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    Pretty mans with intellectual intelligence and deep thinking. Also shouldn't be that too serious person. I can't warm up to people who are extremely strict and don't smile. I'm generally a fan of those who fall into this description.

    i have no idea how is the name pronounced but is better than i'll it, I'm still in shock that's their actual name lol

    Come on Eyelid better than Viçaa :clown: Honestly, Gina deserved to debut. She has strong vocals and is a good dancer, but she is criticized just for her facial expressions. It was a very lame excuse. I hope she applies to another company, debuts in another group and becomes more succesful. :thumbup: I'm glad Lexi and Kg were called out immediately. Because one is the main dancer and the other is the main vocalist.

    actually Camila is a really good singer you can check her solo singing it just seems like this songs isn’t suited for her, the actual good vocalist in the show decide to drop out and honestly I fully understand her imagine having all that talent and you end up ranking 9th and a girl like Kendal ranked 2nd lol

    Melissa saved herself, she was my favorite and she was smart for this, she didn't want to deal with Jyp not choosing her for another 6 months. Her voice is so amazing, she has star quality she gave the emotion of every song she sang. But when jyp left her to the last ranks, I think she realized that jyp would not be included in her main group. She realized it early and let it go.

    Jyp should stop producing and writing Teen Crush and Kidz Bop songs. It's getting old now. Every other popular girl group either makes rnb mix y2k or pop songs. They need to come up with good songs and give them different and interesting concept. They definitely need to continue with the Nmixx's mix pop genre concept. Itzy needs to sing more girlcrush songs. They must be consistent in the group image it gives them. The genre of their songs may change, but their group identity should not change.

    Nayeon is right not to paying money. The man is obviously trying to get her money. It's obvious that he lied to get money after she became popular. The court made the right decision. It's not up to netizens to question the court decision. Nayeon will be even more successful in her solo comeback because she triggered some people. Also this topic has been talked about so much because Nayeon is so popular.

    Even though I loved Blackpink, I only felt Rose's passion for music. It makes more sense for Jisoo to go to an acting agency, Yg's acting department is probably not very good, acting agency is a better option if she wants to improve her acting. I hope Lisa and Jennie continue making music, even if it is in another agency. I think Yg can handle one person's solo. I remember Rose had a lot of compositions. All they have to do is edit them. Rose's reflected herself, her solo was not Yg's style. I hope Rose did signs with a guarantee of three or four albums. :thumbup:

    Their debut song is good but I expect a more impactful song in their next CB. Because I think they don't show enough individual talents. Yes, Wonbin and Shotaro always catch my eye with their performances, but this was not enough for me. I want more iconic song in next CB. I'm happy their rankings on Melon have increased, they've released good songs so far. This definitely includes Siren.

    As I listened, my ranking changed: Memories > Get a Guitar.

    I liked Yuna's personality, but she definitely looked very amateur on stage. Her abilities were the least developed. I hope Christina and Savanah make it. I hope Gina succeeds too. The girl may be young, but she is very talented and fundamentally she is definitely in the top 3. Camilla, Kg, Gina, Christina, Savanah, Kendall would be the strongest line up. Even though Kaylee is very talented, she seems so childish to me that I can't take her seriously while watching. I liked Lexi but she was least improved as well too.

    When did this happen? =O=O=O Can you link the video clips?

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    Itzy has a documentary. I thought this documentary portrayed Itzy negatively. And frankly, I didn't like watching it very much. Yes, this may be reflecting the reality, but I think he reflects Itzy in a negative light.

    I always see Rowoon's dramas on Netflix's homepage. He has many successful dramas. I was going to start his new series. So it makes sense for him to leave the group cause he is more successful at acting. He probably likes acting more. Also from what I've seen, he's a good actor.

    I don’t like some groups music that doesn’t mean they are mismanaged just that they aren’t for me. You don’t really have to like every group.

    It's not about the just music. I still listen to their some music, but nothing they do is definitely fresh anymore. I used to listen to Twice back in the day. Even it's not my favorite group. But it doesn't make you want to listen to new style songs now. They use a very white, very minimalist concept. Look at the concepts of More & More era and now. There's really a big difference.

    I watched Itzy documentaries. Jyp was literally insulting Lia. Even though Lia tried to agree with the boss, Jyp was definitely wrong. I don't remember him being as harsh on his other groups as Itzy was. I think he was even jealous of Itzy being popular. Because that's what I sensed from the way he spoke. I hope Lia only thinks about herself and doesn't give a care about any nonsense that Jyp says or anti's.

    i wonder why RV keep going for the same concept 3 times in row after the long hiatus (+ irene scandal).. seems like they totally abandon the pscyho/bad boy/zimzalabim side of them

    hopefully this time they will go back to that concept !

    I think their main concept is Red Velvet's red concept, which the casual fandom doesn't like. Because Red concept songs reflect the company's style more, except for summer songs. The Velvet concept might be purely a strategy for them to do it once in a while. Or I guess they wanted to focus on Korea first after the scandal. So, I'm starting to think that Sm is deliberately sabotaging them so that they don't want to make a Velvet concept and not increase their fandom abroad. Queendom and Birthday were red concepts, Feel My Rhythm was a bit of a mix. It was a mix of Red and Velvet. 2 Red songs, one Red+Velvet mix song. I want to the dark concept like in the Perfect Velvet album. :pepe-pray::pepe-pray::pepe-pray:

    Yeah I’m sure ITZY would love not to work. That would be great for them! Fact is if the company gives them too little work the fans bitch about neglect and mismanagement if they give they a lot of work they bitch about overworking. Fans don’t know what they want and you can’t please everyone.

    Personally, I think Jyp still mismanagment to Itzy. Itzy haven't minimalist concept earlier. I try too like Itzy new concept style but i really don't liked their concept anymore. Itzy's concept photos used to be very colorful and unique in debut era's. The title songs are not chosen to the quality they were in their debut period. I feel like their songs have been taken backwards. Even though I like Itzy's funky concept, I would like to see it in a different style of concept and song type. I even thought it would have been better if they had chosen None Of My Bussines as the title song for this CB. Because it was the first time Itzy had tried this type chill summer song. I listened to None of My Bussines more than Cake.