Hidden Gems #31: Mama by Gangkiz

  • Today's Hidden Gem is Mama by Gangkiz!

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    Mama was the first and only comeback by the group Gangkiz. They were under the same label as T-ara, but MBK messed up their management (along with all their groups) in the worst way possible. There's not a doubt in my mind that if this song were release by T-ara that it would have been a hit.

    Gone But Not Forgotten: ✨ CCM Special ✨ Gangkiz, The SeeYa, Coed School,  5Dolls/F-VE DOLLS: omonatheydidnt — LiveJournal

    The girls haven't been up to much since disbandment. They were already on the older side when they debuted and if I'm not mistaken some of them were models (they're all like really tall). Some members are under entertainment labels still, but others have retired from the indsutry completely.








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