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  • For legal reasons: many of the things I say are said jokingly, take them as such :starec:

  • found this amazing yujin fancam and though you would like it (sorry if youve already seen it) :borahae:

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    • Ive seen it! You were re watching their old fancam?

      :love::love: Blue hair Yujin was something else. She was so pretty with blue hair. I was obsessed.

    • yes, I just love looking back on my favourite fancams of each member when I start to miss them :pepe-sad:

      and blue hair yujin is something else, it suits her SO well.

  • ah at last a fromis_9 stan, right?

    who's your bias? :borahae::borahae:

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    • Yes. My bias is Jiwon. She is just so funny and entertaining that I cant help but fall in love. :pepelove1: If you want me to pick the prettiest member. I just cant, they are all so pretty.

      Im also an IZONE fan, My bias is Ahn Yujin. Still waiting for her to make a comeback. I miss them so much. :pepe-sad:

      You are also a fromis_9 and IZONE fan? We can be best buddies. LOL.

      Who's your bias?

    • I know right, Jiwon is so gorgeous so is the rest of fromis :pepe-life-support:

      My bias is Hayoung! Her dancing is amazing.

      We totally should be best buddies... I've never met someone who stans IZ*ONE & fromis_9 both... my IZ*ONE bias is Hitomi! She's criminally underrated. Yujin is amazing too... she tends to bias wreck me a lot in their music videos. I miss them SO much as well :(

    • Yeah. Hayoung is the baby faced assassin. Her dancing is so amazing it could kill people. I didnt expect her to be in a Hip hop crew during her predebut days. Thats why her dancing is impressive.

      Hitomi is underrated. She is outstanding. I havent heard from the JJapanese members for a while. except for Sakura. She joined Chaeyeons IG live and Chaeyeon cried. I was bawling my eyes out. I hope they are doing fine the Japanese members And continue being successful.

      Same, I havent met someone who stans both either. Theres none Fromis_9 fans that I found on this forum that sometimes I am sceptical when I want to make Fromis_9 contents. Because theres literally no one that reacts to it or even pay attention, but I still make it. Thank God I found 1 fan. :borahae:

    • Hayoung is a queen, absolutely agreed. Her dancing blows me away

      And yes, Chaeyeon's IG live was very emotional... I'm happy they got a chance to interact again though! I love ChaeKura's friendship.

      I will remember to check out your fromis_9 content more. Always happy to hear more about the girls and what they're up to. I'm so glad that their comeback is doing well!