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    Oh man i still remember the mass hysteria when pop’s post chorus snippet was uploaded on tiktok as a spoiler and everyone had a mental breakdown bc it didn’t sound like a good song, with only one or two users here as exceptions actually liking that snippet lol. Little did we know what was in store to come and that pop would save jyp’s entire year :pepe-hehe:

    I can proudly say that I'm one of the used here who licked the song since the release of the teaser

    • The first one is well ... there are a lot foreign JPop-acts who were born in Japan. One example that comes to my mind right now as an fully foreign person would be Weesa from PSYCHIC FEVER. He is half Moroccan and half Korean
    • The 2nd one is Xu Fengfan from INI. He yeeted China as exchange student after he realised that he likes Japan more since of all the things he didn't got to experience in China. He stated he should've went back to China after 6 months but than decided to stay in Japan and lives there now since around 2016. One of the big reasons was cause he could openly use the internet and cause he had joined a Kop-dance cover group in his Japanese university. On Produce he really said a few times that he likes KPop so much that he would find it cool to work in that direction. Well he didn't become a KPop-artist but his group is in a Korean-owned company in Japan, he was in Korea with his group, he can speak Korean and his group collabed on a song with a KPop-artist and he is in a tiktok with one of the members of TXT so he somehow got his wish I guess, even tho he is in a JPop group lol
    • There are a few who are a former KPop-idol as for example Parkha, Gunmin, Hyeonsu, Yunsol, Taehoon and Kogun of NIK are Korean and most of them were KPop-idols before (Ok, Gunmin is still ina KPop-group besides a JPop-one) and Yoondong, Heecheon and Younghoon from Orbit are also former KPop-idols but the member of Orbit really said they see no other way. The Orbit-member apeard on Produce 101 Japan and opend up that after their KPop-group had disbanded they went to Japan cause "... and than we realised we just had more Japanese fans anyways back with our KPop-group..."
    • Thats Guno of BUGVEL. He became friends to his group-member Mahiro back as they were trainees under YG and after Mahiro left YG Guno decided to leave YG too and followed Mahiro. Guno really even said he wouldn't like to lose Mahiro so he wanted to be with him and thats why both first ended up on Produce 101 X and than in a Japanese boygroup together.
    • A former trainee of the company LDH who's name is Sam. He is half American and half Polish and in pre-debut songs of the group he was suposed to debut with he got to sing only English lines since he can't really speak Japanese. People said back as he was announced as trainee that he was in Japan cause he openly announced him beeing a weeb made him visit Japan and than he oneday randomly decided to become an musician and so he auditioned. Sam wasn't really liked so many people were quit happy at the end as he announced leaving. The problem on it was that he sung songs on TikTok that contained the N-word, fans asksed him to apologize and he just acted up as if nothing ever had happend. He should've known that this was a bad idea since hes from America, but apparently he gave no fucks
    • The moving to Japan thing happend to a lot JPop-idols who arn't Japanese. Examples are people like Win Morisaki (he is from Myanmar but in Japan since he was 12 years old trought his parents. He used to be member in a JPop group for some years but now works as actor and solo-artist) and another one I can think of is Hau from Buzz-er. (IDK when he came to Japan but Hau only ever mentioned that he was born in Vietnam and came to Japan whe he still was quit young but nobody knows when he exactly came to Japan)
    • This one here was a rumor over a long time before this guy got his own Wikipedia-article and so people allways had rumored how he even ended up in Japan without having his parents with him cause he was underaged when he came to Japan. But some people still think this rumor might be true but not mentioned on his Wikipedia for maybe some personal reasons, nobody knows. That guy is from Sweden and his name is Yohio, he was quit popular for a while but someday went back to Sweden where he opend up a company and a band he made where he sung Japanese metalsongs but it went very quiet around this dude in the past few years now
    • LDH has 3 CEOs, one of them is the East European producer AfroJack who works with LDH for some years now and is the CEO of the European branch now. He scoutet some girls for a new girlgroup and decided to take girls who apeared in different countries on "The Voice". He also put a girl to the group who was in another group of LDH before, but she disliked the idea since the girls are going into a training and she was like not willing to re-do the same procedure of training again and so left the company to redebut as solist somewhere else. I think these girls are curently 3 non Japanese girls where one is white, one asian and one black

    Thank you for your efforts, the Jpop industry semms interesting :sweat:

    Either this is some kind of agreement between the girls and BBC where they'll will release a comeback and then disband or negotiate their contract, BBC is at a really tight spot their money maker is slipping from their hands so probably they're in panic mode

    Based on the non Japanese people I know in JPop you have to do one of these

    • Be born in Japan
    • Yeet your home country and than apear in a survival show where you than constantly confuse JPop with KPop
    • Be a former KPop idol and than say you see no other chance than just re-debuting in JPop
    • Be friends to a Japanese idol-trainee and run after him so you end up in the same agency as him
    • Be a weaboo and say that your love to anime made you audition at a Japanese music company
    • Be a former CPop-idol that thinks their live got ruined after their group disbanded 4 months after debut so you belive your last hope was re-debuting in Japan
    • Have your parents move to Japan
    • Run away from home after getting bullied and than secretly fly to Japan where you later on join a rockband wich makes you international famous for a few years but after that nobody will remember you if you go back to your homecountry
    • Get scoutet by an East European guy who is also the CEO of a Japanese company

    I hope this could help 😁

    I really want to know who each of these people are especially the before the last one

    Just like the second generation i Stan multiple groups and casually listen to others

    Here the groups that I used to love during second gen :

    SNSD aka Girls generation ❣️



    F(x) my love :holding-back-tears:

    4 minutes



    Wonder girls

    SHINee (i used to be obsessed with them )

    Super junior

    Big bang ( ibsued to have a huge crush on GD 😩)

    Dbsk aka Tvxq


    Block B

    Brown eyed grils

    Led apple


    During second generation i used to love a lot of Bgs but right now I barley listen to any

    Currently my faves are the Following

    For ever in love with Red velvet

    Twice ❣️


    Loona 😔😢


    My new love Lesserafim





    I like to listen to Aespa


    I used to be a huge fan of BTS but they lost me after 2016 o couldn't follow up

    it's not a YouTuber but rather a YouTube channel

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