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    'BUBBLE POP POP POP' ; *HYUNA* ; Year 2011

    (Fake News) = USA Military played this as 'Balloon Attack' Song !!!

    (Fake Conspiracy News) = Upon inspection of the *PRChina Balloon*

    that was shot down and ocean recovered by the USA Military ...

    The Balloon contained *Photos* ... (Drum Roll) -->

    Actress Fan BingBing getting a *BangBang* from XI (PRChina Tyrant Leader).

    Remember , The TRUTH is OUT THERE (PRChina X-Rated Files) ... :woow:

    Fan BingBing (Actress , PRChina) ; Info

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    Although , having USA 'TORNADO CHASER' *MILITIA* (GUNS) types ...
    Chasing after a PRChina BALLOON coming down over USA *Land* ...

    (As Mel Gibson in 'MAD MAX' movie) , might be USA News *Entertaining* ???

    Thunderdome (Tina Turner) = *Militia* Fight for BALLOON TRUTH !!! ... :watt:

    The reason WHY that you Shoot Down the PRChina BALLOON over Ocean ...

    Is that BIDEN (anyone) does NOT want to have USA *MILITIA* Groups

    (Oath Keepers , Rise of the Moors , etc) ... Involved in *Land* BALLOON recovery.
    As in , *shooting each other with guns* , over BALLOON fragments (souvenirs)

    to be SOLD at AUCTION on EBAY ??? ... Clear enough hopefully ...

    Even for USA Senator members of the 'TRUMP Trash for Brains' Political Party ???

    The BALLOON(s) (one in S.America too ???) showed no indication

    of any WEAPON being 'transported' by them ... So , best to wait for the OCEAN.

    (As intended humor) ... And since (Republican) USA HOUSE Rep. Ms. MTGreene did NOT say that the PRChina BALLOON had 'JEWS with LASER BEAMS' aboard it ... I felt safe enough ... NOT sure what I would have done (Phone USA CONGRESS ???) if ALAN DERSHOWITZ was 'on board' the PRChina Balloon though ... :suure:

    USA downs PRChina Balloon, drawing (verbal) threat from PRChina ; 2023.02.05

    OATH KEEPERS (Militia , USA) ; Info

    RISE Of The MOORS (Militia , USA) ; Info

    'Died Suddenly' (film) posts 'twist tragedies'

    to push (COVID) Vaccine Lies ; 2023.02.04

    NOTE: IF you are 'opposed' to COVID Vaccine in some way ...

    ... Please ORIGINATE your OWN NEW THREAD here (AKP) about that.

    Observation -->

    This COVID Vaccine related 'APnews' Article is *very* interesting (to me).

    Worth the 'read' and make of it all what YOU will.

    Eye in the Sky ; Parsons ; Year 1982

    'I am the Maker of Rules, Dealing with Fools,

    (PRChina) = I Can Cheat You Blind (USA)' ???
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    It is hilarious to watch the (USA) supapowa having a meltdown and crying over a balloon ... ;-)

    ... Honestly , I think that BLINKEN (USA) should have *gone ahead* anyway

    and continued with the planned visit to PRChina (XI = Tyrant Ruler for Life) ...

    But , it is important for USA to note that this *PRChina Balloon* is 'floating'
    over USA sovereign nation territory.

    ... The STRAIT of TAIWAN is *not* that for PRChina ... It is rather an *open* International Waterway ... And likely will *continue* to be that in the future.

    ... *One* BALLOON (PRChina) that seems NOT a weapon , is as NO 'big problem' (to me) ... And it is *amusing* to see the mostly (USA) 'TRUMP Trash' ('Republican') Party members 'screaming' as to the need to shoot down the balloon ... It gives USA Voters an *idea* as to what a D.TRUMP *return* as USA PREZ (Year 2024) would be about it.

    ... As observation , I have thought that *STREAMING VIDEO* would be the *best* way to interact with PRChina Leaders , at *all* times ... NO REASON to want to actually be in physical proximity to them (XI , PRChina Military Tyrants) ... But , I just assume that BLINKEN (USA) seems to think that HE wants to be around them ... That there is some 'negotiation' that he thinks will be 'productive' somehow ... And since the USA likely did a *lot* of planning for their PRChina visit , why not just follow through with it ... Far better to have BLINKEN (USA) visit *COVID LIAR KILLER NATION* = PRChina (???), than the other way around (my view).

    3best replied --> Please (Krell) do proper (message) formatting next time ...

    A: NOT concerned that YOU might read my Reply Message (or not) ...

    Trolling (as humor) --> Was hoping for a (AI) GPTchat BOT Reply ... :wink:

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    *** Begin Quote ***

    Ms. NIKKI HALEY , the former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador,

    said the U.S. should immediately shoot down the (PRChina) balloon.

    *** End Quote ***

    Vote for Nikki 'Blood and Guts' Haley , as USA PREZ 2024 ??? ... :woow:

    Nikki Haley suggestion for Campaign Slogan -->

    'SHOOT FIRST (America) , Ask Questions LATER , GATOR !!!' ...

    Past USA PREZ and Military General GRANT (1860s , Civil War) used -->

    'VOTE as You SHOT (Gun) !!!' ... ('Red Menace' BALLOON DOWN ???).

    I prefer that a USA NAVY CRUISER sails through the STRAIT of TAIWAN ...

    With *TOMAHAWK MISSILES* on Display (At The READY) ...

    The entire CREW is 'Up On Deck' + TED TURNER and JANE FONDA ...

    EVERYONE does the *TOMAHAWK CHOP* (Atlanta Braves MLB) Hand Motion ...

    And the 'CHOP FIGHT SONG' is played LOUDLY !!! ...

    (Missing CLEVELAND *INDIANS* = Chief *WAHOO*)

    TheHeretic suggested --> Tweak your output a little bit.
    A: So , I did --> D.TRUMP = BALLOON BUFFOON ... :suure:

    Turning the *inflated ego* ...

    and *hot air* of D.TRUMP ...

    into a SPY BALLOON BUFFOON ...

    is *Beyond* HUNTER BIDEN ...

    PRChina BALLOON (Buffoon?) over USA as

    (Winkin') :wink: Blinkin' Cancels (Culture) Visit ; 2023.02.03

    (Tony brooks NO BALONEY from Balloon Buffoons = PRChina !!!)

    Note: I think BLINKEN should *GO* to PRChina anyway ...
    ... But , it is *okay* to say that you are *annoyed* by the BALLOON.

    ... ('Eye on the Prize' , etc) ... :watt:

    PRChina (indifferent?) plays down (USA) Blinken’s canceled visit

    over their *Illegal Intrusion* Balloon ; 2023.02.04

    Observation -->

    Actually , *only* doing *STREAMING VIDEO* interaction

    with PRChina Leaders (XI = Military Tyrants) is

    strongly *preferred* for USA (my view) ...

    WHY would USA (BIDEN , Blinken , etc) *ever* want to be

    *physically near* to 'Team XI' (PRChina Tyrants for Life) ???

    PRChina = *COVID LIAR KILLER NATION* ??? (my view).

    XI (PRChina Tyrant) needs to have his Choir Sing -->

    'Baby (BLINKEN) COME HERE , You Can Blame BALLOON on US (PRChina) ...

    We Were Wrong , And We Just Can't Live Without You (BLINKEN) ...

    'The BALLOON NitWits (PRChina) are over TIMES SQUARE (NYC USA) ...

    And GEEZER JOE (BIDEN) Does NOT seem to CARE ...

    Will (USA Military General) MILLEY Just Eat CRAP ??? ...

    Or *DON* a 'MAGA' *TRUMP* CAP ??? ... :huuh:

    Got to Keep the LOONIES (PRChina) on the (Peace) Path ...

    Personally , I could wish for H.BIDEN to say as -->

    'You have NO IDEA how many Lovely Ladies have visited

    MyLapTop (not MyPillow = Mike Lindell) !!! ...

    I Lost Count , Long Ago !!!' ...

    'You Take Sally , And I'll Take Sue ...

    There Ain't No Difference , Between The Two ...

    *UKRAINE* ($$$$) ... :watt:

    Running All Around (H.BIDEN) MyBrain (Drain) !!!' ...

    USA HOUSE of Reps questions H.BIDEN at Official Hearing -->

    'Okay , 'Big-Bye-Dee-Boffer' , BOXERS or BRIEFS ???' ...

    Which , that question was actually answered by 'soon to be future'

    And now ex-USA PREZ ... (Drum Roll) ... BILL CLINTON ...

    A 'Panda' AKP User (URL above) 'inspired' above content .=.

    ANDREW TATE turned Women into (Sexual Web Cam) Slaves.

    ANDREW TATE = BBC News *Articles List*

    (REUTERS = *Detailed* News Article = TATE Brothers *Alleged* Behavior)
    Prosecutors say (RO COURT) that TATE = 'Sex, Lies , Video Cams' ; 2023.02.02

    Observation -->

    The current situation where the TATE Brothers are *exposed* to RO nation public , traveling to and from the RO JAIL to the RO COURT , is that *DEADLY* physically dangerous for them ??? ... Could they be *ASSASSINATED* as say J.F.KENNEDY (ex-USA PREZ , Year 1963) ??? .=.

    ANDREW TATE = Again Loses RO COURT (JUDGE) Detention Appeal:
    His Human Trafficking Charges Explained ; 2023.02.01
    And A Timeline Of The Social Media Star’s Controversies.

    EMORY TATE (Jr.) = Father of ANDREW TATE ; Info

    EMORY TATE (Chess Magazine Article , above PDF) ...

    EMORY TATE = (MILITARY) USA AIR FORCE *Chess Team* (Photo = Year 1987) ...

    (See Page 41 , just past 50% Scroll Down , 'blue color' background for text)

    *** Begin Quote , PDF Article , URL Above ***

    (ANDREW TATE , about his FATHER , EMORY TATE Jr.) -->

    "He (EMORY TATE) was afraid of nothing, even death ...

    He was *AN ALPHA MALE* (to be admired ???) in all respects."

    *** End Quote , PDF Article , URL Above ***

    Observation -->

    WONDER if some kind of EMORY TATE (Father) Profile in *more detail* will be published soon ??? ... Especially about EMORY TATE *relationship*
    with his two Sons , and his Daughter = JANINE = USA Lawyer ...

    Was EMORY TATE an *important* INFLUENCE on son ANDREW TATE ??? ...

    And his SON's *current* 'derogatory' SOCIAL VIEWPOINTS toward women ???

    Did EMORY TATE *RETIRE* (?) from USA AIR FORCE , as *Career* Worker ???

    USA MILITARY Pension for him = Retired Money Payment per Month ??? ...

    It does say ('Mag' Article 'PDF' above URL) that ANDREW TATE was saying
    that his FATHER did teach him about how to KICK BOX ...

    As to just what else (Social Views about Women ???) ...

    that EMORY TATE taught to ANDREW TATE , I would *definitely* be interested.

    EMORY TATE (Father of ANDREW TATE) is Deceased (Year 2015) ...

    And it seems as *difficult* to find out very much ...

    About his *Parental Relationship* (?) with his Two Sons ...

    ANDREW TATE and TRISTAN TATE , who now reside in JAIL in ROMANIA.

    Say just how LONG in duration (date span) that EMORY TATE served

    in the USA AIR FORCE (MILITARY) ??? ... And what exact (date span) YEARS

    that he did that (USA AIR FORCE = MILITARY SERGEANT) ...
    With Career Job there in 'Linguistic Translation' ??? ... Seems as there is
    NOT much information currently (USA News Media) about EMORY TATE Jr.


    JANINE TATE = About *Age 30* in Year 2023 (from Celebrity Gossip).

    TATE Family = L to R = Tristan , Eileen (Mom) , Janine , Andrew , Emory (Dad)

    My *guess* , above *Graduation* Photo date = Year 2013 or 2014 (June).

    ANDREW TATE Loses Appeal (RO JUDGE) = JAIL until March 1st ; 2023.02.01 .=.

    ANDREW TATE gives *Channel 4* 'full access'

    to never-seen-before (video) footage for

    new (film) documentary chronicling his rise

    to fame , and aftermath of ARREST

    for Human Trafficking (and possible Rape)

    in Romania ; 2023.01.30

    *** Begin Quoting ***

    ('Channel 4' Promotional Statements) --> ... 'With incredible access, Dan Reed and Maggie Gaudin (Channel 4) are poised to (investigate) this fascinating and fast-evolving story.' ... '(ANDREW) TATE has given us full access and we're looking forward to carrying on filming IF he gets (RO) OUT OF JAIL in the coming weeks.'

    *** End Quoting ***