• I. Get To Know Rowoon

    Kim Seok-woo, or better known by his stage name Rowoon, was born on August 7th, 1996, in Ilsan, South Korea. He is one of the main vocals, dancers and visuals in his group, SF9.

    After training for 6 years he joined the pre-debut team, “Neoz School”, under FNC Entertainment in 2015.

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    In May 2016, he participated as a member of "NEOZ Dance" in FNC Entertainment's survival show d.o.b (Dance or Band), competing against NEOZ Band (later known as Honeyst). "NEOZ Dance" won the competition with 51% of the votes and received the opportunity to debut.

    He debuted with SF9 in October 2016 with the single "Fanfare".

    II. Solo Activities

    Rowoon acting career in television series began with KBS2's School 2017 with a minor supporting role. After his appearance, he steadily began receiving bigger roles. In March 2018, he was confirmed to star in tvN's About Time as the female lead's brother.

    In July 2018, he was confirmed to star in SBS’s Where Stars Land in which he was nominated for the New Actor award. On May 9, 2019 Rowoon was confirmed to be the male lead in MBC's school fantasy drama, Extraordinary You based on the hit Daum webtoon July Found by Chance.

    After receiving the role of Haru, Rowoon’s popularity skyrocketed, launching him into stardom. He was nominated at the MBC Drama Awards with fellow costars, Kim Hyeyoon and Lee Jaewook, for Best Couple, and was awarded with Best New Actor.

    On May 10, 2019, Rowoon was featured in NC.A's music video, "밤바람" (Awesome Breeze).

    In January 2020, Rowoon was selected as the new model for makeup brand KLAVUU.

    Then in April, it was revealed that he would be the voice of Branch in the Korean dub of the animated movie Trolls World Tour.

    Later that month, Rowoon was selected as the new brand ambassador for Gong Cha Korea. On May 25, 2020, FNC Entertainment confirmed that Rowoon will star in upcoming JTBC drama She Would Never Know, based on the webtoon of the same name.

    The drama began airing in January 2021.

    III. Covers: Dancing & Singing

    IV. Dramas

    Year Title Episode Role
    2016 Click Your Heart 7 Kim Ro-Woon Leading Role
    2017 School 2017 16 Issue/Kang Hyun-Il Supporting Role
    2018 About Time 16 Choi Wi-Jin Supporting Role
    2018 Where Stars Land 32 Go Eun-Seob Supporting Role
    2019 Extraordinary You 32 Ha Ru / "Number 13" (Main Role)
    2020 Find Me In Your Memory 32 Joo Yeo Min [Idol] (Ep. 1) (Guest Role)
    2020 Was It Love? 16 [Himself] (Ep.6) (Guest Role)
    2021 She Would Never Know 16 Chae Hyun Seung (Main Role)
    2021 Affection 16 Jung Ji Woon (Main Role)
    2021 Tomorrow 16 Choi Joon Woong (Main Role)

    V. Films

    Year Title Role Notes
    2020 Trolls World Tour Branch Voice-over for the Korean-dubbed version

    VI. Facts

    • He is raising a cat named Choco.
    • His baptismal name is Marcellino.
    • He sang the chorus part in former AOA member Jimin’s ‘CALL YOU BAE ft. XIUMIN of EXO‘.
    • He is often nicknamed as the ‘Face Genius’, which he finds burdensome, so he used the nickname ‘Gifted Face’ instead.
    • He rises to stardom after starring in webtoon adaptation high-teen drama ‘Extraordinary You’ as the lead character Haru.
    • He had modelled for more than 10 brands including cosmetic, fashion, and food products.
    • He shot pictorials for more than 20 magazines
    • In the early days of his debut, he went viral on Facebook as Kyunghee University’s handsome man through a video he took during his visit to the university, where he actually attended.
    • He shared that he is the devoted type when dating. He is nicknamed Chani’s Mom or Chani’s Fan because he takes good care of the group’s maknae Chani.
    • He is good at cooking.
    • He is a fan of FT. Island, his favourite member is Choi Minhwan. He is also an avid fan of ballad singer Park Hyoshin.
    • He really hates bugs. He is very talkative.
    • He has really bad eyesight (his eyesight is -4.75).
    • In July 2020 he suffered knee and back pain during a group schedule that made him refrain from dancing to intense choreography.
    • He is the tallest K-Pop idol with his real height rumoured to be around 191~192 cm.

    VII. Social Media