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    A lot of Ifans go crazy blaming the labels for not giving a group quality promo and productions. But that shiz costs a lot of money, it's difficult as hell for any music act to make money these days. If Ifans want to blame a company for lack of promotions, they had better be willing to step up and actually support their groups instead of just streaming their songs for free on YT or Spotify Free. I'm talking buying every album, downloading all their songs, and even buying merch and concert tix when available.

    I agree, some Ifans do blame the labels too much, and it gets annoying but honestly it all goes down to production, visuals, promotion, talent and etc, its high stakes when it comes to becoming famous in the korean industry and 1000+ of groups debut every year, and not many survive.

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    I think it is just for some agencies cause they can't simply aford it. A.C.E's CEO of Beat Interactive for example was damn broke and even said she can't efen aford to feed the boys when she payed rent for the apartment/studio as the boys just debuted. Even tho she was more as broke she tried to give the boys what she thought they deserve and so she almost went bankrupt by just paying to produce a album and MVs for it because she wanted to have good stuff for them and not just something. And you can really see that she put a lot money that she actually didn't had into their CDs and MVs. She is still very broke but less than at the beginning wich allowed her to buy the old 1 MILLION DANCE STUDIO rooms as her own company after 1 MILLION DANCE STUDIO said they were selling some of their rooms and she even menaged to at least give the boys a better apartment.

    A lot agencies are like Beat and can't pay for almost everything. I heard of an agency who was so broke they couldn't even pay anything so the members of a group split up so 1 member slept at the company's only training room without even having light and warm water and also not having wifi. Another member said he slept at his friend's apartment cause his parents kicked him out and he couldn't pay to sleep somewhere else. The members said they were ver shook as around 6 years after their debut and being very failed as a group their CEO said he ended the contracts to them cause he lost all his money and even money he never had wich means that company got bankrupt. After this the members who spend all their savings to have at least 1 tiny apartment had to leave their apartment and went back to the same old situations. The member who slept at his company went to a friend and the member who slept as his friend said he was homless for some days cause he couldn't go back to his friend since his friend got married. He said he stoped being homeless after he found a new job.

    Many agencies who don't have so much money don't pay much so they won't go broke and you see at some groups that if the company gains popularity and the artist sells more, than the quality of their work is growing because if a broke ass company spends too much at the beginning and dosn't sells much CDs it causes them to lose a lot

    I honestly think A.C.E okay produced songs and mvs, its on the border between acceptable and not acceptable in my opinion, its sad that CEOs like these exist because if they arent fully secure enough to debut a good group they shouldnt be able to risk someones life, and traumatise people like that, it puts the idols in depressive episodes etc like theres idols who had to pay for their own food, dorm and even dancing classes because the company couldnt afford it and they are in debt because of that.

    Some companies dont even think about budget and business, they dont have any type of knowledge and all they want is to mass produce idols to make money, they dont care about anything else

    no i have alcohol but im sensitive to alcohol so i barely drink it

    also does anyone else not enjoy partying? i like listening to music and just havin a sip or somethin

    Is it just me who actually dont enjoy some of the underrated kpop groups produced songs, like I love the energy and work they put in to them, but some of the music videos look so bad, not well edited and awkward..I wish the company treated some idol groups better, like bts, sf9 and ateez made really well made songs when they debuted and mvs and made it as well as lovelyz, they arent that popular but have a lot of good directed mvs and good produced songs

    I honestly think Suzy overworks herself, she has been doing it for a long time and so has the other girls, the other girls worked just as hard as her but didnt get the same representation as she did in interviews. JYPE honestly took a toll on her and I am really happy she left JYPE to get rid of the pressure of being "JYPEs visual" and focus more on herself and do what she wants

    About the Miss A situation a lot of fans were unsatisfied and wanted more and blamed Suzy, which I get in a way but honestly its JYPEs fault and it shouldnt be about Suzy, more so just the company. they overworked her and used her because of her visuals and she got the spotlight because she has that "national visual" that everyone adored, and whenever people talked about suzy = JYPE so that gave JYP more money..