A More Definitive Ranking of Songs with the Most Music Show Wins

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    If you've seen my other thread, you'll know that I have quite an interest in music shows. While that other post focused on artists with the most music show wins, I figured that it made sense to crunch the data and determine which songs have won the most. Keep in mind that only songs with 11 or more wins are included below, and the results are current as of 2021-11-21. The dates of a song's first and last wins are also shown.

    32 wins

    "Dynamite" by BTS, 8/29/2020 to 3/5/2021

    30 wins

    "보이지 않는 사랑 (Invisible Love)" by Shin Seung-hun, 1/26/1992 to 5/12/1992

    26 wins

    "난 알아요 (I Know)" by Seo Taiji and Boys, 6/19/1992 to 9/1/1992

    21 wins

    "Gangnam Style" by Psy, 8/17/2012 to 1/4/2013

    "Boy with Luv" by BTS, 4/19/2019 to 6/22/2019

    20 wins

    "날개 잃은 천사 (The Angel Who Lost Wings)" by Roo'ra, 4/26/1995 to 6/16/1995

    18 wins

    "흐린 기억속의 그대 (You Are in My Unclear Memory)" by Hyun Jin-young, 10/23/1992 to 1/27/1993

    "잘못된 만남 (Wrongful Encounter)" by Kim Gun-mo, 3/11/1995 to 4/28/1995

    "그때 또 다시 (Again)" by Im Chang-jung, 7/9/1997 to 8/17/1997

    "Call Me Baby" by Exo, 4/5/2015 to 5/2/2015

    17 wins

    "상상속의 너 (You in My Imagination)" by Noise, 6/28/1995 to 8/11/1995

    "운명 (Destiny)" by Cool, 1/18/1997 to 2/23/1997

    "애송이의 사랑 (Young Love)" by Yangpa, 3/8/1997 to 4/19/1997

    "너를 사랑해 (I Love You)" by S.E.S., 1/31/1999 to 3/16/1999

    "Luv" by Apink, 12/2/2014 to 1/10/2015

    16 wins

    "Come Back Home" by Seo Taiji and Boys, 11/3/1995 to 12/6/1995

    "행복 (Happiness)" by H.O.T., 8/16/1997 to 10/1/1997

    "그녀와의 이별 (Breakup With Her)" by Kim Hyun-jung, 7/25/1998 to 12/29/1998

    "U" by S.E.S., 3/9/2002 to 3/30/2002

    "겁쟁이 (Coward)" by Buzz, 3/27/2005 to 4/30/2005

    "On" by BTS, 2/28/2020 to 3/28/2020

    15 wins

    "핑계 (Excuses)" by Kim Gun-mo, 2/13/1994 to 4/24/1994

    "슬픈 언약식 (Sad Promise)" by Kim Jung-min, 12/9/1995 to 2/7/1996

    "쿵따리 샤바라 (Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah)" by Clon, 7/13/1996 to 8/14/1996

    "Candy" by H.O.T., 12/15/1996 to 1/25/1997

    "감싸 안으며 (Show Me Your Love)" by S.E.S., 1/26/2001 to 2/25/2001

    "Tell Me" by Wonder Girls, 10/27/2007 to 1/4/2008

    "Rough" by GFriend, 2/2/2016 to 2/28/2016

    "Energetic" by Wanna One, 8/16/2017 to 9/2/2017

    14 wins

    "애모 (I'm Yours)" by Kim Soo-hee, 8/13/1993 to 11/7/1993

    "이브의 경고 (Eve's Warning)" by Park Mi-kyung, 8/30/1995 to 10/13/1995

    "스피드 (Speed)" by Kim Gun-mo, 6/8/1996 to 7/20/1996

    "Twist King" by Turbo, 8/31/1996 to 9/29/1996

    "애인 (Lover)" by Kim Jung-min, 11/16/1996 to 12/21/1996

    "날개 (Wings)" by Untitle, 4/5/1997 to 5/25/1997

    "되돌아온 이별 (Separation Can Come Back)" by Kim Hyun-jung, 3/13/1999 to 4/23/1999

    "거짓말 (Lies)" by g.o.d, 11/25/2000 to 12/23/2000

    "제자리 걸음 (Walking in the Same Place)" by Kim Jong-kook, 7/30/2005 to 9/3/2005

    "Gee" by Girls' Generation, 1/16/2009 to 12/25/2009

    "Growl" by Exo, 8/16/2013 to 9/7/2013

    "Lion Heart" by Girls' Generation, 8/25/2015 to 9/19/2015

    "Navillera" by GFriend, 7/19/2016 to 8/12/2016

    13 wins

    "그녀를 만나는 곳 100m 전 (100m Before I See Her)" by Lee Sang-woo, 3/1/1991 to 4/14/1991

    "하여가 (Anyway)" by Seo Taiji and Boys, 7/25/1993 to 9/12/1993

    "애상 (Sorrow)" by Cool, 4/11/1998 to 5/10/1998

    "빛 (Hope)" by H.O.T., 11/28/1998 to 1/2/1999

    "열정 (Passion)" by Yoo Seung-jun, 4/17/1999 to 5/30/1999

    "사랑은 향기를 남기고 (Love Leaves a Scent)" by Tei, 2/28/2004 to 3/27/2004

    "TT" by Twice, 11/1/2016 to 1/6/2017

    "How You Like That" by Blackpink, 7/5/2020 to 7/31/2020

    "Butter" by BTS, 5/29/2021 to 7/16/2021

    12 wins

    "유리창엔 비 (Rain on the Window)" by Sunshine Village, 5/16/1990 to 7/15/1990

    "오직 하나뿐인 그대 (One and Only You)" by Shim Sin, 8/16/1991 to 10/4/1991

    "이별 아닌 이별 (Farewell That Is Not Farewell)" by Lee Bum-hak, 10/16/1991 to 1/12/1992

    "하룻밤의 꿈 (One Night's Dream)" by Lee Sang-woo, 3/18/1992 to 6/9/1992

    "너에게 원한건 (What I Wanted from You)" by Noise, 4/16/1993 to 6/9/1993

    "사는게 뭔지 (What Is Life?)" by Lee Moo-song, 6/4/1993 to 7/21/1993

    "달팽이 (Snail)" by Panic, 4/7/1996 to 5/12/1996

    "뿌요뿌요 (Puyo Puyo)" by UP, 6/7/1997 to 7/13/1997

    "결혼해줘 (Marry Me)" by Im Chang-jung, 10/4/1997 to 11/5/1997

    "회상 (December)" by Turbo, 1/24/1998 to 3/11/1998

    "I Love You" by Position, 2/24/2001 to 3/29/2001

    "당신은 모르실거야 (You'll Never Know)" by Fin.K.L, 4/28/2001 to 6/7/2001

    "길 (Road)" by g.o.d, 11/24/2001 to 12/29/2001

    "사랑의 시 (Love's Poem)" by MC the Max, 1/17/2004 to 2/15/2004

    "디스코왕 (Disco King)" by Koyote, 4/18/2004 to 5/22/2004

    "Day by Day" by Big Bang, 8/22/2008 to 9/26/2008

    "I Don't Care" by 2NE1, 7/17/2009 to 8/27/2009

    "The Boys" by Girls' Generation, 10/27/2011 to 12/2/2011

    "Lovey-Dovey" by T-ara, 1/12/2012 to 2/17/2012

    "Twinkle" by Girls' Generation-TTS, 5/8/2012 to 5/27/2012

    "Signal" by Twice, 5/24/2017 to 6/16/2017

    "What Is Love?" by Twice, 4/18/2018 to 5/6/2018

    "Fake Love" by BTS, 5/25/2018 to 6/10/2018

    "Icy" by Itzy, 8/7/2019 to 8/25/2019

    11 wins

    "희망사항 (Wishes)" by Byun Jin-sub, 3/4/1990 to 4/18/1990

    "환상 속의 그대 (You, in the Fantasy)" by Seo Taiji and Boys, 10/20/1992 to 11/24/1992

    "모두 잠든 후에 (In the Dead of the Night)" by Kim Won-joon, 2/12/1993 to 4/15/1993

    "검은 고양이 네로 (Black Cat Nero)" by Turbo, 1/13/1996 to 2/10/1996

    "말해줘 (Tell Me)" by Jinusean, 10/19/1997 to 11/26/1997

    "나나나 (Na Na Na)" by Yoo Seung-jun, 6/6/1998 to 7/4/1998

    "멍 (Bruise)" by Kim Hyun-jung, 6/25/2000 to 7/16/2000

    "Outside Castle" by H.O.T., 10/7/2000 to 11/23/2000

    "10 Minutes" by Lee Hyori, 9/6/2003 to 10/4/2003

    "One More Time" by Jewelry, 3/7/2008 to 4/18/2008

    "So Hot" by Wonder Girls, 6/6/2008 to 7/24/2008

    "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior, 3/27/2009 to 5/22/2009

    "Heartbreaker" by G-Dragon, 8/28/2009 to 9/25/2009

    "Mr. Simple" by Super Junior, 8/11/2011 to 9/9/2011

    "Gone Not Around Any Longer" by Sistar19, 2/7/2013 to 3/6/2013

    "Give It to Me" by Sistar, 6/20/2013 to 7/5/2013

    "Some" by Soyou & Junggigo, 2/19/2014 to 4/4/2014

    "Love Me Right" by Exo, 6/10/2015 to 6/27/2015

    "I" by Taeyeon, 10/14/2015 to 11/22/2015

    "Cheer Up" by Twice, 5/5/2016 to 6/10/2016

    "Ko Ko Bop" by Exo, 7/26/2017 to 8/12/2017

    "Love Scenario" by iKon, 2/1/2018 to 3/10/2018

    "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" by Blackpink, 6/23/2018 to 7/14/2018

    "Flash" by X1, 9/3/2019 to 9/19/2019

    "Celebrity" by IU, 2/5/2021 to 4/2/2021

  • I didn't know Hyun-Jinyoung dominated in 1992. I thought he got into a marijuana scandal or something that axed his career and that's why Lee Sooman starts with H.O.T as his first SM artist. Maybe those wins were before the scandal.

  • I didn't know Hyun-Jinyoung dominated in 1992. I thought he got into a marijuana scandal or something that axed his career and that's why Lee Sooman starts with H.O.T as his first SM artist. Maybe those wins were before the scandal.

    So the 18 wins occurred from October 1992 to January 1993. Thus, they were indeed before the drug scandal, which was in late 1993 following the release of his third album, the awkwardly-named Int. World Beat and Hip-Hop of New Dance 3.

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