If you were a parent and you had a kid who wanted to be a Kpop idol would you support them?

  • Would your support your child being a kpop idol? 23

    1. NO RESOUNDINGLY (14) 61%
    2. YES ABSOLUTELY (9) 39%

    inspired by KookievsCookie 's thread

    yes or no?

  • I don't think I would be against it. I would make sure that s/he has some knowledge of what s/he is signing up for. Other than that, I would probably tell her/him to be artistically dope and not another generic (K-)"Popper" with only a pretty face. ..And last but not least, tell her/him not to "sell her/his soul" for fame and money.

  • if I will have a son then I will say him

    look dumbo, play football that's easiest way to earn proper money, you can even play in some countries in 3rd tier and still have a good life

    but with daughter who knows, still would prefer to see her acting tho

  • If that is their dream, then who am I to say no. I'd want to make sure they've really thought it through and have an informed opinion though. But as long as they really want it and are prepared for the dedication and hard work it will take, then I don't see a reason to be against it.

  • I'd make sure that they fully understand what it will be like and be sure that they really want it this badly. I wouldn't want to police my kid's life but if they were leading themself into something potentially dangerous then absolutely not.

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  • No. There’s so many things to worry about, being overworked with little pay, being constantly critiqued for your appearance everywhere you go, I don’t want them to deal with sasaengs and be ripped apart by the public for the smallest of things such as dating.

  • As a mostly white American living in the United States, it would be absolutely absurd to me if I had a child that decided they needed to learn Korean and try to be a kpop idol. Being a successful performer (of ANY type) is astoundingly difficult without having to add in a language barrier and trying to hone in on some other culture.

  • Yes I will. I want to support my kids and be there for them. Read every word in those sneaky contracts, hire extra bodyguards if the company ain't doing their job, pay their fees if they wanna drop out during trainee period.

    I will support them but not upto a point where they feel they are letting me down if they don't pursue their dream.

  • If they agree to complete atleast high school and even better if they get any verification.

    Idol is a risky job and not always successful so if they should have something to fall back.

  • in a hypothetical situation where my kid wanted to be an idol i'd support them and try my best to make sure i could facilitate whatever they wanted to do. we'd probably have a lot of discussions about what to expect and make sure they chose a good company. i'd probably make it really clear that if at any point they decide they don't want to do it anymore, we'll make that happen too.

    i don't think being a parent is about control or directing your kids where you want them to be. they get to choose where they want to be, i'm just here to make that happen.

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