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  • :pepecute:

  • i misss youuuuuuuuuuu ;(</3

  • so when will you come back :ak_bunny9:

  • that user name :cryingr:

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  • :pepe-angel:

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    • miss maple, to what do i owe this honour? :giraffe:

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    • I just wanted to bless you with my angelic presence :saint:

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    • and bless me you have, queen 😃👐 mission accomplished

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  • Who is on your dp?

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    • not you hopping onto my profile just to ask me this, lmfaoo

      it's wjsn's seola, though < 3

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    • She is so beautiful omg :love:

      I only know few of their songs <3

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    • my queen < /3

      get into them, bestie 🥰 one of their subunits just debuted yesterday with the superlative "easy"

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    • I was gonna ask too :peperun:

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    • the ujung-ification of miss lit shall commence in t-5:00 😇🥰

  • Me trying to answer your comment on my wall with a gif and ending up deleting it.


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    • PLEASEDHDH ;( i came back onto your profile to say something about kun, ended up losing my train of thought, and then proceeded to delete my previous comment by accident

    • it wasn’t me!


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    • ik, ik, sis ;( it was all me, lmfaoo

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  • Wifey it's me :pepeflushed:

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    • BYEJSJSJ, I thought you got booted ;( When did you re-join?

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    • A few weeks ago. :eyes:

      I missed the others kekeke

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    • The way we both always end up back on here 🤚 Our fate has been sealed from the start, methinks.

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    • We're back at where we started🤩

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    • tenor-1.gif

      I hate how predictable we've become, KSKSK 😿

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  • Hey cutie, I hope you're doing well!

    For you:

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    If you want, drop by the exo guild! We've been playing some fun games recently. No pressure or anything, I understand if you're busy, or not feeling like it. We can postpone the chess match too. It's just fun having you around.


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    • BYEJSJS, you're literally the sweetest < / 3 This was so nice to see the moment I logged in ;(

      I've been really busy with school recently, which is why I haven't been on as of late. I'll be sure to check in on the guild sometime this week for sure.

      I know I still owe you a chess match, and I'm down to play you once I'm done with my upcoming midterms.

      I miss you; I hope you're doing well : ( (

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    • :lover3:

      I understand, good luck in school and on your midterms!

      We got an exo subforum now before! Everyone will be happy to see you <3

      Take your time, no rush for the chess match

      I missed you too, I'm doing alright

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    • Ah, thank you, girlie <3 I have a test today, and I'm staying up late to cram :clown: Some things never change, lmao.

      Damn, a sub-forum? ;( Y'all making moves, I see, I see.

      I'm happy to hear that you're doing well, and I am anticipating our chess match more than you know :eyes:

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    • I hope your test went well <3

      Yeah, we got it for winning guild wars!

      Can't wait!

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    • It went better than I expected, sjsjsj ;( I ended up with an 80, so no complaints.

      I see I have a lot to catch up on in regards to EXO content, but when are you free? I'm ready to play you in chess :eyes:

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  • to celebrate I finally found the way to insert gif lol 647656a8a5526dd18828bc904858980c.gif

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    • Queen of using gifs, OMG :love:

      I'm happy things worked out for you, lmao < 3

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    • but that gif tho :eyes: what a perfect angel oh i forgot messiahyun :happyr:

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    • Typically, it's Messiahyun/Godhyun to us mortals, but Angel works just as well :saint:

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  • Check what it says on the side of your profile when you post now ^^

    You're in! :lover3:

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    • I SAWKSKSK ;( I really owe Miss Kireta a solid < 3

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    • I'm glad you're part of the guild <3

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    • Aw, you're so sweet <3

      I'm glad to be in the company of such wonderful people, and I'm happy that you're a part of it as well < 3

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    • original.gif

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  • Happy Birthday Joy!!!!!! Have a blast birthday girl!!!! (wait, I just realized the timezone 😭, but still I'm gonna wish to you lol)

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      (Time zones be damned, lmfaoo.)

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    • yeah damn you time zone , I'm still gonna wish you even if a day early :danceb:

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  • JOY!!!!! :waterr: (I changed my aesthetic, how is it? :wink: ) WE HAVE THE SAME AESTHETICS!!!!!! :omgr:

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    • We twinning hard out here, ya heardd < 3

      Your aesthetic is as flawless as ever, Queen! I am LIVING for this new Jennie dp.

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    • yeah, I have to change to match the retro style background :happyr: since it purple

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  • yay first ❤️

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    • Queen <3

      I'm such a flop, HSJSJ.

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    • Nah, wonwoorideul is superior


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    • PURRRR.

      I feel blessed each and every day knowing that I live at the same time as him <3

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