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    Jimin looks so sassy, tae looks like a ceo and holyshit

    Jhopeeeeeeeeeeeee - He looks so damn hot, honestly he is killing those teaser pics. The attitude, the aura in that pic is too kuch too my heart.

    He looks effortlessly hot, reminded me of those matla pics.

    Whoever choose that fit for hoseok, I hope they get a rise and please bighit let them perform in those suits .

    Fan of kdrama and kvarieties. So was familiar with kpop and groups but no one impressed or made me interested until boy in luv got released.

    K varieties usually play idol song at the end of the program, seen boy in luv in that way and searched them up.

    Txt - saw them on award shows, was impressed with choreography and runaway was my go to song that year, heard runaway japanese version and decide to actually listen their music and became a moa after that.

    BB4 - galaxy became a hit among idols after that performance and I checked their discography and fell in love with their songs so became a fan. Even though my bias left the duo, she doesn't really release anything now so I stick with jiyoung releases as i love her voice..

    Became a fan of chungha during produce so I follow her releases.

    you don't have to prove anything

    i can just bring every nctzens who were on the old forum , we saw enough of you, myaza etc... on NCT thread on the old forum

    about their US promo

    about taeyong scandal etc....

    let's not act like you're an innocent person because you think that nobody will remember your old comment -____-

    Oh please do. I didn't saying anything about nct during their so called US promo except about their bundles that too probably in two threads. Regrading his scandal I didnt even reply in any threads. Please get those ppl and ask them to say what I said because I clearly remember I didn't partake in any discussion about his scandal. Unlike someone I don't accuse ppl of things just by hearsay.

    I don't need to act innocent cause I know I am not. But at the same te I didn't drag groups or their members for what their company or fans did.

    girl you're not subtle we all saw some of your comments about NCT on the previous forum

    everyone know how you feel about NCT no need to act like it's not the case -_-

    Talking about previous forum cause I can't prove it because we cant access it??? I can confidently say I never said anything shading about nct unlike someone who can casually accuse an idol with srs allegations.

    i get what you are saying and obviously some metrics is given more importance than other and in some cases rightfully so.

    If we consider your example, I think snsd will be on top without a doubt. Tara, kara and wondergirls would come second for me for their impact and results in China, japan and US respectively.

    I would place 2ne1 and sistar in the same place cause of digitals but 2ne1 might have a lead cause of their recognition outside of korea which sistar lacked.

    Notice how all of this was built on the assumptions you can apparently read OP's mind and intentions. I couldn't care less for your arguments about why NCT aren't a top 3 group like I couldn't care less about the whole Spotify streams argument that went down last night. I just find the hypocrisy hilarious. But it wouldn't be the first time you all tell people to worry about their faves and then can't stop yourselves from riding NCT's ass.

    What hypocrisy are you on about??? I did focus on my favs that's why in my post history you don't see me giving my opinion on any other group I dont stan. If the op didn't mention top 3 groups you wouldn't see me in the thread, there are other thread on nct on this forum?? Kindly tell me where I replied or gave any criticism towards them for you to say I am riding on them. I kay not read op mind but post history says enough about intentions. I m mentally developed enough to make decisions on ppl based on their past actions.

    You have a biased view against me, so anything I say you gonna take it against your favs. Unless you change that view I don't see this discussion or any other discussion with you going in any direction. Believe me or not I don't hate or even dislike nct like you think. Again saying having multiple groups doesnt keep op interested is not a diss against nct but is it Against op and the only bg I know op stans is nct and since that thread was about bg I mentioned them

    With the way you say things about me someone might think I did something wrong or said some cruel things about nct when I didn't and which op of this thread did about jungkook. I have seen enough of op and can make out what there intention is.

    Are you playing dumb?

    A few days ago, the same op of this thread made a thread about how Enhypen outsold TXT. You were so bothered about it and you definitely didn't consider it as stating simple facts. But now here you are acting holier than thou, telling us that, no saying x group is doing better than y group in a certain field shouldn't be taken as belittling but as facts. Hypocrite much?

    As for your comment about NCT's units apparently not being interesting enough since a fan DARED to mention your faves, I guess the same can be said about your faves, both of whom are having comebacks soon but here you are writing essays in an NCT thread. Do you want recommendations of actually interesting groups to stan instead?

    If you really think both are same then I don't think whatever i say will help u.

    Neither enhypen nor txt are op favs , the context of the thread was never direct comparison. it was fake concern and fake worry. if you see it as direct comparison then please send that rose tinted glasses over here.

    Essays in a thread that talked about top 3 groups where I said nothing but existing facts. Did i worry about dream nit having enough sales or enough digitals??? Did i compare them with another group and felt bad about them?? I don't see it.

    Op asked a question on top 3 groups and if nct is a part of it with dream in their op so I replied with what metrics can make them top and what can't. Regarding belittling, whatever op said in the outsold thread is not belittling txt cause enhypen sold more than them. It's the fake concern from them that I addressed.

    But I know you don't care about anything cause of the one side beef you think you have. Everything i say is shading to you. I don't worry about anyone other than my favs and don't create thread on how I am worried about other groups which itself differs me a lot from op.

    i didn't know we could get threads deleted in akp. This is new. Also except one comment by one user , there is nothing wrong in that thread. It had a good discussion and it's gone now. Man I was so ready for some hard proofs .

    You're literally the same person who threw a fit when Sooyoung made a thread about Enhypen outselling TXT and even went as far as shading NCT in the process. Now you suddenly realise that saying x is doing better than y shouldn't be viewed as belittling but simple facts. We love a quick character development.

    Do you really think whatever you said makes any sense??? How does saying having n number of sub units couldn't keep op interested same as saying x is better than Y in z field???

    I know you are trying to prove a point but that is non existent. if you wanna saying something say it directly.

    X group does better than nct dream in spotify metric so maybe we cant call them top group yet is not belittling. if you think it is then you do you and have this one side beef.

    As expected. I don't even get why you all even come for EXO? It was being reported all over the media and talk of the town for the whole year. Revived the physical sales market. That statement ain't false, and I don't know why THEY quoted me in the first place?

    All I know, there are certain things which can't be changed and no matter what people say, it will not change.

    People are trying to create narratives to somehow discredit EXO

    Dide how am I coming for exo or discredit them. stop putting your own narrative. you can simply give proof of the revival instead of media statements. It simply ends the discussion.

    They quoted you because you made a statement and they had numbers which opposed the one you made, how is it wrong?