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    what the point of this thread? Why not include facial fillers in general or nose touch ups through the years? Tho I guess it gets boring when you have to rank evey group in the industry....

    I was just curious of some lip fillers done by various idols, because each idol has different desires in how they want them to look (or if the company needs them to look a certain way)

    Also why do you think I am ranking lip fillers, I stated that I was only curious of what idols had their lips done, since it has become such a norm to have them done all around the world.

    Bruh I remember I called someone from DR, colombian by accident and they had like a NCT n-word "entertainment" account with the hard r group on instagram / twitter ( i believe most of them were african-american but whatever ) and they called me racist and i had like 100 people in my dms and they all from stan twitter

    I was reading allkpop this morning when I saw this headline

    "Goo Hyesun makes trendy news w/ weight loss hack" - (Article)

    Okay so, I thought it was going to be somehow makeup related the IG post GHS states that she starved herself for 2 days to make herself look better on camera. Okay....yes you heard me right.

    First of all, GHS is really popular and has a lot of influence on girls in Korea because she is basically (maybe was) everyone's dream look and inspiration. It makes me upset and angry to see that she influences young girls and even adults, to starve themselves to look better. And I just want to note that she is not the only one who has done this, there are a lot of pressure in Korea w/ weight loss and how you should look etc. ..however why is Allkpop...saying that this is a shouldn't be, and it isnt a trendy post, she gets an average 90,000 likes per posts and the post got 106,000 likes... as someone stated in the Allkpop comments "You are just giving her a platform to encourage unhealthy eating habits!"

    What do you think?

    i can relate to you being an introvert, im an introvert as well but when you open up to me i become an extrovert, i see everything and understand your situation and can relate to it so much, i usually distance myself when i want to be alone and it might be the case to why my friends stopped liking me and chose someone else over me but it sucks because they dont really understand and dont didnt want to understand that i wanted to be alone even if i was w/ my boyfriend sometimes, yeah social interaction makes me tired after a while and makes me want to leave but i dont know i dont fully understand myself and i should be getting help but at the same time i just want to be normal...and live happily but its hard