well I do agree that most young Koreans who are seeing the 'freedom' of America think it'd be great instead of having to respect their elders and all the rules over here, but I can't say I've heard any Korean say they would actually want to go live there. We must get our information differently

    I hate how people always act like everyone who is unvaccinated is evil, that we are all anti mask and basically every other thing Democrats say about Republicans because yall have the idea that people who don't want to get vaccinated are all idiots.

    You do realize that lots who are unvaccinated do it for health reasons, right? That they would rather face getting sick, which can be avoided by being hygienic, that put something in their body that isn't fully tested? I don't know why yall get so pressed, you do what you want to do with your body, I'll do what I want with mine.

    I also hate the narrative that all unvaccinated people are selfish asshats and are a danger to society. I can't get vaccinated for health reasons, a lot of people like me can't get shots of any kind. The same people who are defending those who can't wear masks for health reasons are grouping people who can't get the vaccine for health reasons with those who just won't get it.

    For me, I don't trust it. Not because I think they will track me, cuz I gotta phone, but because it is not tested as much as it should be. If I were to get a fully tested, 99% safe shot or vaccine, I would still be at high risk to get sick and die, so no I am not getting a vaccine that is no where near as safe as that because I will probably die, so please, stop assuming we are all some dumb anti maskers, anti-vaccine republicans.

    I dunno where you live but in America you have the right to not have to get the shot. You Democrats get heated when Republicans tell you abortion is wrong but it's not wrong at all for Dems to tell everyone in the world to do something to their body when they won't take the same thing from anyone else. Please just mind your own business.

    Yes I agree that those people who refuse to be hygienic and take care of their bodies so that they won't get sick are dumb, but do not group everyone together. I'm honestly so sick of people who have no idea about the main reasons people don't get vaccines tell us we are evil. You all seem to think we are all just selfish assholes who want everyone to die.

    Respectfully, shut your trap and stay in your lane

    I'm not saying I am one of those people but just to point out so you get the other side

    1. If you're vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about

    2. The covid variations will keep coming, just like the flu, a new one every year, so yall gonna have to get vaccinated with a new one, every year, for the rest of eternity to keep up this vaccine stuff

    3. Out of Dems or Reps, you're calling Reps the criminals....... irronic

    4. I don't know what country you're in, but in America, you have to right to chose. Sorry if you don't like that other people don't agree with you but luckily, America isn't communist (yet) so they still have the right to chose.

    5. Life is never going to be 'back to normal'. You seriously think that

    1. everyone is gonna get vaccinated??? lol no

    2. that even if that does happen by some miracle, that we're all gonna take off our masks, and forget about everything that has happened these past almost 2 years now??? lol no

    Anyway, I get where you are coming from. I wish to live like I used to before all of this, I miss it too, but we all have to realize that it's never going to be the same, and we have to deal with it.

    I see in the stuff above that you kind of were just ranting and I know you are coming from a place of worry and care for those you love but you should try to see the other side. I'm not saying either side is right but.... well I'm sure you get it

    Don't attack me, these are not my beliefs, it's just what I've been told by my right winged peeps

    Whats it gonna be if the US gov. begins to take away all guns in the country except from law enforcers and military ?

    I mean had it been decided via due process to do so.

    I don't know for sure, but people think gun crimes are gonna go down, but guys..... people committing crimes aren't gonna be like "Well damn it's illegal to own guns now, oh shit". No, they are law breakers so they will break the law, commit gun crimes and no one but police will have guns to protect themselves with. It's a death trap. It's just like how there would probably be less school shootings if teachers were allowed to have guns in the classroom. I know a lot of people think it's so horrible to have your child exposed to guns and I personally agree, but if kids knew that their teachers are trained with guns and have one in the classroom, they might think twice about shooting the place up. I'd rather have my child exposed to guns then be a sitting duck

    I would understand if it was a history teacher who was sharing their political views of that time, or if it was a literary teacher interpreting a book, I get it. But why would they? If it's a math teacher, why would politics ever come up or even matter? If it applies to the subject, sure, as long as they are saying its their opinion and not fact.

    But then again I've heard of kids getting suspended from school for wearing American flags because now that's political terrorism, so if they kids can't even express their beliefs, why should the teachers?

    So I guess: I think teachers should keep it to themselves, it doesn't really matter in the classroom, but if they are going to do it, I can understand it if it applies to the subject