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  • Here is my very humble review 8)

    After tackling introspective themes on fame and the Jungian concept of the soul in their Map of the Soul series, BTS chose to comfort their fans and the world through an exceptional global quarantine with songs describing the mundane reality of today , hoping for a brighter day and celebrating life. So here is my review of one of my favorite albums this year.

    Life goes On (9.5/10)

    The prominent theme of the album is explored through this song. the description of the current bleak situation of the world with powerful imagery . BTS also is found reminiscing about the normal way of life and reassuring that humanity will prevail throughout the recurrent "life goes on" part .

    The message of hope is delivered through soothing harmonies over an elegant soft backbeat. The choice of the rappers in this to not go for hard rap but to follow the comforting sound is pretty intimate and shows as usual great understanding of the storytelling through music .

    Fly To My Room(8/10)

    a song portraying frustration and a profound sense of loss. the lyrics used are this time way more descriptive and more grief-stricken and speak to a lot of our daily experiences in quarantine. Jimin's vocals are anchoring the song and conveying emotional context throughout.

    Blue and Grey (10/10)

    The very definition of a perfect song.

    The harrowing background guitar, the outstanding raw vocal performances by every member. the genius color metaphor to describe a deep state of depression


    The better retro song imo using modernized synthetics full of energy. BTS sheds the sadness and reassures their fans that despite not being able to meet, they can still be in each other thoughts through telepathy. The bold chorus choice to go for suga pays off big time.


    J-hope outdid himself in crafting this masterpiece. The structure of the song is partitioned into strong distinct rap verses and an unexpected powerful bridge without feeling disjointed. The contrast between the energetic sound and the description of lost opportunities in a pandemic is executed perfectly and makes for an interesting and unique song.


    My least favorite song on the album simply because I don't enjoy EDM much. But because of the uplifting words and the sense of escapism in the lyrics, it's a perfect thematic lead to the last most joyous song in the album.


    The perfect Funk & Soul note to end the album on. Thematically speaking, it offers the ultimate serotonin doze through an energetic retro upbeat song. army will be shining through the city in 2021 as well.


    Overall( 8.6/10) , BTS showed the world again with this intimate project that there is no limit to their artistry and why they are the world's most global act at the moment.

    gimme ur thoughts :P

  • I’ll give my ranking I won’t say much cos I’m crap at putting words to a review but I’m extremely harsh cos for me BE was amazing but I have to rank according to how the other albums are.

    LIFE GOES ON - 7/10

    FLY TO MY ROOM 6.5/10

    BLUE AND GREY 8/10

    TELEPATHY 10/10

    DISEASE 9/10

    STAY 9/10

    DYNAMITE 10/10

    Overall 8.5/10

  • Stay's also my least favorite due to the edm style but i was surprised by how much i enjoy it regardless, I wouldn't skip it like i do So What lol. Hard disagree that telepthy is the superior retro song :cursing: the beat does not chi-ching like money :cursing::cursing:

    Dynamite is predictably my most listened to song of 2020. it doesn't get old and has better replay value than telepathy. but telepathy's lyrics and musicality are superior :cursing: .

  • your love story with dynamite is something else. you may be the most passionate dynamite stan on this forum lmao .

  • Add a bit of rambling on random topic to intro and you could apply to Pitchfork.

    I have pretty much the same views.

    I would rate Fly To My Room higher, it has very pretty melodies, Tae and Jimins voices are a very nice contrast and I like the contrast between the bright music and not as bright lyrics.

    Dynamite would get 9/10 from me, one point deducted for lyrics. Its incredibly catchy, summery, positive song that balances the music very well. Its hard to write a song that is memorable and at the same time does not get stale even after repeated listens. Musically its a perfect pop song.

    Overall 9/10 (I reserve 10 for perfection only, no kpop album would get it)

  • every review that doesn't grade dis-ease lower than 9 is valid :P

    dis-ease - 10

    blue & grey - 9.8

    telepathy - 9.5

    dynamite - 8 (i first graded it 7.5 but that's perhaps i got bored with it. it really is a good song)

    fly to my room - 7

    life goes on - 7

    stay - 3

    skit is 9, it would be 10 if suga wasn't censored ^^

  • Dis-ease deserves a 10 :cursing:

    But other than that, I kinda agree with your general opinion !

    My ranking :

    - Dis-ease ( duh ) : 10/10, perfection. Still obsessed with the bridge, will probably be obsessed with it when I'm 40.

    - Blue and Grey : 9/10. Also perfection, but I need to be in a specific mood to listen to it. THE song of the pandemic, like a gentle hug that is telling you that everything isn't okay, but we're in this together and we all feel the same pain.

    - Life Goes On : 8.5/10. The perfect title track for this album, embodies perfectly its theme. For some reason I don't listen to it as much as I thought I would. I focus a lot more on b-sides, but that's unfortunately something I do all the time, I did the same thing with On, lol.

    - Fly to my room : 7.5/10. It was probably my least favorite track on first listen ( beside Dynamite, I mean ), but it's probably because it was the track I was the most excited about and it wasn't exactly what I hoped for. BUT it really grew on me. The rythm won me over, and the odd-ness of this subunit kinda work at the end, I'm into it.

    - Stay : 7.5/10. The opposite of Fly to my room, it started as my favorite track of the album, and then slowly lost some ranking. I don't mind the EDM though. It's also like getting a peak into JJK's solo project, and I'm here for that. For the vocals, Jinkook works really well together !

    - Telepathy : 6/10. Unpopular opinion, but the autotune est really turning me off on this one, WHICH SUCKS because the song itself ? Amazing. Also it's Yoongi's favorite track, and I wanted so badly to love it, but man why so much autotune. Really waiting for a live performance of this one, though.

    - Dynamite : 6/10. I might have gotten tired of shining through the city with a little funk and soul a few months into this craze. I'm still incredibly happy that this song is finally bringing them the success they deserve with the western GP, and I find the song relatively harmless. Doesn't sound like a BTS song to me, though.

  • Dude I can make a rambling introduction no worries especially if they want me to replace the ones using so called kpop experts. I can bet you any army on this forum would do a better job .

  • i NEVER skip skit . I think i know what they say by heart lmao.

    Disagree HARD on LGO like it's one of my favorite songs by them this year. Curious to know whether you skip it now after 2 months have passed .

    And duuuude , i don't even know how to start on stay. It's my least favorite but that kinda of grade is the one u reserve for the noise music prevalent in kpop. Edm or not , and it ain't that bad. X(

  • I really enjoyed the autotune on telepathy. It gave it a special feel that fits just right imo but to each his own. But for the others we kinda have similar views . :happyr:

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