Spill Some Tea On Your Own Fandom

  • Be nice and subtle pls


    Is there anything that bothers you about your own fandom? Or something you hate about it? Let it out, it's good for your soul.

    Disclaimer: Please don’t insult other fandoms, this wasn’t made with the intent to bash fandoms you don’t like.

    I’ll start: I think there’s only a total of like 7 blinks I can stand on here that don’t make me want to rip my hair out lmao


  • I don’t like how Wizones don’t stream. Stream fiesta to 100M!

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  • Solo stans wtf ???

    win 1000 akorns

  • I don't like how some people from my own fandom treat me and when I block them, I can't see the threads they make about my faves. The reason why I blocked them was bc I didn't want to read the shade they write on my thread but it backfired and I didn't even know my faves were coming back. :wilds:

  • Blinks:

    genuinely dislike how some of them attach bp's name to bts also the amount of trolls too i feel like some of them are insecure and always seek for validation with those who is the #1 gg threads

    that entire mean girl complex too yall arent badass it looks immature


    i dislike the gatekeeping and cultist mindset a lot of them seem to share and the success stans to

    and there are plenty of them who play the victim too much also please for fucks sake stop token stanning other gg's

    i think thats about it

    not all of them are like that btw just certain users here and there

  • Most were so focused on the mismanagement/mistreatment they forgot to enjoy the music and the fun times.

    Now they are spamming the new coworkers of the boys asking about him there and it’s getting annoying real fast.

    Respect other artists.

    7 or Nothing Spreading the GOTspel Choi Youngjae

  • A few that are very new to kpop go too far in belittling the successful of predecessors.

    Bts broke into the west like no one else, but you don’t need to piss on everything many great artists did before that

  • Akgaes are what cause 90% of the issues in our fandom. I really want to be excited about the upcoming solos but I know akgaes are going to be picking over every single thing, if one does better than another they will be saying their fave is better than the others or their fave is being mistreated by the rest of the fandom when blinks wouldn’t do that, blinks support all the girls.

  • Blinks : I hate, hate, how normalized solos and akgaes are. The Pinks are getting so much hate from outside, but they are almost getting as much from inside the fandom, which is really difficult to navigate. I blame it on YG starving us for content, and forcing fans to rip each others to shreds for contents from their faves.

    Army : I really do think a part of the fandom needs to realize that the members are ADULTS, are MILLIONAIRES, and don't need to be protected from every little things. We don't need to attack every little negative comment about them on twitter. We don't need to suspect every artist they collab with. I promise you, they are fine.

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