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  • Happy birthday! <3

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  • Hi!

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  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

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  • Hello!

    What is your favourite song from Formula of Love?

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    • I love Candy and Cruel, but this album is such a work of art that it's difficult to choose, what about you?

    • Mine is Cruel and Moonlight <3

  • I love your Chaeyoung profile. It's so cute <3<3

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  • Hello :happyr: . What is your favorite TWICE song?

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    • If I think about it, the first song that comes to my mind is Chillax! What about yours?

    • I've never spoken to someone whose favorite TWICE song is CHILLAX. I love that song <3 .

      My favorite song from TWICE has to be SOS and Shadow.

    • I really like the vibes the song gives me like a morning in the beach when the water is still not really hot because the sun hasn't been up for a long time (idk if this is weird but I said it :eyes: )

      I love those songs too! I mean Twice makes it hard to choose a favorite song!

    • True. There are very few TWICE songs I dislike. They have a strong discography. And your description of CHILLAX is how I feel about the song.

    • True! Now we just have to wait until the 1st of October until The feels gets released for another bop :peperich:

  • Happy birthday ^_____^

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    • Thank you!! :lover3:

    • Of course ^___^ I hope ur day goes well <3

    • it was! I ate red velvet cake :groovins:

    • Ohh yummy. I love that flavour

    • it's really tasty, this has only been the second time I ate it and I love it!

  • Happy birbday🎂

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  • ooh

    Happy birthday :claps:

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  • Hi I'm giving you 600 akorns for the perfect world badge!

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    • OMG thank you so much! You are really kind :iloveyoub:



    • I can't react to your comment I don't know why

      But thank you again! <3

  • the dahyun badge is so cute!!

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    • it does! she is so pretty this comeback!

  • Your ava is so cute! :cutes:

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    • Thank you! Sorry for not answering before, I didn't know you had to have 25 post to comment on walls and everything :lover3:

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    • lol I always forget that too!

      but yeah now that you have 25 posts you should be good :pepe-cowboy:

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