[COMPLETE] (G)I-DLE x AKP Red Carpet Q&A Event!

  • To the Wonderful girls of (G)I-DLE:

    How are you doing? I hope all of you are doing the best, and i love you girls so much! ❤️

    Question: Do you girls like this poem?

    Here is a poem for (G)I-DLE:

    It’s an Autumn day, The leaves are falling down slowly. So slow, like the world stops for a second. One second of life could mean more than you think. When night comes, you can see the stars, and in between the stars,

    I see (G)I-DLE shining bright like you deserve to shine, brighter than stars. Make a wish, A wish that comes up in your head in a swish. When you feel alone and sad, don’t be, because remember how you shine bright like a star.

    You 6 girls are one of the reasons im interested in Music production, because i admire the talent you girls have. I have been wondering which Music program (G)I-DLE Use for production, because wow! Your Music is so amazing! Lately i have been listening to your new comeback with title track «HWAA» a lot. I love the I-BURN album ^_^

    - Love from Neverland ❤️

  • Question to Miyeon and Soyeon:

    - How did you feel about collaborating with Riot again on 'MORE' and 'THE BADDEST'?

    - True Damage returns?
    - More or The Baddest?
    Question to (G)I-DLE:

    Will you cover 'More' of K / DA?

    Love you Cho Ahri & Jeon Akali

  • SOYEON! I am a junior doctor working in North America. I loved you since Produce. I think you are extremely gifted in almost everything (Except eating vegetables) . You continue to motivate me to work hard in my day to day life even though you are two years younger than me. 8| When I go work in the ICU or on the COVID floor, watching G-I-dle videos when I get back home gives me lots of energy. When I think of how much work and passion you put into G-Idle it makes me feel motivated as well.

    Please release the demo tracks you made! From the snippets I hear they are amazing (and its fascinating that you can imitate your team mate's singing style.)

    My question is: Will Idle will do a magical girl concept for a comeback? (LUV U was amazing)

    Also: What was your favorite nail art and hair style?

  • Which were your fave stage outfits for Hwaa?? :eyes:

    Oh by the way, Hwaa is fricking bop!! :claps:

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  • Hello ladies! I'm so happy you guys have visited and allowed Neverland to speak with you here!

    My question is for all of you. I remember hearing you all speak about how tough some of your trainee days were. So, I was wondering if there was ever a time that any of you felt like you wanted to just give up on your dreams as singers because all of it was just too hard for you. If so, how did you motivate yourself to get going no matter what? What's your advice for any of us Neverland that might be going through the same thing?

    Thank you so much for visiting us. All of you ladies are doing a great job. I hope you know that Neverland love and support you. Please sleep well and try not to stress too much. <3<3

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