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    Shooting suspect STEPHEN NICHOLAS BRODERICK caught near Manor (TX),
    authorities say ; 2 Dead Victims identified ; 2021.04.19

    (Click Here) for Photo of Stephen Nicholas Broderick

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    One of the victims is Broderick's daughter, ALYSSA BRODERICK. The Elgin school district identified Alyssa Broderick and Willie Simmons as victims in the shooting on Monday ... (Note: Both are DEAD)
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    Former SHERIFF's Deputy (Detective , USA MILITARY VETERAN)

    STEPHEN NICHOLAS BRODERICK arrested in fatal shootings

    of 3 in Austin (TexASS-HOLE) ; 2021.04.18

    (Click Here) for Photo of Stephen Nicholas Broderick

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    In an application for a (legal) Protective Order after Broderick's arrest, *wife* Amanda Broderick said she worried about her safety and that of their children ... "I'm afraid he will try to hurt me or my children, because these allegations have come out and he may lose his career," she stated. "Stephen has prior *USA MILITARY* experience and is *SWAT* trained. If he wanted to hurt someone, he would know how." ... The former sheriff's deputy suspected of killing three people in a shooting rampage near an apartment complex in Northwest Austin was taken into custody Monday without incident, police said.

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    WHY am I *NOT* surprised that he is a *USA MILITARY VETERAN* (SWAT trained).

    This next part of the News Article *definitely* got my attention -->

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    Judge defends order REMOVING ELECTRONIC MONITOR from BRODERICK ... In an interview with the American-Statesman on Sunday, (Judge) Sage said she typically agrees to remove tracking devices when a defendant has exhibited a pattern of compliance and has not incurred any violations. Sage, who left in place Broderick's no-contact and distancing stipulations, said she rarely keeps defendants on GPS tracking for more than 90 days if they have been compliant ... "He had been on GPS for (five) months with no violations," Sage said. "It's a pretty common thing (*remove* tracking) for me to do, frankly."

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    So , BRODERICK is *SWAT Trained* , his *family* is AFRAID of him ... He has every reason to figure his POLICE CAREER might be over soon ... And so , a JUDGE , in all their 'wisdom' , *removes* ELECTRONIC TRACKING from him ... :eek:

    Kanye West 'annoyed' (that his) fans think Kim Kardashian

    initiated (their) divorce ; 2021.04.18

    *** Begin Article Conclusion ***

    Page Six also reported this week that West is already thinking about his next relationship after Kardashian ... A source told us that West wants to next be

    with "an artist" who is a "creative person," so they "can speak the same language together."

    *** End Article Conclusion ***

    How about TAYLOR SWIFT ??? ... :P

    Are the 'Pest' WEST chances for USA PREZ in YEAR 2024 ended ??? ...

    It must be HER FAULT , right ??? ... ;)

    'I am now truly afraid of the woods': Behind the Hunt for SASQUATCH

    SASQUATCH: 'Some of the things that came up were so shocking ... 2021.04.19

    But once that shock wears off, everything comes to feel logical and inevitable.'

    In a new TV Docuseries, film-maker Joshua Rofé delved into a myth

    of a monster that led him to a horrifying murder.

    Okay , I am having a bit of fun with this ... ;)

    USA PREZ Election Year 2024 is over 2 Years away ...

    The X-Files "The Truth Is Still Out There" ... <-- IF Website Blocking , Use this URL (Same Content)

    A Quiet Arms Race Is Rapidly Heating Up

    Between the Two Koreas ; 2021.04.19

    The buildup over the last few years has threatened

    the delicate balance of peace on the Korean Peninsula.

    *Click* above for PHOTO of N.K vs. S.K 'Flag Poles' *ERECTION* ... :rolleyes1:

    *Click* URL above to Discover of HAN SEO HEE (T.O.P) and SURVEY ...

    About IF a LIPSTICK TUBE involves 'Flag Pole' ERECTION ...

    (HAN SEO HEE vs. YOONA of SNSD , Cast Your Vote)

    (Reserved for Feedback Replies , Observations , Information)

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    Bumping , as CHAUVIN Criminal Trial is currently in Final Arguments

    Before JURY 'Deliberation' and VERDICT rendered.

    USA JURY --> (Black Race) O.J. SIMPSON = INNOCENT because ...

    MARK FURMAN (White Race POLICE) is a RACIST ??? ... ;)

    Pig's head thrown at former home of Chauvin defense witness ; 2021.04.18

    Barry Brodd, once a police officer in California, compared George Floyd's killing

    to an "accidental death."

    Drew_B ; KAMITRUTH <--

    Yes , I guess BURGER and FRIES (BIDEN) is a good enough choice ... Actually , BEEF based MEAT PRODUCTS is a *significant* USA food production *excellence* situation ... Also , BIDEN gets to communcate that he is a 'MAN OF THE PEOPLE' (Common Man) who eats a BURGER and FRIES , just like ALL USA Citizens ... Which , NO PROBLEM with BIDEN trying to be the *COMMON MAN* USA PRESIDENT ... As opposed to TRUMP , at the PRIVATE GOLF CLUB , eating CAVIAR (gifted from PUTIN = RUSSIA) ... Although , NOT playing (music) 'FANFARE FOR THE COMMON MAN' (Aaron Copeland , trumpets blaring) while simultaneously biting into the BURGERS together (USA and JAPAN) ... :P ... , seems a MISSED OPPORTUNITY -->

    'FANFARE for the COMMON MAN' (Copeland) ; 3m.48s Duration


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    BIDEN calls Masters (Golf Tourney) Champ Hideki Matsuyama 'JAPANESE BOY'

    in odd compliment ; 2021.04.16

    *** Begin BIDEN Quote ***

    "Yoshi (SUGA[R]daddy , Japan P.M) , I know how proud you are ...

    the people of Japan are — and you’ve got a JAPANESE BOY ...

    Coming over here (USA) and guess what? He won the Masters (Golf Tourney).

    He won the Masters. He won the green jacket."

    *** End BIDEN Quote ***

    And the 'good news' is that BIDEN did NOT refer to the

    Japan Citizen winner of the Masters Tourney (USA Golf)

    as a "FAT JAP" ... In the manner of past USA-VP *SPIRO AGNEW* ...

    *OLD BOY* BIDEN *proving* his GLOBAL VISION for the WORLD.

    It would seem more accurate (my view) IF that BIDEN had said -->

    "Any *SCUM* can win a Sport Event , even TIGER WOODS (USA Golfer)."

    Yoshi (SUGA[R]daddy , Japan P.M) might have said to BIDEN -->

    "JACK NICKLAUS (USA Golfer) is a *BIG* TRUMP Supporter ...

    And NICKLAUS has the MOST Masters Tourney Golf Wins (6) in history ...

    Proving the GREATNESS of the USA ... It is very EXCITING

    for a JAPANESE BOY to be a WINNER as JACK NICKLAUS is too" ... :rolleyes1:

    JACK NICKLAUS Endorsing TRUMP Has People Comparing Golfer

    to Arnold Palmer ; 2020.10.29

    JERRY FALWELL JR. (TRUMP Trash) decries Liberty University's 'hostility'

    as school files $10M lawsuit (wanting MONEY) against him ; 2021.04.16

    Since his departure, relics of his tenure at the school have been disappearing.

    *** Begin Quote ***

    And Becki Falwell, who last summer publicly admitted to the extramarital affair, is also quietly being erased. A life size photo of Liberty's former first lady posing with the football team, which hung in an athletic operation center, has now been replaced -- with Mrs. Falwell (photo) cropped out.

    *** End Quote ***

    LIBERTY U should have just replaced the *entire* photo with one ...

    Showing *IVANKA TRUMP* wearing 'CROP TOP' clothing ...

    And a 'looping' AUDIO playing DADDY DONNY saying -->

    "GRAB that Puxxy !!! ... GRAB that Puxxy !!! ... GRAB that Puxxy !!!" ... :rolleyes1:

    BIDEN supports pouring GLOWING (?) JAPAN WATER (Fukushima)

    into the ocean ; 2021.04.16

    *CLICK* Here for GODZILLA Photo from RT TV (Russia)

    Possible (Spoof , Trolling) Future Complications -->

    S.Korea Prez MOONdoggie fears GAGGING

    on anticipated GLOWING JAPAN FISH.

    Japan P.M SUGA(R)daddy suggests S.K Prez MOONdoggie

    keep a BARF BAG handy.

    FAT BOY (N.Korea Tyrant KIM JONG UN) threatens to have

    his 'hissy sissy' BOMB GIRL (KIM YO JONG) explode another building.

    TAIWAN requests that TZUYU (TAIWAN Citizen) announce

    that TWICE Group (K-pop) will boycott eating GLOWING JAPAN FISH.

    PRChina XI (Leader Tyrant) offers to fish and catch

    ALL the GLOWING JAPAN FISH ... IF that the United Nations (NYC USA)

    will PAY for the COST of that ... And SHIPPING them to the USA ...

    For consumption at the 'RED GLOWING JAPAN FISH' Chain of Restaurants.

    TRUMP *Does Deal* with XI to supply 'Special' TARTAR SAUCE with *ZINC*

    that 'doubles' as COVID-19 Protection.

    BIDEN (USA) suggests that GLOWING JAPAN FISH

    could 'Light The Way' to ASIAN NATION PEACE.

    HARRIS (USA-VP) *warned* to NOT refer to JAPAN Leadership as -->

    "Little Yellow Men Scheming in Smoke Filled Rooms." (WW2 Reference)

    MOTHRA asks WHY that GODZILLA should defend POOTIE (Russia).

    TRUMP endorses Republican Party USA President 'ticket' candidates

    of GODZILLA (Prez) and MOTHRA (Veep) for Year 2024

    BOEHNER comments 'Anyone but Axxhole CRUZ' ... ;)

    Victims of Seungri's alleged gang member threats

    give their testimony ; 2021.04.16