[Pann]i don't think twice will renew their contract

  • TWICE's individual brands not being influential is the biggest joke I have heard today.

    OT, TWICE aren't going anywhere. They have just started their western promotions and Jeongyeon saying she wants to stay as Twice yeah, they definitely aren't going anywhere.

  • i'm a twice fan and don't want to see them break up but analyzing the situation unbiasedly...

    on the one hand there's no incentive to put an end to twice because unlike in other situations (4M, MissA) none of the member's popularity eclipses the group and so none of the members would be better off on their own

    but on the other hand, i don't know how long some of the members can continue the obvious stress they're under. i guess sitting out of comebacks, but is that really a solution? no, it's more like putting a bandaid on the problem

    so i guess it's just a matter of putting your career or mental health first

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  • Most likely all Twice members will renew and with once a year comeback with more individual projects. i think the only member who may not renew is Momo coz her relationship with Heechul is serious and he is 37 or 38 probably wants to get married soon. it will be amazing if she gets married and still promotes with Twice.

    I don't think Momo is in any rush to get married lol. If anything she's one of the few members who will most likely renew because she's seems really happy with Twice. Being able to work on dance projects, writing lyrics, and creating choreo.

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  • A group has almost zero activity a year:

    "I dont think they are renewing their contract"

    Twice has 5 comebacks in a year:

    "I dont think Twice is renewing their contract"


  • My thoughts exactly

    I love Twice but the last few years have been a revolving door of comeback, injuries, concerts or members having to take hiatuses. It's just not healthy or right or normal.

    Maybe contract renewals will happen if JYP makes changes but it's been shown time and again that they can't/wont

  • I think they will renew, but for a shorter period, maybe for 2-3 years like Mamamoo. That's the best case.

    But I also have a feeling they will not. Their mental and physical health is deteriorating, and what's the point of having money if you are not feeling good? The members have a good relationship, but in these 7 years they were constantly under strict diets, stalkings, hate, stress, overworking, hectic schedules, restrictions, etc, so it would be understandable if they want to be free.

    Also, there were rumours that JYP forced all members of GOT7 to renew or leave, let's hope it will not apply to TWICE members and even if some leave the company, they could make special contracts to perform as a group even outside the company.

    Got7 also said that they will be forever Got7, even if their paths are different. It may be the same for Twice.

  • I don't really care if they renew it or not. Yes, I'll be sad if they don't renew their contract of COURSE. But I just want the girls to do what they feel happiest doing and if that's staying in TWICE, then that's great. And if they don't, then that's okay as well. They've given us so much joy by being their hardworking, talented and wonderful selves for so long that I'll be okay with whatever happens. Their music will still be here for us to enjoy either way. I am aware that their company makes a big part of that decision but the members of TWICE do get a say in it, I'm sure. :borahae:<3:borahae:<3 (also it is quite a while until they have to make this decision so we don't have to worry just yet)

  • Well, I have no idea if they will renew or not, if they decide to take different paths, then I will be sad, but if they choose that option it would be because that's the best for them, and as a once that's my main priority.

    To be honest, I don't really know what they would do, Gfriend used to tease contract renewal constantly and we know what ended up happening.

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  • I feel like Momo would be really good at acting

  • Twice has already conquered Korea and Japan, maybe the next step in their journey is the US after all. I think everyone was shocked at those US album sales, with a little more effort and luck (maybe a US viral moment), they could see 100k pure sales for an album next year.

    I think all members might re-sign if they see an opportunity to flourish in the US like BTS and BP before them.

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