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  • Hey how have you been?

  • Konichiwa!

  • Heyy someone I know


    I haven't seen around much since I'm not really active on disc or the other forum nowadays. :peperain:

    Hope you are doing well though.


    • Hey Hey :eyebrowsr:

      same here tbh, just that I haven't been active anywhere :pepecry:

      I am pretty well though, hope you are too! :-)   <3

      I wanted to inform about the move actually but we should better use disc for that so more people could see.

    • sounds good :thumbup:

  • Law??? you have an account here??? Bug bro??

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    • Sorry for the late reply bugsis I rarelly check akp but yes I do lol I think I have told you before ^^^^

      Glad to see you here!


    • It's okay!!! I know~~ <3

    • Hope you're doing good bug sis <3

    • I hope your doing well too! And thank you! 💗

  • Thanks for the follow <3

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  • brother in lawrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • First post <3

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