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  • al, fact bomb for ya

    fact bomb : ily you're gonna come back in the next week

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    • awww Nia! (or egb) idk how'd you know but i just checked today in a while :pleading: how are you?? it's been ages:D

  • Law :pepe-just-smile:

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    • what are you doing here pepe-ooh

    • wdym :pepe-magnify:

    • I thought ur not on here :pepe-magnify:

    • considering your recent activity, I'm more active than you :pepe-hehe:

      I come to visit exo guild peeps bc they won't move over :pepe-toilet:

      but it's so laggy, this site

    • I never said I was active here

      but you were actively judging me for being on here yet here we are :pepe-hips::pepe-tea:

  • you exist bro

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  • Hey how have you been?

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    • Hey Beau, I'm good! Just barely get on here, how are you? :pepefrog:

    • Oh hii! I'm glad you're doing well. I'm doing good too I think :) Wasn't expecting you to reply just now! Threw me off ^^ Happy you did tho <3

    • yeah I didn't expect to reply that fast either, usually takes me a month or few longer ;(^^
      I'm glad you're good too! I mean we sometimes talk on discord so

    • just now I was talking to Sammi actually, kinda unsure what to do with the guild on the other forum yk I don't really think we could revive it since the forum itself is so dead. Idk if the discord group alone is enough, I mean it's cool and all and we can do some activities there like the streaming parties... but maybe we could try re-creating it on some other forum, so that's why I got on akp today to just look around yk maybe here would be one of the possible places :eyes:

    • I feel you. I feel we don't talk as much nowadays now that h.c is dead (I really don't have plans to go back there either tbh unless it changes in significant ways...), but the streaming we did yesterday was nice, so I'd like to see more of that regularly I think :)

  • Heyy someone I know


    I haven't seen around much since I'm not really active on disc or the other forum nowadays. :peperain:

    Hope you are doing well though.


    • Hey Hey :eyebrowsr:

      same here tbh, just that I haven't been active anywhere :pepecry:

      I am pretty well though, hope you are too! :-)   <3

      I wanted to inform about the move actually but we should better use disc for that so more people could see.

    • sounds good :thumbup:

  • Law??? you have an account here??? Bug bro??

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    • Sorry for the late reply bugsis I rarelly check akp but yes I do lol I think I have told you before ^^^^

      Glad to see you here!


    • It's okay!!! I know~~ <3

    • Hope you're doing good bug sis <3

    • I hope your doing well too! And thank you! 💗

  • Thanks for the follow <3

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  • brother in lawrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • First post <3

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