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    Oh, I see :thumbup:

    I live in a suburban area and we have a lot of houses here. But I live in a region in my state where it's like a group of small towns that are easy to get to.

    Ah that sounds good, I grew up in New York City part of my life then in the countryside the other part, so I got to know both sides.

    Never lived in suburban areas though, it's always completely in the big city or out with the farms and tractors

    You may be affected by:

    • racism directed towards your family and loved ones
    • constant negative headlines about a group you identify with or a country you have ties with
    • misrepresentation or no representation in the media
    • noticing worrying patterns of behaviour from the institutions you interact with (whether at your doctor’s surgery, at school, at work)
    • reading statistics that show unfairness and inequality across the justice, health and education system
    • people dismissing how we feel, telling us we’re overreacting, or denying there is a problem

    You avoid:

    • speaking in another language, or with an accent, in public
    • using public transport or going to certain public places alone where you could be a minority
    • using your real name on a job application
    • worrying about interacting with the police
    • worrying about wearing the clothes we want to wear
    • hiding parts of our identity, like our religion or culture
    • sharing our worldview and taking part in topical discussions
    • visiting places, or going on holiday to places, where racism has been reported

    Please go into detail if you want to, I'm really interested in each person's experiences with these things

    Some of them aren't out right racism but I'm still curious

    wow good ones!

    Hey, do you know BTS member's names? Do you learn people's names before you dive into their music or the other way around?

    LMAO kids in my neighborhood never go on people's lawns. Heck, the only time I see other kids out is if they're playing in their yards or riding their bikes.

    In my neighborhood, we don't have lawns cuz it's a city.

    But I hope once I'm retired, so 65 or so, I'll have a house in the country and then I can yell at kids

    Until then I'll just have to dream of it

    Marshmallow is good, we are developing Cheetos gun at this point but not the size to put Trump oppar in it.

    Dog and cat in the house, would you get a jaguar?

    Aw come on a Trump cheeto gun would be cool! You could have people pay to shoot Trump out of the end like those canons at circuses

    Yeah a jaguar would be cool, but a black one, they are adorable!! Unless you mean a jaguar car, than no

    have you like listened to their entire discography...

    someone told me it was like >150 (group korean songs) not including mixtapes and solo stuff nor the Japanese stuff

    I've heard all the Korean, English and Japanese original songs. I don't have any Japanese versions of korean songs, I don't like versions of songs in another language

    I don't have all their songs on my playlist but I like them all, the ones I don't have are not there because they didn't stand out to me but I don't dislike any BTS songs

    No, but I would buy a marshmallow gun and shoot people with it

    Imagine my bf and I having a marshmallow war, shooting at each other, diving behind our couch, our dog would probably eat one and the cat would look at us like, humans are idiots

    well some are obviously antis but maybe a lot just use the wrong term instead of i don't like their singing to they can't sing...

    Yeah, I mean, they are rappers for a reason, their vocal talents aren't near the actual vocal's talents but they can sing. And I get why some don't like their singing, I only like it cuz I love them and not because it's awesome, although sometimes it is

    Hello, I'm sure not all of these apply to all korean schools but this is what it was like in mine

    • expect the teachers to be very strict, they don't mess around here. I don't know where you came from, but here, you cannot eat during class or talk or pass notes or be a distraction or get distracted.
    • School isn't fun, it's more like a job. They are basically drilling you like you're in the military only the goal is to get into college and not fail at life.
    • Don't try to be a smart ass, they hate that. Don't try to joke or be funny, no class clowns. You'll only get everyone else in trouble
    • Depends on which school you go to but some schools have a Monday to Saturday school week. So sunday might be your only day off
    • You'll probably have a school uniform
    • If you get in trouble, the WILL hit you, smack you, rap your hand, all sorts of things
    • Your class is in charge of cleaning your classroom after everyday
    • Be serious about school. In some places, teachers see it as, oh well they are dumb or they dont want to be here or hate school, ect. In korea, if you are failing, if you get a 80%..... lord help you. I hope your parents aren't too strict, that'd suck, but the teachers are very strict and won't put up with such low grades
    • School days are really long, mine was from 8Am to 5pm, and after that we cleaned and most of us would stay to study until 9 or 10
    • They might give you options of what to major in for your testing. You can't have 2 and whichever you decide will pretty much decide the rest of your life, so think carefully before you make that decision
    • Make sure you have a small pillow you can put in your bag, so you can sleep in between classes for a few minutes. You'll need that sleep

    Just an example, my average was 96 and I got in trouble for how low it was and was told I would fail in life

    (I might think of more later)

    i think when people say a group can't sing they really mean

    i don't like their songs or their voice and it becones they can't sing...

    That is true when they are saying a whole group can't sing but we were talking about the BTS rapline and how they can actually sing well but people say they can't because they are rappers....