I can't trust celebs or reaction channels who all of the sudden say they like bts ... ~

  • with the news of kamala harris, who i believe got elected vice president of the US today or yesterday.(i'm not from the US so you may correct me if i'm wrong) saying she was a bts army and had bwl in her spotify playlist, inspired me to make this thread.

    i noticed since bts got big that a lot of people sadly use them for clout or to not get cancelled by their stans. if you think i'm crazy, hear me out.

    i've noticed whenever bts or blackpink have a comeback, there's always these people who jump quickly to react to them on youtube. this is okay, you have the freedom to make your own content. but sometimes their reactions seem....fabricated.... i suppose its to make the army or blink satisfied that the people reacting didn't hate on bp or bts. it's like these people don't want to get hate from the stans, which is understandble, so they make a reaction video and pretend to like the content. it really saddens me how people can't have a critical opinion without getting cancelled by a bunch of 12 year olds.

    this may be me, but whenever a western artist collabs with a kpop group. i can't really take that song seriously because at the back of my mind, i suspect that the western artist just wants clout and fame. like they want the fans of the group they're collaborating with to give them streams and views because they collaborated their fave. i hope i made sense.

    back to kamala harris, i don't know whether she genuinely enjoys bts, or if she's just trying to get the armys who live in the US to like her more since she will be vp.

    just me? okay

    edit: i want to clarify that i am NOT jumping to conclusions when i say the kamala harris is using bts for clout. i am only spectulating things. i know kamala harris may just genuinely like bts as she likes other artists. it was just the news of her mentioning so that lead up to this thread being made. if she likes bts for real, amazing.



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  • Its kind of flattering to think BTS is powerful enough that US vice president is afraid of armys cancelling her, but its obviously not true. It might seem strange, but politicians also have personal tastes and she just likes their music.

    Reactors react to kpop at all for views (aka money), thats what they do.

    Artists collab for expanding their potential listener base or because label is attaching an unknown artist they want to build up to a bigger star or because they actually want to make music together. I think you can find all of these types of collabs in kpop. Most collabs between western artists are for gaining better charting and sales or propping up a lesser known artist as well.

  • About KH, I don't think ARMY wanted ( or even is able to, LOL ) cancel her. I just don't see what gain she could get from liking BTS. Maybe the intern in charge of her social medias likes BTS and wants to see cute selfies between two articles of The Economist.

    For reactors, obviously. I usually don't watch people who only react to kpop anyway, and especially not the ones who only react to BTS. In 90% of the cases, they do that for the clicks, and they will just put out a video everyday, not caring about the content itself. As for 'forced' reactions... maybe ? I mean, when you are a mediocre reactor, beside saying I like it/I don't like it, there is not a lot you can do.

    For the collabs, I think you can easily spots the ones that are made for 'clouts' ( Hi, Jason Derulo ) and the ones that are born from mutual appreciation ( Steve Aoki, Halsey ). I personnally enjoy collabs, I just want it to stay occasional.

  • I-I-It ain’t that deep.....

  • I agree about celebrities and youtubers. The real fans are easy to spot on tho, so is not that bad.

    But I cannot picture KH following BTS because of clout, i mean is she that shallow?

  • Overwhelming majority of kpop reacters are obviously fake af and do it for the views I agree. I can't stand them. They would never say anything remotely negative about a bts or BP song even if they hate it. Everything will always be amazing according to them.

    Most collabs that happen even in the US music industry are for clout, streams and sales. It's not exclusive to kpop collabs.

    As for the Kamala Harris thing I don't think it's that deep.

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