Posts by krell ... JIM JORDAN (as Samoan) convinces his detractors in USA House of Reps. to Support HIM for SPEAKER (Leader) ; 2023.10.17

    Observation -->

    So , JORDAN had about *20 CULPRITS* who voted against him on Tuesday 1pm ... JIMBO needs *17 Votes* from these CULPRITS , to get elected as SPEAKER ... So , time to make a DOPE DEAL ??? ... Next Vote = Wednesday 11am NYC time.

    (Fake) Cheech Marin -->

    'Is the USA HOUSE SPEAKER *DOPE DEAL* behind Door #1 , #2 , or #3 ???'

    (House of Reps. Crowd: 'Oh , MONTY MONTY MONTY HALL !!!')

    (Fake) Matt GAETZ (FL) <-- Behind Door #4 = The F.B.I = YOU'RE BUSTED ??? ... :wink:

    (Fake) JIM JORDAN imitates singer Tennessee Ernie Ford -->

    'Ya *Punch* 16 Reps. ; Whatta Ya Get? ; Another Lousy Vote and I LOST AGAIN !!!'

    *** Begin Quoting from , 2023.10.17 ***
    The group of 20 G.O.P. holdouts was larger than previously known and included some powerful members of the House, including Representative Kay Granger of Texas, the Chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee, and several Republicans from politically competitive districts won by President Biden.

    *** End Quoting from ***

    For one brief *shining* moment , (TX) Ms. *KAY GRANGER* refused to lockstep

    with the TRUMP Trash 'Pussy Grabbed' Stepford Wives (movie).

    Yes , she will likely 'vote flip later' ... Hopefully NOT demanding as -->

    3 Gold Bullion Bars ; 2 Egyptian Asps (snakes) ; 1 Partridge (bird) in a Pear Tree ... :wink:

    (Fake) Incoming phone call = JIM JORDAN to KAY GRANGER -->

    JJ: KAY , I need your *esteemed* VOTE !!! ...

    KG: *CHOKE* on a PARTRIDGE !!! ... :suure:

    JIM 'Butch Cassidy' JORDAN = 'WHO Are Those Guys that Voted Against Me ???'

    (Fake) It is *NOT* true that USA House Rep. Dem. Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) wore an *Eye Patch* and a *T-Shirt* with the words on it -->

    "Stewart Rhodes was NOT Completely Wrong about Everything" ... :watt:

    (Fake) It is *NOT* true that USA Senator (MO) Josh Hawley was seen

    running , in a 'full of crap' state , with his FIST Uplifted into the Air ... :wink:

    Many Trump's Trails have come and gone with none of them sticking.

    TRUMP has been found *Court Guilty* in the NY State event about him *misrepresenting* the value of his REAL ESTATE (net worth).

    TRUMP can APPEAL this to a 'higher level' NY COURT (is his option).

    Personally , I have NO PROBLEM with these Criminal Cases against TRUMP:

    (1) *Secret Documents* stored at Mar-a-Lago by TRUMP (Federal Case in FL)

    (2) This 'Gag Order' one about J6 D.C. RIOT and TRUMP (Federal Case in D.C.)

    (3) USA PREZ 2020 Elector Tampering (GA State Case)

    Conduct the TRIALS , take TESTIMONY , make DECISIONS on them.

    TRUMP can use APPEALS COURTS about any unfairness to him.

    Germany will side with Israel no matter what they do, they literally have no other option :eyes:

    I could *wish* for past (recent) GERMANY Prime Minister

    Gerhard SCHRODER to tell me what to think about Israel-Hamas War ...

    SCHRODER with his ($$$$) FAT MONEY PAYCHECKS from the *Board of Directors* of PUTIN *GAZPROM* RUSSIA Oligarch firm (Natural Gas Pipeline now TURNED to OFF mode) ... LOVE to hear from Herr SCHRODER with his (youthful age) *S.KOREAN* TROPHY WIFE (heredity) standing next to him ... *NODDING* about how CORRECT that SCHRODER is about EVERYTHING that he says it about MIDDLE EAST , right ??? ... Hmmmm , was that too snarky ??? ... :wink:

    Gerhard SCHRODER (ex-Prime Minister , Germany) ; Info

    GAZPROM (RU Oligarch Energy Firm) ; Info

    (USA FEDERAL) Judge grants *limited* Gag Order in Trump's FEDERAL Election interference case (Criminal Felony future Trial) ; 2023.10.16

    Added: I am *Strongly Opposed* to TRUMP being REMOVED from USA State Ballots for USA PREZ in Year 2024 ... *Regardless* of TRUMP Criminal Felony Cases PENDING or even concluded in Year 2024.

    Observation -->

    The above URL makes *clear* what the USA *FEDERAL JUDGE* was thinking (logic) concerning the *approval* of a GAG ORDER (*limited*) with regard to TRUMP ... TRUMP has public 'Internet Message' post tried to *intimidate* -->

    (1) NY State COURT EMPLOYEE about 'dating' USA Senator SCHUMER (NY).

    (2) A *deadly bodily harm* wish for (TOP) USA MILITARY Commander MILLEY.

    TRUMP now has (separate event COURTs) *two* GAG ORDERS in place against him ... IF that TRUMP 'keeps it up' , he *might* end up in JAIL over it ...

    As to TRUMP in JAIL being a 'frivolous' situation , think what YOU choose.

    do you think he's gonna get time in jail :/

    TRUMP can be a USA PREZ (Year 2024) and also be a PRISON INMATE ...
    That is perfectly LEGAL under USA Laws (existing).

    There is also *speculation* about IF that TRUMP could *PARDON HIMSELF*

    from PRISON , if he was a USA PREZ (again) in Year 2024.
    Or IF that TRUMP was in PRISON , just HOW that the USA 'Secret Service'
    would GUARD him ... I am SURE that they would 'work it out' though.

    The USA News Reporters look at it this way , in terms of wishing -->

    'May You Live in the Interesting Times of TRUMP' ... :suure:

    do you think he's gonna get time in jail :/

    I honestly am *NOT* expert (lawyer) , and do NOT know on TRUMP and possible PRISON duration time as punishment ... Or say , how *long* into the future , via COURT APPEALS (all the way to the USA SUPREME COURT) , that TRUMP could DELAY being put in PRISON *IF* he was found guilty and sentenced to that.

    This J6 D.C. RIOT case is very complex and controversial.

    A completely *different* USA Federal Case against TRUMP , the *SECRET DOCUMENTS* stored at Mar-a-Lago Golf Club situation , I think TRUMP is *Slam Dunk Guilty* on that one ... As to IF that would mean PRISON time duration for TRUMP as punishment , I do *not* know on that either.

    Speculation is the Spice of Life ??? ... :wink: ... TRUMP has narrow GAG ORDER imposed on him by federal judge overseeing 2020 election subversion case ; 2023.10.16

    (NY State) Judge fines Donald Trump $5,000 ; 2023.10.20

    after post maligning Court Staffer is found on campaign website.

    Observation -->

    TRUMP suggested via a ('Truth Social' Public Network Message) social media post that Mark Milley, the retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (TOP USA Military Commander Job Position), had committed treason and should be executed (killed) ... I suspect MILLEY is rather *pleased* that TRUMP has been rebuked and disciplined by the USA Federal Judge ruling.

    I could see MILLEY opening a *CORKED* bottle of Champagne ('bubbly' alcohol) , look at the CORK , and perhaps figure that HE can think of other uses (positions) for the CORK ... MILLEY may well have to COURT TESTIFY about TRUMP (his J6 D.C. RIOT actions) ... Thus , it would be a *bad idea* for MILLEY to post a video message to TRUMP on YOUTUBE as --> 'Hey TRUMP , See this Champagne CORK , You POPOFF ??? ... I will mail this CORK to You at Mar-a-DUMBO ... eeerrr ... Mar-a-LAGO Golf Club ... And You , TRUMP , can use your imagination , as to the location that I would like to see you position this Champagne CORK ... Get the idea , TRUMP ???' ... :wink: ... ELON MUSK Is Shitposting His Way Through the Israel-Hamas War ; 2023.10.10 ... X’s Trust and Safety team says it’s working to remove false information related to the Israel-Hamas war. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is sharing conspiracies and chatting with QAnon promoters.

    *** Begin Article Conclusion ***

    MUSK (X-Twit) hasn't given the voiceless a voice, he's just dragged us all down into the swamp, and the only people who truly benefit are shameless grifters.”

    *** End Article Conclusion *** ... War between Israel and Hamas is testing the (TTT) Republican Party’s isolationist shift ; 2023.10.15 ...

    Ms. Nikki HALEY: “It’s a dangerous world right now,”

    Ooooo , Baby Baby , It's a WILD WORLD !!! ...

    (Wild World ; Cat Stevens ; Year 1971)

    Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC = USA House Rep. NY Dem. said -->

    *** Begin Quote , 2023.10.15 ***

    There’s something to be said for how the same far-right faction (TTT Party)

    that has assaulted our democracy with minoritarian extremism

    is now dismantling its own party using those same principles.

    *** End Quote ***

    Israel-Hamas war: *LIVE UPDATES* (Continuously)

    Current Headline -->

    Israeli military says it’s prepared for air, ground

    and naval offensive in Gaza ; 2023.10.14 , 3:19pm NYC time

    Observation -->

    This URL above is a *slow load* because there is a LOT of Article Content ...

    But it is NOT BLOCKED for viewing in any way ... So , should be a good news content URL over time too ... APnews is a quality website.

    Possible (USA Senator CAL) STEVE GARVEY Campaign Slogans -->

    'With GARVEY = *NO BLARNEY* !!!' ...

    'Vote for The STEVE = *NOTHING* Up His SLEAVE !!!' ...

    (Next is my personal favorite for obvious reasons ... )

    Long Odds Campaign Slogan --> 'VOTE *While* You SHOOT (Gun) !!!' ... :wink:

    ("Vote as You Shot" = 1868 USA PREZ campaign slogan of Ulysses S. Grant = won)

    Sure winners with the 'BILLY JACK' (movies) and NASCAR (racing) Crowds ...

    What happened to (ex-Governor Dem.) 'Screaming' HOWARD DEAN ???

    (*Fake News*) GARVEY Main Campaign Issue -->

    GARVEY is strongly opposed to having *illegal aliens* enter the USA ... Via being Stowaways in the Wheel Well of a incoming foreign nation JET ... Passing out from the COLD and RARE Air ... And then (upon landing time , Wheel Well opens) FALLING OUT (15,000 feet altitude , no parachute) and landing on the AUTOMOBILE (residence) of victimized CALIFORNIA Citizens !!! ... Which has happened ; more than once ??? :watt:

    (EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee ... SPLAT !!!)

    (*Fake News*) ... L.A. Times (CAL Newspaper) commented -->

    'Unless the DEAD SPLAT wakes up and says differently ...

    We refer to him in our New Articles as a *SKY DIVER* !!!' ... :thumbup:

    GARVEY = 'It's Better to Burn Out , than to SPLAT Away !!!'

    (My My Hey Hey ; Neil Young ; Year 1978)

    'Outta The Blue' (Jet Wheel Well) = SPLAT on a CAR

    4NIA4 <--

    *FAKE NEWS* = Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (USA House Rep. NY) = 'AOC' Speech --> 'GEORGE SANTOS reflects the *highest integrity* of the (TTT) Trump Trash Traitors ... eeer ... 'Republican' Party ... We 'Socialists' call him 'HONEST ABE SANTOS' , the VOICE of the PARTY of LINCOLN ... JOIN with ME , Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , in making America Great Again by Voting for GEORGE SANTOS as USA HOUSE SPEAKER !!! ... And check IF your CREDIT CARD is *still* in your wallet !!!' ... :wink:

    "Colorado's BIGFOOT could get 217 Votes" (And Be Elected as SPEAKER) ...

    Said Ms. Lauren BOEBERT (USA House Rep. CO) on X-Twit ; 2023.10.13

    USA House Rep. SANTOS faces new charges he stole donor IDs,

    And made unauthorized charges to their credit cards ; 2023.10.11

    Observation -->

    The SANTOS *money bookkeeper* Ms. MARKS , has PLED COURT GUILTY

    to PRISON punishment with *maximum* of *5 YEARS* duration.

    So , Ms. MARKS , my *guess* , could easily end up doing say 2 Years

    or even 3 Years in PRISON ... She has agreed to cooperate (testify) against SANTOS ... Ms. MARKS *prison duration* sentencing date is April 2024.

    GEORGE SANTOS looks more *strongly* as a FLIGHT RISK (?) now to me.

    SANTOS has next COURT EVENT on Oct. 27th (verified) ...

    Maybe SANTOS *BAIL* situation ends ??? ...

    And *GEORGE SANTOS* waits in JAIL until his TRIAL begins = *MILES GUO* ???

    I could see SANTOS as ending up with *10 Years* PRISON duration.
    Maybe we get to see a PHOTO OP as follows -->

    SANTOS and FAT LEONARD (fugitives) drinking PINA COLADAS in VENEZUELA ???

    STAY TUNED !!!