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  • When can we expect to see you in guild? :pepe-tea:

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    • idk, akp keeps being so laggy for me, which makes it really annoying to come on :peperain::peperain::peperain:

  • Hey lady! Please don't forget to pick up your Glimo badges. I paid for all the ones you wanted as I promised.

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    • tysm crumbling highway :pepecute:

      I'll pick them up and pay you back with lexicons

    • :nct49:

      Will you want a Beatbox badge too when they come out?

    • I would for sure :froghype::froghype:

      I didn't like Glitch Mode (the title) tho I did like the album, but Beatbox is sounding good to me so far. And I'm loving how creative and unique their concepts this year are and how much fun they're having :pepe-hype:

    • I've fallen down the Dreamzen hole. ^^

      A lot of the early stuff is still not for me but I can't believe I didn't know about 1,2,3 and Bye My First and did not appreciate the greatness of MFAL. I really like where they are musically altho I liked HS/HF as an album more than Glimo. I already love the sound of Beatbox.

    • Beatbox sounds really good! And 1,2,3 has been my fave dream song for years. Songs like Drippin' or 119 I would really like too bc those are #2 & 3 for me

  • okay i thought of a good valentine's message for you a la litc way and i found one hehe


    You actually had a date for valentine's day

  • Posting Valentine's is tiring, I'll post the rest tmrw :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support:

    English hw time :pepe-toilet::pepe-toilet::pepe-toilet:

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  • Be there on my wedding :froghype:

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  • :blowing-kiss:

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  • Litc ! How are you ? I hope you're doing great :pepecute:

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    • nighty :lover2: I was doing alright the semester just ended a bit over a week ago! Wbu?

      Happy new year Nighty   :pepecute:

      I hope you’re doing great too :cutes:

      I think I’ll be able to be more active starting this week :claps:

    • Happy New year ! :lover3:

      Yes I'm doing great too, my Christmas break just ended :dancer:

      Yaaay :claps:

    • It did? That short? :pepecute:

      I'm trying to check out some of the threads I missed now :pepe-hehe:

      I missed you wifey, I'll go back to spamming you with Suho :peperich::peperich::peperich:

    • I had 2 weeks for my Christmas break :pepe-notes: Do you have more in the US ? :eyes:

      I'm glad you have some free time now :lover3:

      I missed you too wifey :pepelove1: And Junmyeon spam is always welcome :pepe-hehe:

    • Yeah, we had a bit more! I'm going to make up for all the Junmyeon spam I missed :pepe-hehe:

  • when you said I should check out your aesthetic , I did not expect this:angryr: :cryingr:

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    • :pepe-hehe: When you said they (Baekhyun and the hamster) looked alike I got the idea :peperich:

      It's my funny Baekhyun aesthetic :mooning::shake-it::shake-it:

    • they really look alike tho :pepe-hehe:

      I love it :blushing:

    • :blushing:

  • 2x

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    • what happened?

    • Nothing hehe

      I just spammed this pepe in walls of other users I follow and got different responses loll

      how are you btw <3

    • :melon_think:

      I'm ok, a lot of work for school lol

      How are you? :lover3:

    • I'm okay too haha

      school is kinda stressful :cc

      btw why do give this reaction :wow: to a lot of posts lol

    • It is, I have to work harder :crys:

      Bc I'm confused or surprised I don't know how else to react :danceb:

  • into my world.

    but i don't understand how its into my world from your sig though

    • yeah :danceb:

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      The lyrics in my title are translated to "Only a handful can escape", sang by Suho

      Suho and Chen are both trying to escape. The chorus is "run run run a runaway" and that's what chen is doing - he's trying to run away. He's trying to escape from a dystopian world so unlike the Baekhyun gif I had previously, he's not happy. He's scared.

      The Baekhyun screaming gif goes with two parts - "raise your voice and fight back, like shaking free from fate"

      and "Hey, nowadays it's getting rough, you wanna scream"

    • oh ok it makes sense with your description :eyes:

    • Why the eyes? Is it bad? :pepecute:

  • :cutes: thanks for the follow

    mork lee is so cute in your pfp :cutes:

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    • Thanks for following back!

      With your great taste, ofc I had too :pepelove1:

      Thanks :blushing: I changed my aesthetic for his birthday but he's also giving cake for Exo-L anniversary since he's an exol :cutes:

      Do you like him :whatb:

    • Who doesn't like mark :pepecute:

      and he's leo too :pepe-life-support:

      No Matter needs to be at least in top 20 in the b-side battles :pepecry: :pepecry:

    • True :smirks2:

      Do you like NCT Dream?

      Hmmm I'm not sure about top 20 :melon_think: I think I like a lot more songs than it, but Dftf isn't one of my fav albums.

      What would be your top 20 b-sides?

    • well I don't listen to them but I do like some of NCT's and SuperM's(except for their tts) music

      and I used to watch Johnny's communication center

      I don't have a top 20 ranking of their b-sides :pepe-sad:

    • Oh I see :danceb: . NCT Dream is my 2nd fave group after exo :pepecute:

      The other NCT units music I don't like enough to be a fan, and Super M's music is really not my taste, they're probably my least fav SM group music-wise.

      What songs do you like from them :whatb:

      How do you know it should be top 20 then :pepe-hehe::pepe-excited:

      Maybe we could just say our fav bside from each album :danceb::whatb: What's your fav from MAMA?

  • 3a8aee5deec59096b32689063402e2f3f74e843a.gifv

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  • Your sig and your dp :love:

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  • bb, i adore your new dp/sig set < / 3

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  • Litc bb there are new nct dream limited badges available, go get one before they're gone :pepe-excited:

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  • :pepelove1:

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  • happy birthday!!

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  • Happy birthday my dear litc! :iloveyoub::cutes::pepelove1:

    I hope you have a great day and eat a lot of food and cake :mukbang:

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  • litc bb where are you 2x

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  • 26 reactions


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  • woah with all the reactions! thx :lover1:

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  • Hey kkaebsong you gave me 50 notifications in 24 hours :pepe-hehe:

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    • How do you know this :pepewhat:

  • 🚶

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  • :borahae:

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    how you doin'?

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  • :pepeflushed:

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  • I can't get over how cute Jisung is in my dp

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