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  • how tf do I follow someone here TT

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    • just click on the user(?) icon (left side of the search icon) on any profile and choose follow ^^:-D

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    • done!

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  • Check your convo I told you important info

  • Yo kyeomie

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    • hello~ ^^

    • Lol angel alt here lol

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    • oooh hi~~ how are you?

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    • I am good (People are accusing are sweet person mingyu for bulling which is wtf because from how the member describe him it sounds like he cannot hurt people actually and if he did he would immediately apologize so like wtf is with this today)

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    • yeah not a good day for svt and carats...and i am taking everything in with a grain of salt. Huge chance that it's not true...but let's just see how it goes...

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  • Kyeomie


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  • sister 💜

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    • hey zuri <3

      How's the new akp for you?

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    • Hmm, idk, I'm still adjusting, lots of new things to learn, and I'm still struggling to log in. Every time I open a new Chrome I have to log in. Maybe 17+ times I've logged in this day. This is tiring ;(

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    • oh no why is that happening?? Must be really tiring...

      Problem with me is that i don't like any of the display styles. My eyes are hurting by being here ;(

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    • Same 😭

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    • anyways recent svt performances are so good! Which one was your favorite??

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