BIDEN + XI (PRChina Tyrant) Meet Greet (???) ; XI = PUTIN's (RU) BUTT BOY BFF ??? ; 2023.10.24

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    BIDEN + XI in USA (APEC Summit = Nov. 12-18) ??? ; 2024.10.24

    Observation --> Personally (USA citizen) , I do *NOT* want (PRChina) XI = 'TYRANT for LIFE' (Murderer?) ever to set foot on USA soil again ... And vice versa = For a USA PREZ to visit PRChina = *NOT* anything that I want to see it ... And *sickening* to see those like ('Majority Leader' , BIDEN Party) USA Senator NY 'Chuck' SCHUMER to visit XI in PRChina ... And do a grinning PHOTO OP with XI = Someone who *PRISON Disappears* common PRChina citizens for *5 to 10 YEARS* if they 'digital post' *anything* 'negative' about XI (TYRANT) ... There is NOTHING to 'like' anymore about XI and PRChina ... Rather , time for USA and Allied *DEMOCRACY NATIONS* to *prepare* for eventual MILITARY CONFRONTATION with PRChina (and PUTIN = RU) ... XI has stated that , words as PRChina MILITARY needs to be ready for *ALL OUT CONFRONTATION* now ... Hopefully , JAPAN and S.KOREA (Vote for Leaders) see it that way ... XI and PUTIN are *not* their 'friend' in any way now ... XI (PRChina) is just a TYRANT MENTALITY BULLY looking to *intimidate* other ASIA located nations (Phillipines = example).

    (USA Sen. NY) SCHUMER with PRChina's XI during Beijing visit ; 2023.10.10

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  • I do *NOT* want (PRChina) XI = 'TYRANT for LIFE' (Murderer?) ever to set foot on USA soil again...

    He's afraid to, now. Xi did not appear at the recent UN General Assembly in New York because he is afraid if he ever leaves China he will be overthrown. He has powerful internal enemies.

    I did see his Air China 747-8 plane there at JFK back in September taxiing out to depart right behind my own flight - but it was only Xi's foreign minister. ¬‿¬

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