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    I’m gonna send you a private message and reply to this there because I don’t want to annoy everyone else with our essay messages ^^

    Third is probably Batman Forever for me :teeheek: I did not want to admit it yesterday, but I have a weak spot for this movie. I feel remember being really hyped before seing the first time and I loved Jim Carry back then, so I did not mind that he just played himself ^^"

    Now to make myself a bit less popular, I really dislike Batman Begins. The movie really bored me to death.. I would never want to watch it voluntarily again. I'm also not the biggest fan of the first Batman movie somehow, despite the joker being in it. Its not that I dislike it like Begins, its just not a special movie for me like Dark Knight or Returns.

    lalala123456 Babe look, a new thread for us :lovec:

    Because you’re so nice to me, I’m going to forgive you for having such a terrible opinion :pepelove1:

    I haven’t seen the remake of ghostbusters but I’ve had it’s terrible :peperun:I’ve seen the original so I’m not gonna bother watching the remake.

    Oh don’t worry nightmare on elm street kept me awake purely because it was all about sleeping so that have me nightmares. Jeepers creepers is another one that gave me nightmares.

    My sister paid for my ticket to last Jedi so I thought why the hell not and then I watched it and had no idea what was happening lol. Oh it’s the worst? I thought last Jedi wasn’t too bad but that’s probably because I didn’t the storyline.

    Ah Peach, my dating history is long and complicated and shouldn’t be spoken about on open forums where everyone can see lol :pepe-back-away:

    Right now, I have about 20 people blocked. I do enjoy the open discussions because like I said in the other thread, I get along with multistans the most! Funny that you mention it, no one I have blocked is a Once :pepelove1:

    Oh the video of the analyse was super interesting! Thank you for sharing.

    Ah you see I loved it because of its completely different take on the joker character, I agree he was more humane and relatable and I definitely missed the psychopathic side to him but I loved how the movie touched upon sensitive topics.


    its a bop

    I think that’s exactly why it’s top 3 for me because it was something completely different to what I expected. Usually I need to listen to a song 3 or 4 times before I can decide whether I like it or not but with Deja Vu it hooked me straight away.

    Da da da ra da da da ra da da da ra :pepemusic:

    I think critics are just people with opinions like everyone else! Critics analyse everything and for me when I watch a movie I watch to enjoy it, I don’t watch it to point out it’s flaws.

    I remember watching so many horror films as a kid because I have a sister who is 10 years older than me so I used to watch everything she watched lol.

    Omg I feel embarrassed I thought they were remakes :pepe-peek: I went to watch the last jedi with my sister a few years ago in cinema and I remember being so confused and having no idea what was going on lmao. I’ll definitely check them out!

    What can I say I like to move fast…maybe that’s why I’m still single :peperun: The dark knight sounds like the perfect wedding movie lol!

    Ah I think I might stay away from the guilds as most of the people I have blocked are people from my own fandoms :pepe-back-away:

    I’ll watch the video and let you know what I think! And yes the movie with Joaquin Phoenix.

    His red hair era still gives me shivers :pepe-sad: Hoseok really owns red color, he is the passion personified :pepe-sad:

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    I still can’t decide which era is more iconic, his red hair or his orange BST hair :pepe-sad: :pepe-sad: :pepe-life-support:

    The 3rd & 4th movies were hated but I liked them! There are some movies out there that critics hate but are liked by normal people. I watched the first one when I was like 5 lol. I remember my sisters sneaking the video into the house and we watched while my mum wasn’t looking.

    Oh I’ve watched some of the newer remakes of Star Wars but I haven’t watched the OG movies it sounds like something I would enjoy!

    I’m back just for you Peach :pepelove1:

    Hmm altars and blood sacrifices? Sounds like my perfect type, when’s our wedding? :pepe-flirt: Honestly I’ve been on AKP for almost a year now and I still don’t understand how guilds and cults work lmao I just stay in the lounge or kpop section.

    Ohh I need to watch those joker videos then! I haven’t watched any yt videos analysing dark knight so I’ll defo watch them. Have you seen the Joker movie that came out recently?

    Im near Shepherd's Bush market. That place is a cesspool.

    Ohh you’re in west, I haven’t been to Shepherd’s Bush but I’ve regularly visited Kensington which I’m pretty sure is nearby. I’m down in south near Bromley.

    No way?! I’ve heard about the drug problem and I know someone who was caught carrying a knife and drugs with a clear intent to sell, it was way too much for personal use and what did the police do? Just let them go with a warning ‘don’t do it again’ :pepestare:

    It’s so silly that we are one of the most watched cities yet our conviction rates are a joke.

    uh sweet, I feel like I only saw Alien 1 after 2 + 3 ^^" I was confused why it was so different to the action packed sequals. But finally I got that one scene from Spaceballs lol.. The second one was my fav for sure though, but I would say I liked all the Alien movies, even the 4th one!

    not popular, a bit of a crime... but well everyone has their opinion ^^

    woah nice, its really a movie I can watch over and over, just talking about it now makes me want to watch it now ^^" I will never forget the moment I saw the first promo pic from the joker, I was so blown away. Everyone was shitting on the casting choice so much and suddenly it was like the hottest thing ever ^^" I still can't believe after the hype build up so much, the movie was still able to hold up, as it was just that good. Joker performance was just immortal, I just hope the people that said he only got the oscar because of the drama surrounding his death, are not able to look themselfs in the mirror anymore after talking such nonsense.

    I loved all the Alien movies! Although some say the movies became worse. But the first one holds a special place in my heart haha

    I’m sorry I know what I said about the hobbit is a crime I’ll leave now :pepecry:

    I’ve watched dark knight probably 100 times now, the way Ledger played the joker was legendary and he made me realise that I find psychopaths attractive :peperun:I remember people being sceptical about his performance but he blew them all away! There’s so many scenes that just gives me goosebumps.

    I know right, we had a stabbing a few weeks ago two streets from me.

    Not to mention the amount of smack being passed around.

    But I guess the huge amount of CCTV and counter terror police trumps that?

    Literally feels like there is a stabbing everyday. Where I live, it’s more of a suburban area so there’s not much knife or drug crime but house robberies and break ins is a big thing.

    Could it be that cases are closed and aren’t investigated so they don’t reflect on the score? Gotta say we’ve got some of the shittiest CCTV technology here, I’ll watch real life crime shows and everything is so blurry and grainy.