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    Poor Jimin, she received so much hate. Everyone was concerned about Mina's mental health, but no one about Jimin's condition. Looks like she developed anxiety and is scared to go in public. She also can't defend herself because if she will talk, the next minute Mina would hurt herself to show "how hurt was by Jimin".

    Hope Jimin will gain the strength to fight, she shouldn't sacrifice herself for others, no matter what problems Mina has.

    It's nice the see that someone sent the conversations to Dispatch, most probably people who knew the truth had enough of her behavior.

    I'm happy she seems to have found someone she likes and is taking a much needed break. I don't think smoking is a big deal. Let her be.

    It's not about the fact that she smokes. The problem is that she smoked indoor, which is not allowed because of many reasons. Smoking indoor can affect the walls and also some people might burn things such as the sheets or even worse, the entire place. There are lots of fires that start because of a cigarette, that's why you aren't allowed to smoke inside your room.

    I avoid it and tbh, I was never a big fan. I'm very picky when it comes to meat. I once ate meat daily for one month and got a really bad acne because usually, the chickens are full of hormones.

    I'm not a vegetarian because I can't refuse a McDonald hamburger, nuggets, or other ultra-processed stuff lol, but steaks, chicken wings, sausages, pork, and beef are something that I rarely eat, I simply never crave for it and sometimes disgusts me.

    First of all, it's normal that they have money lol, it's very well known that the entertainment industry provides some good money. They worked for those money, if it would be that easy, everyone would do it.

    Second, not sure how many of them really want those big houses since they barely have time to live there, but they have to buy them because guess what? The best security is in luxurious areas. So to avoid crazy fans they need to live in an area where the security is high and not everyone can enter.

    Damn, I hate cheaters soooo much, but he shouldn't lose his career over this. He was extremely dumb for playing with his fans, I mean, some fans are crazy, why would you sleep with a fan that could destroy you if you broke up?

    At the same time, it was clear that this wasn't a normal relationship. Seeing someone once a year and not talking for weeks is not really a relationship, and some of the girls knew that. He also never manipulated them like "if you don't buy this, I will not come to see you". He just wanted something and they bought it.

    It's funny how some try to say that the scandal is fabricated. I doubt it is, those girls don't need and never asked for money, most probably he was hunting girls who had a good financial situation, some of them attend concerts in the first row (which is pretty expensive) and bought him immediately those expensive clothes. Simply accept the fact that he has flaws too.

    Tbh, I'm not sure if he can be called a cheater, they never actually dated, but only had some one night stands,,, He is a jerk for lying tho and pretty dumb imo for dating a fan,,,

    They don't even bother to hide the fact that they edit the footage. During SMTM the judges spoke a lot about evil-editing and that they ask MNET to stop doing it, but MNET actually used that footage like "mmm, negative publicity, we want it, talk more about how shitty we are". As long it generates their ratings and a share of the group profit, they don't care. I stopped watching MNET's SS too, it's always rigged. I only watch SMTM, but the last season was so staged, that it became soooo boring and annoying.

    Just watched ep 13-14-15,,, booooy, it was intense

    Some thoughts:

    Bets on the last ep

    Anywaaaay, it was so fun to see that 57% of citizens would still choose Yohan as the next president lol

    Some of them might really be too busy and don't want to make someone suffer. Like, some have to learn new choreographies and take classes daily, and maybe are too tired to hang out with someone.

    But these days, I feel like people started to accept more the idea of dating and companies don't listen to those crazy fans who want the idols to be kicked out. I think it's better to remain private, not because I have something against my favs dating, but because people judges. Suzy made her relationship public and was judged so bad because she had 3 boyfriends or something like that, even tho it's pretty normal in,,,, normal life, so I understand idols who don't want to confirm every relationship because they aren't sure it will last a lot...

    It's impossible to change the mindset of some fans who got used to idols not dating or being kicked out but slowly with time and patience, it will change.

    People are really donating albums to orphanages? OMG,,,

    Kids in my orphanages don't have clothes/food/personal space/ A LAPTOP TO PLAY THE CD and to donate an album to them? Damn, some people are stupid.

    I really applaud the fans who donate money, even in the name of the idol because it really helps them, but,,, albums?
    Another reason for people to consider kpop fans stupid and childish.

    Same. Companies and fans got stuck with the idea that is normal for kids to debut, but that was easier for them in the past when there was no social media and so much exposure and hate. It's such a bad idea to debut a kid whose brain is not fully developed or not even close and expose them to such a cruel world full of hate and stress, and also put them under strict diets and hectic schedules.

    But companies prefer to debut underage girls because they can easily put them on a cute concept without looking pathetic, but we all know that this kind of concept is the passion of some grown-up men witch is so gross.

    I always had the feeling that HYBE doesn't have the capacity to debut their own groups and this news confirms this to me. They prefer to buy shares in other companies and manage already formed groups or to do collaborations with Source Music.

    Anyway, I'm happy for the Izone girls, but also I don't think is a good idea to put someone with such big popularity next to rookies. They will receive a lot of hate. I think they should have made a bigger group like 3 popular members - 4 rookies because the combination of 3-2 will be burdensome.

    Gfriend is gone, Lovelyz is gone, X1 is gone, that dude from onlyoneof is gone, soojin is gone, mamamoo is gone, and now red velvet is (allegedly) gone.... </3

    Lmao I'm kidding I dont think my besties are leaving just yet... I mean SM hasn't treated them bad or anything. I hope they re sign or else they will be added to the list of disbandment...

    Damn, I'm still sad and mad that X1 disbanded and that Love disappeared without any explanation,,,,

    Anyway, I have mixed feelings. SM gave them comebacks, breaks, solo opportunities, but we don't know the internal problems. Maybe some of them would like to stop this tiring idol career or focus on acting or being solo. Not sure if SM has the policy of letting them be under a different company and at the same time promote as a group.

    Well, tears and scandals sell the best. How do you think the Got Talent and X-Factor formats survived?

    I totally agree with your statement, going up on the stage is a privilege and you need to do everything to maintain your position there. But at the same time, there will be some girls who will debut thanks to their visuals, not necessary for their talent. There is will be girls who will debut thanks to their companies and connections. There will be girls who will debut thanks to their visuals because they will fit the group concept. If the show would be based only on talent then there wouldn't be many contestants.

    So we can't really be harsh on her, the rules allow idols to re-debut. Mnet doesn't want talent, they want money and fame.

    Why would you think that this question makes me uncomfortable? My life will go on no matter what lol, sweetie, I will forget about this in some days so there so no emotional implication here to make me uncomfortable.

    I answered your question, but you don't have the capacity to understand the text. If she didn't bully then she should have met the victim and talk about it. That's a summary of what I was saying. I even mentioned that the actress maybe misunderstood the situation, and later, after discussions, both of them could have shaken their hands and release statements where they confirmed that it was a misunderstood. A meeting doesn't automatically mean that she bullied her, but avoiding raises some suspicions.