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  • :pepe-sad:

  • The way you have AllKill, capitalism at it's finest.

    Also, are you still alive??


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    • everyone in exotics guild got allkill :smirks2:

    • I know hahaha, I'm just teasing here in case she sees like next year or something, when she comes to akp :D

    • :-D

  • Just trying to make your Wall look nice.


    Please don't hate me for it when you come here hahah

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    • NO FREAKING WAY, you're being so mean and making me cry like this :( this is the only time you get a pass for making me see sunwoo gifs :(((( :borahae::borahae:

    • 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍I'm not mean, that's beacuse I like you :pepelove1: :pepelove2:

      Hahha thank you for giving me a pass!

  • i miss you

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    • oh my god thanks for even remembering me and posting this!!!! i miss you too :cryingk:<3<3

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    • i- IM IN TEARS I WASNT EXPECTING!!!1!! :cryingk:

      oh myy y y y. I just logged in, why are you the sweetest, im gonna cry not even joking :(( :cryc:  <3<3 my wall looks so beautiful :borahae: ty ily<333

    • Of course, you know I took care of your wall with the most beautiful gifs :borahae: :iloveyoub:

    • :pepelove1:

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  • :iloveyoub:

  • so you're exchanging essays with someone else :eyes:

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    • JSJSJSJ omg please i have to exchange tbz essays or u would suffer too much reading all of them :") <3

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    • i do admit i havent received those essays for a few days now :eyes:

      I wouldn't call it suffering!

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    • we stopped at the pardon ??-? 1??part indeed !

      don't jinx yourself because im preparing them for tomorrow~ :")


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    • You didnt even address the pardon talk again! Go back and skip the drama talk jsjsj

      Whats happening in the tbz world now :eyes:

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    • im so lost i was prioritizing !!!11!!!

      i will address it again and tell u what's happening in tbz world ofc hehe u just have to wait tomorrow bc of this reunion happening tomorrow ;(<3

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  • I feel bad for you reading through my message when you come here again :pepe-peek:
    Our essays are getting longer and longer haha, i even had to send it it two parts :pepe-cross:

    I'm so sorry :pepeflushed::pepelove1:

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    • Awnn noooo it's okay i liked reading all of it !!! :pepelove2: <3

      The way even alkp can't handle all the things we have to say :eyes:

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  • You been here for 10s and you already changed your dp 20 times BIG SIGH (3)

    • Uhm ???? I def replied here when you posted this and even wrote a whole paragraph... but i just saw there's nothing what ???? *mental breakdown* :pepe-back-away:

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    • I knew you been using the time machine behind me back :pepe-back-away:

    • i didn't have a choice but to bring it back... :pepe-back-away:

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    • bro there was a small purge so it all data from a certain day was wiped lol

    • WHAT why do weird things keep on happening on here everytime i log in i feel like im logging into some harry potter voodoo world

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  • I was almost going to block you instead of following lol

    Sad 1 LOL 1

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    • I'm scared of reporting people while trying to lilke the post


    • it's the new forums' fault !!! i thought we couldn't like comments at all because I have to click on it first for the three dots to appear ;(

      (let's pretend im not late to this pls)

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    • Hehe it's okay :D

  • you finally joined ♡

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    • and i still see the same old dp talking to me <3

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    • one of us has to be the constant one hehe i see you brought a fluffy sunwoo for the cb uwu

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    • UHM it is true you are constant.... 1576abittoojfsjkskdmuch64994 :") YES brofu i have so many pics i will be changing my dp everyday until they move us to the next forum~ <3:pepe-excited:

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      The emote is going to be out most used one here i just know

      Its already so iconic and you came here 2s ago:pepe-excited:

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      STOP reminding me im a newbie FLUFFYYEUEJSN :pepe-back-away:

      Btw, did you quote me again in the thread i made ? bc if u did i missed the notif, or u didn't and u missed the notif anyways the point is delete ur sig it really hurts thanks ~<3 :pepe-comfy:

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