There is no such thing as "4th gen records"

  • Theres only regular "records".

    And even if there were "4th gen records" Aespa or whoever wouldn't be breaking records, they would be setting records. You cant break a record that didn't exist before. That's like saying SEO Taiji and The Boyz broke a 1st gen record with their debut album selling however many copies.

    It's ok to talk about your faves music for a change instead of their stats 24/7. Don't forget that. Cause 10/20 years from now nobody is gonna care how much money your faves made cause that money will be long gone. All that will matter is if their music is still good enough to listen to at that point in time.

  • Yea breaking records up according to the generations never seems to make much sense to me.

    It seems like an artificial way to "let everyone win" so to speak.

    Maybe there's some argument for people achieving things in different environments so it's nice to separate them out. But I think people take it too far and create way too many achievements for this. Achievements for that. And break it up each generation to give a smaller field to compete against.




  • I always find it odd when someone brags about any kind of 4th gen records.

    I dont believe any group have truly made any kind of impact so far (at lease in comparison to BP/Twice/BTS/EXO) so their "records" feels so damn hollow imo.

    You hate me? Well, remember it's mind over matter. I do not mind and you do not matter.


  • I agree with this the only achievements are most viewed mv, most stream song, most sold album, most award that’s all matters there’s no 4th gen queens or kings

  • Maybe you inspired by my clickbaited Hit thread that I talking about the achievements 24/7

    Actually the contents are the achievements just like the others

    Yes, 10-20 nobody gonna care since the generations will change

    The important is we living in the present and today many still care looking at how many pages it's generated

    this bring traffic to AKP, a W + no more downplaying in the main forums like before, W for us

    Better we walk in the peace way which is Hyping our group + use clickbait so the thread become Hits :-D

    So tell me, what's the better way for creating Hits thread?

    -Pitting other groups and eventually the thread will closed?

    -Nostalgia about dead group and the thread gonna be flop ?

    -Shading other groups and exposed yourselves a hater?

    -Can't move on and keep comparing yesterday gen to today gen?

    -Using other groups you didn't stan to float you AKP career?


  • Fair enough. But pretty much every kpop records are held by BTS for BG and BP/Twice for GG so it's hard to compete for new groups.

    records shouldnt be meant to break easily, thats why they are called records.

    Also Brave Girls broke enough ot those records recently.

    its just natural that every one wants his fave to be the best, at least in some regard.

    so there will allways be people creating records with exclusion. Like best of 4th generation to keep BP out. Best release of 2021 to keep rollin out. Best Girl Group to keep BTS out. Best Idol Group to keep IU out and so on.

    But i think its fine. Let the people do what they want. Nobody gets hurt due to those records.

  • As far as NEW GROUPS (4TH Gen) getting attention , it seems to me that there should be at least *ONE* WEEKLY TV Show that features Groups that have NOT ever won a WEEKLY AWARD before ... How BORING that SNSD won 99 times , is my view ... Try to give attention to lesser Groups , that are often NOT really lesser , if you will ... They can always compete against BTS 'head to head' if they choose on OTHER TV Weekly Awards Shows ... To get the TRUE WIN and all that ...

    (Trolling) ... But rather BORING to lose out to the BTS MEAL 'barfing hordes' as I see it ... :wink: ... Or TWICE and BP on the female Group side.

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